The Best Chest Workout Routine Might Be Surprising To You!

What you have been reading about the best chest workout routines is wrong.

heavy bench press

  • Why do I say that? Because I know for a fact, that all information out there is based on old information, and also from people that are on steroids.

There is only one chest workout routine that works!

“That is a routine where you hit chest very frequently, but lower the volume on a daily basis.”

You can read our article on workout frequency for more details.

heavy bench press

Best Chest Workout For Mass!

Everyone will tell you that the best chest workout for mass, is to hit your chest once a week and go super heavy! The best way to build muscle tissue for sure!

That also, is not true.

  • Why do bodybuilders have way bigger chests than powerlifters?

If you think it’s because they are on steroids, you are wrong. They are both on steroids!

It’s just how steroids work.

Bodybuilders do a lot more repetition, and no matter what their stupid workout plans online say, they work all of their muscles very frequently.

chest flys

  • If the theory of doing 6 reps and 3 sets on the bench press, and 3 other exercises with the same volume was true, powerlifters would have the biggest chests in the world!

Chest Workouts At Home, Without Any Equipment!

For a chest workout at home, you have a couple options, but the main one you already know!

Do your PUSH UPS!

  • The secret to doing push ups at home, is to know that you can do many different variations of push ups to hit all different angles of your chest!

This is so good for growing your chest, that I actually do most of my chest workout IN THE GYM with push ups!
diamond push upsOne cool thing to know, is that you can also work your upper chest with push ups as well!

If you look at the diamond push up above, you can just place the same diamond with your hands by your forehead, and now you are working your upper chest!

  • If you prefer to do a different form, you can do something like this if you have a chair…

upper chest push ups

That said, chest workout tips are searched for on the regular basis by many people these days.

People are looking for a chest workout that will get them big quickly.

  • They don’t know where to start, or are just looking for different ways to hit different angles of the chest.

Kali Muscle gives you some chest workout tips, by showing you his massive 200 lbs dumbbell press lifts.

I guess in a nutshell, his advice is that in order to get a big chest, you should shoot as much steroids in your ass as humanly possible!

  • After that go grab the heaviest dumbbells you see in the gym, and rep them out like a maniac!

Chest Workout Tips Could Be Deceiving

Chest workout tips could definitely be wrong, and don’t believe everything you read and hear!

What I mentioned above is just an example of the wrong advice you can get. 

The bottom line is, just go to the gym and figure it out on your own.

  • There is a great chance that a workout that you come up with yourself one day, will be the best chest workout for you.

You will learn your body, and you will start to understand what makes your muscles grow.

chest workout

Chest Workout Tips That Work!

In order to get your chest bigger, and you are not a steroid freak, you need to know that the actual chest workout is not as important as the frequency.

  • If you think about, muscle grows whenever you stimulate it, tear it down, and then feed it what it needs to grow.

That said, it has been scientifically proven that higher frequency works a lot better, than working out one body part once a week.

I will bet you anything that working out chest 5 times a week, for 5-6 six sets til failure, somewhere between 10-12 reps, will get you better results than doing 20 sets once a week!

That is a fact…unless you are on the juice.

chest day


What Are Good Chest Isolation Exercises?

If you only work the chest muscle, there is really only one exercises that will get you full isolation.

  • That one exercise would be the chest fly’s. Even that exercise will have a little strain on the shoulders.

There are also cable crossovers, which will do the same trick and isolate the chest.

But to be honest, I was never a huge fan of these exercises. I never found them to be very effective.

chest isolation movements

I think those exercises are great to target very specific areas of your chest, but I also think they should not have any priority whatsoever.

The regular bench press and tons of girl push ups is something I always preferred.

  • Girl push ups are great for me after I have some fatigue, because they allow me to have great form!

Surprisingly, “girl pushups” have worked amazingly well for me! I do them every single day for the most part.

I use different variations of grips, and I try to hit every angle of the chest.

push ups fail

Yes, definitely do not try and do push ups on top of your oven, or whatever the hell this person was doing!

Ripped Chest Workout Routine?

If you are looking to get a ripped chest, well I will make things very simple for you.

You might already know this, but being ripped is all about your diet. 

  • There is no exercise on this earth that you can do in order to get a ripped chest. The only thing you can do for a ripped chest is to diet.

“To really get a ripped chest, I would definitely build up the muscle with the tips that we provided, and then during your very low carb diet, you will see the muscle start to look very developed.”

This happens because the fat is no longer there to hide the shape of the muscle, and also the striations.

flexing muscles

Hit up that bench press, and those push ups very frequently. Then make sure your cardio is happening 5 days a week as well for the best results. 

What Can The Average Person Bench Press?

That is a tough question. The research out there shows that the average person can bench press about 135lbs!

  • This is a person that doesn’t work out as well. I simply find that to be not true.

If we are looking at the average bench press for the entire world, I am positive that the number is way lower.

There is no chance in hell that an average man who is 160 pounds and 5 ft 8 inches tall, that never goes to the gym, can lift that.

weak bench press

The bench press is by far the most alpha exercise that you can do in the gym.

  • It’s not the deadlift and it’s most certainly not the squat, its bench press.

How many times have you had a person ask you “How much do bench, bro?”

And how many times have they asked about your squat? ZERO.

If you want to be alpha in your gym, you gotta have a big bench!

How To Increase Your Bench Press?

If your only goal is to become stronger at this particular exercise, then you should have a different approach.

  • Getting stronger and growing muscle are two different things.

