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Chest Workout That You Won’t Believe! 200 lbs Dumbbells…

chest workout

Chest workout that is not for the average lifter, thats for sure!

Chest workout tips are searched for on the regular basis by many people these days. People are looking for a chest workout that will get them big quickly, they don’t know where to start, or are just looking for different ways to hit different angles of the chest. That said, Kali Muscle gives you some chest workout tips, by showing you his massive 200 lbs dumbbell press lifts. I guess in a nutshell, his advice is that in order to get a big chest, you should shoot as much steroids in your ass as humanly possible, then go grab the heaviest dumbbells you see in the gym, and rep them out like a maniac!

Chest Workout Tips Could Be Deceiving…

Chest workout tips could definitely be wrong! First of all, going heavy as you possibly can, will most likely not be the best for you for muscle growth. Why? Because this is how powerlifters work out for strength. This is now how you should work out in order to build muscle. Powerlifters have a totally different chest workout, and so do people that are on steroids, such as Kali Muscle.

chest workout

Chest workout real tips…

In order to get your chest bigger, and you are not a steroid freak, you need to know that the actual chest workout is not as important as the frequency. If you think about, muscle grows whenever you stimulate it, tear it down, and then feed it what it needs to grow. That said, it has been scientifically proven that higher frequency works a lot better, than working out one body part once a week. I will bet you anything that working out chest 5 times a week, for 5-6 six sets til failure, somewhere between 10-12 reps, will get you way better results than doing 0 sets once a week. That is a fact…unless you are on the juice.

Good luck! 



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