Celebrities on steroids are taking over Hollywood!

Celebrities on steroids are the talk of the town. What celebrities use anabolic steroids? That is an easy answer.

Who is on the juice, and who is not on the juice seems to be the question? It seems that everyone always wonders, how those actors get in such good shape in such little time.

People always want to know what celebrities use anabolic steroids!

celebrities steroids

  • We will see actors that are not built well, turn into muscular beasts. So are celebrities on steroids? Would you take steroids if someone was paying you $10M for a movie?

Most people would, but lets dig a little deeper and take a look at what we are really talking about here.

Celebrities on Steroids example #1

What celebrities use steroids?

Mark Wahlberg

This is just what age does to good old Marky Mark.

This is a great before an after, when Mark was young and dumb, and also shredded, and Mark when he is older and filthy rich full of Domino’s pizza.

Celebrities steroids

So it’s definitely not fair to compare a younger Mark with the older Mark.

  • So lets take a look at him at the age of 40 before he is in shape for a movie and after. This will give you a better idea if Marky boy is sticking syringes in his ass.

Celebrities steroids

Knowing what we know about the juice here at Muscle Roast, and celebrities on steroids, it is safe to say Mark is most likely NOT using to juice to get lean and big for movies.

Mark towers over people with his amazing 5’8 inch frame, and guys that hight are usually easy mass gainers (for the most part).

Also, there are many things that could make him look good fairly quickly before a movie. If you get lean, you look bigger (especially on camera).

steroids gif

You can lose the fat, get some color, and swig a couple creatine scoops, and you are new man. Ready for action on the big screen. Mark, you passed the Muscle roast celebrities on steroids test.

Celebrities on Steroids example #2

Chris Hemsworth

So we all know Chris as Thor. We at Muscle Roast know him as a VIP member of the celebrities on steroids party. We won’t even debate this guy, let’s just jump into why this dude is a steroid head.

Take a look at Chris when he was his normal size, versus where is is today.

celebrities steroids

So if you know anything about anything, you know that if you are naturally a little dude, or lets just say lean, it is insanely hard to bulk up 30 lbs of muscle unless you are pure natural bodybuilder.

  • That said, lets take a look at how Chris looked during Thor.

celebrities steroids

  • This is a good picture that just gives you a good idea of the mass Chris has, and once again, how far he has come since being a little skinny twig.

We are not saying he has the best physique on earth, but we are saying that he got jacked over night before it was time to shoot Thor.

Now lets take a look at how he looked a few months after the movie was done.

celebrities steroids

What usually happens, as soon as you stop taking the juice, you start getting smaller and losing every single ounce of muscle you gained while you were on the juice.

“Whoever told you otherwise, is an idiot. The money stops coming in for the movie, the juice stops, and adios amigos. Chris, you failed the Muscle Roast celebrities on steroids test.”

Celebrities on Steroids example #3

Dr. Dre

It’s nothing but a G Thang when it comes to Dre.

Being one of the most successful artists, producers, and business men that has ever walked the earth, it would only be a matter of time before you got sick of being a fat ass I assume?

Well, our very Dr. Dre did get sick of being fat.

celebrities steroids

We are not even mad at him though. There is something about Dre that makes him a beast, and now he finally looks like one.

It’s hard to have endless cash and choose to stay home and eat salads. Dre was hitting up those Big Mac’s and White Castle burgers like there is no tomorrow.celebrities steroids

If you only lost the fat homey, it would be different. But it is what it is. Dr. Dre, you definitely failed the Muscle Roast celebrities on steroids test.

Celebrities on Steroids example #4

Charlie Sheen

Charlie has enough problems today, but you want to play, you gots to play.

“This is old as all hell, but it’s a fact Charlie hand was caught in Arnold’s cookie jar (steroid drawer) before. Here is good old Charlie on Wall Street.”

celebrities steroids

Then one day Charlie woke up and said to himself, “I want bigger muscles but I don’t want to work out.” And the rest is history. Charlie gives Arnold a ring, gets an overnight Fedex package of Arnold’s favorite candy, and the rest is history.

celebrities steroids

Charlie buddy, you fail the Muscle Roast celebrities on steroids test. Amongst 800 other tests.

Celebrities on Steroids example #5

Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”

The Rock is on steroids, end of story, not writing about it.

He has been and always will be on juice…but we still love him!

muscle roast

The bottom line is, it’s very hard to tell if actors are on the juice. For some it’s very obvious, but for others it’s hard to tell due to many different factors.

  • Being on camera makes you look a lot different than you do in person to begin with. Add lighting, spray tans, and other special effects, and you can make any actor look amazing.

steroid gif

“That said, one thing holds true…When a lot of money is on the line in this competitive business, people will do whatever they have to in order to get the job done.”

The same thing goes for athletes. People like The Rock, Sylvester Stallone, Lou Ferrigno, and Arnold have made successful careers that were all launched by steroids. Adios.


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