You should hit the bench as often as possible! That means every single day you are not sore and feel strong!

strong bench press

Powerlifters bench on a daily basis for the most part. They do super heavy weight, but very low reps. 

They go as high as 6 reps and noting more. Usually, they shoot for about 2 reps with super heavy weight.

  • The point here is to get very good at doing this certain movement. The strongest powerlifters are not the biggest guys.

They are just the best at moving the most weight from one position to another. And that is a skill.

Bench pressing is not all about the chest, triceps, or shoulders.

“It’s about the whole body working together to create power to move a lot of weight.”

Bench Press Injuries DO HAPPEN!

Perfect example that proves this, is Scott Mendelson.

He is one of the best powerlifters in the world, and he still managed to tear his quadricep muscle on the bench press!


This just goes to show you how many muscles you need to recruit while performing this exercise.

“A quadricep is your main LEG MUSCLE!!!”

It is more about the technique than it is about the strength, really.

  • You can see 15-year-old girls benching crazy heavy weight on Youtube.

Do you think that they are incredibly strong or just good at performing the movement?

Sure, they are strong!

But they are not that much stronger than the next guy who is benching 4 times less than them.

When you first start training and bench pressing, you will lift a lot lighter in the beginning if you are just starting out.

  • Why does that happen?

Because, first, you need to learn how to do an exercise before you can start getting stronger.

How Do You Become Better At Bench Pressing?

What is the best way to become very efficient at performing anything in life? By practicing it!

heavy bench press

  • Repeating a movement as often as possible gets you better, it’s that simple.

In a few weeks or months down the line, when you feel comfortable with your form and improvement, you should start adding more weight.

This applies to you even if your goal is simply building muscle.

The technique must be much different when you are trying to grow one body part.

  • In that case, you would need to learn to isolate and focus on a single muscle group.

Once you perfect your technique and become stable and secure in your exercise performance, you can start packing on the weights!

This should lead you to get bigger and stronger as well. In the end, it is all about consistency.

You must invest a lot of effort and accuracy and do that for a long time.

bodybuilder meme

  • Benching 225 lbs or even 315 lbs is not as hard as it may seem if you really focus on it and put the work in.

Do Push-Ups Increase Your Bench Press?

If all you ever did in your life was push-ups, your bench will not be as strong as it could be.

You can increase volume to stress the muscle, but time will take it’s toll and you will just adapt to the light weight movement.

If you are just staring out in the weight room, push ups can certainly help you increase strength.

  • There is no doubt there.

As I mentioned, over time it will just become to easy.

What I do recommend push ups for to make a difference in your bench press, is doing them after your chest workout.

Doing push ups as a finishing exercise while fatigued, should generate some great results.

push ups

How Many Days A Week Should I Do Bench Press?

As many as you can!

If your only goal is to increase the strength of your bench press, than doing about 10 heavy sets 3 to 4 times a week would be ideal.

If you feel like you can do more than that, try doing it every day and see if you make progress.

  • Always think outside of the box and trust your body. If you listen to it very carefully, it will give you all the answers that you need.

However, if you want your body to grow, you better listen to me, because in bodybuilding, more is less.

If you know that you only get one day a week for bench pressing, you need to give it your all, and also increase your volume.

If you know that you are going to work it more frequently throughout the week, you should decrease the volume per workout.

workout volume

  • Doing 20 sets on the bench 4 times a week is way to much and you are guaranteed to make no gains.

“By setting a lower volume training program, you will do less, but those few sets a week will be so intense that your body will have no choice but to grow!”

What Muscles Help With Bench Press?

The main muscle that most people try to recruit is chest obviously.

  • You can easily target mostly the chest muscle is you keep your grip wide.

If your elbows go to wide, and your lower the bar on your upper chest area, you are going to target a lot of your shoulder muscle.

This is a pretty easy way to get injured on the bench press as well.

There is to much pressure on the shoulders and it doesn’t balance out.


  • Another very important thing that you should pay attention to, is your shoulder blades on your back.

They must be tucked in, and at the same time your chest needs be slightly elevated from the bench.

Imagine that you’re holding a coin with your shoulder blades. 

That will keep your chest up, and exactly where it needs to be.

  • You don’t really have to touch your chest with the bar if it doesn’t feel right. Going to low will once again put a lot of strain on your shoulders.

Try to figure out your active range of motion. Meaning, how much can you lower the bar and still keep your chest active.

How Do I Know I Am Using The Correct Form?

If those last few inches when lowering the bar are just making your shoulder joints hurt, you should stop.

If you are trying to target your triceps, which the second most targeted muscle on the bench press, all you have to do is narrow your grip.

This doesn’t mean that your hands should be touching on the bar!

  • It simply means to keep them a few inches closer to each other from where they normally are when you are trying to target your chest.

Keep your elbows as close to your body as possible.

This will ensure that you use minimal chest and shoulder muscles during the movement.

Does The Bench Press Give You A Bigger Chest?

If done properly, absolutely it gives you a bigger chest!

If you are looking to build mass and size, it’s the best exercise hands down.

The first thing that you should do. is keep the grip a bit wider than shoulder length.

  • The next thing is to keep your shoulder blades tucked in, so you expand your chest and eliminate as much shoulder activation as possible.

The last but not least important thing, is to go heavy and lift some impressively big weight!

You will not grow unless you challenge yourself.

Some people don’t find the bench press to be the best chest builder for them as well.

If you think you are one of them, try using low decline or incline bench press. 



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