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Get On Your Knees If You Want To Get A Bigger Chest!

Chest workouts are every guys favorite subject, but also most peoples favorite body part to train. Why?

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Because it’s easy! People love to do workouts that are easy.

When it comes to chest, what are you actually doing?

  • You are laying on your back, and pushing up a bar. You can be half a sleep to benchpress and still get a good lift in.

But let’s talk about how to get a jacked chest.

I am going to give you the secret that you have been waiting for all of your life!

That is also not a joke, and you will actually get extremely insightful and valuable information from this article.

Who am I to give you tips?

I’m someone that was skinny as a toothpick, didn’t take steroids, and now I have a muscular chest big enough to bounce up and down when I’m chilling at the bar!

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That said, lets Get into it!

What Chest Workouts Should I do?

Well for starters, the actual workout does not matter as much as how your muscle feels while you are doing it.

The only goal is for you to work the muscle and contract the muscle.

That is done by having good form, squeezing at the top of the contraction, and getting the right amount of reps right.

  • The rep range should vary based on what your goals are.

“I assume since you are reading this article, that you are hear to get some mass!”

Let’s talk about what the different rep ranges will do for your chest.

heavy bench press

Low Rep Range – (4-6 reps)

This rep range will for the most part, get your chest and your joints really strong.

If you take a look at powerlifters, this is how they train.

Are their muscles bigger than bodybuilder’s muscles, no.

  • If lifting “heavy” was the answer, it would be simple.

You would go to the gym, throw on as much weight as possible on the bench press and lift weights like a lunatic hoping to grow.

This is not the case, and not a part of the chest workouts you should be doing. You are not a powerlifter!

chest flys

Mid Rep Range – (8-12 reps)

This is the sweet spot for muscle growth.

Why, I really don’t know the technical and scientific reason, but it just is.

There have been numerous studies done, one being in prison, that suggest this is the best rep range.

  • During this range, you are stimulating the muscle enough to work the slow and fast twitch muscles as the same time.

This is the goal and a good way to cover all of your bases.

High Rep Range – (12 reps +)

This is actually a great way to get smaller! Yes, you will get smaller by doing very high reps during your sets.

powerlifting bench press

Why does this happen? It happens because your body will start adapting for endurance and not for explosion and strength.

Have you ever met a very muscular person that can do 200 push ups? Probably not.

“But there are tons of videos online about skinny guys doing endless push ups.”

No matter what your current size is, you should stay away from this rep range, it will only give you smaller muscles.

  • Whoever tells you that high reps get you more defined and cut, doesn’t know what they are talking about. Diet gets you cut, and nothing else.

Those are facts, you can use this information or not, that is up to you.

chest workouts

Chest Workouts To Do!

Here are some things to do, before you dive into your chest workout.

  • This will give you a good idea where you currently stand with strength, and based on that, you will know how to proceed.
  • Get on your knees, and see how many diamond pushups you can do. Yes, these are called girl pushups.
  • If you can do between 15 – 20 you are in good shape.
  • But if you can’t do that many, we will get to that in a second.

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If you can do over 15 diamond pushups, you need to go and get a good 30 min bench press session done.

At which point you will come back and do pushups in different variations on your knees.

I say this because I want you maximize your contractions.

  • The bench press session should consist of sets between 8-12 reps.

Do as many sets as it takes for you to get burned out, there is no magic number of sets.

After You Bench Press

After you bench press, find an area where you can have room to do multiple sets of pushups on your knees.

Now that you are much weaker, the pushups on your knees will be tougher to do, and will have a much better effect than they would prior to your workout.

  • Your chest is tired, so it will struggle to lift anything at this point, especially your bodyweight.

bench press fail

What Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Do For A Big Chest?

Arnold Schwarzenegger retired almost 40 years ago and still, even today, has the biggest chest of all time.

How is that possible?

Bodybuilders of today have teams of experts around them coaching them at all times.

There is so much more money in the fitness industry, and Arnold is one of the most responsible people for that.

  • We have experts who devote their lives to learning about nutrition, others that are specified in training, drugs, posing, etc.

arnold biceps

The Life Of A Bodybuilder Is Much More Convenient Today!

Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, and Phil Heath are all extremely genetically blessed bodybuilders, who absolutely have reached their maximum capacity.

They have developed their muscles to the very limits, and became one of the biggest and best Mr. Olympias ever.

If you measured and compared the size of their pectoral muscles to those of Arnold Schwarzenegger, theirs would be bigger, most likely.

  • But if you take a look at their physiques separately, you will notice that Arnold’s chest does seem much bigger, fuller, wider, freakier and overall more impressive.

arnold posing

You can have 24-inch arms, but if your waist is 70 inches, your arms won’t look impressive on your physique.

They may look impressive when you are standing next to smaller people than you, but not if you are standing alone.

What Were Bodybuilders In The Golden Era Doing?

Back in the golden era, bodybuilders weren’t putting a big emphasis on shoulders, back or legs.

  • The main idea of a perfect physique, was a small waist and a beautiful mid-section.

This was the most important part of the physique, because the core is in the middle of a body and it is always the first thing you look at.

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In today’s bodybuilding, the midsection is very neglected, and most bodybuilders don’t even train it.

“They say it is contracted enough through the big compound movements, but their results say something else.”

  • Back in the ‘70s and the ‘80s, the biggest emphasis as far as muscle growth goes, was on the chest, arms and biceps.

Small waist, big chest and big arms was how they imagined a perfect physique.

Although judges didn’t necessarily agree with that, as they started awarding different kinds of physiques overtime and bodybuilding changed its course.

Bodybuilding Has Evolved Into A Freak Show!

Some people dislike this change in judging criteria, but prize pools at major competitions are showing that fans like it!

bodybuilding competition funny

Arnold did put a huge emphasis on his chest, and it did grow very much.

Indeed, his shoulders were undeveloped and probably genetically a little bit weak, which created an illusion of an even bigger chest.

  • But you couldn’t say that his chest wasn’t freaky itself.

It truly was humongous with that crazy drop that it had.

His pectoral muscles were literally hanging from his chest like two huge chunks of meat.

The upper part of his pectoralis major, also looked spectacular.

You could see this especially clearly on the side poses when he flexed his pecs.

  • His chest looked even more freaky when he would spin his body a little bit, and do a vacuum pose making his waist seem super small.

This Was An Era When Many Bodybuilders Had A Big Chest!

chest day funny

Arnold’s training partner, Franco Columbu, had one of the best pecs of all time too!

His lower chest was nowhere near that of Arnold, but his upper pecs were mind-boggling.

It looked like he formed a completely new set of muscles, that look like they should not be in human anatomy.

  • What was the reason for this, is a really good question.

Aside from proportions, what else did these guys do differently?

They did not have better nutrition, that is for sure.

The drugs were barely a thing back then, and all these guys were using was some Dianabol a few months pre-contest.

  • Yes, they say that the quality of these drugs was much better back then, but they weren’t using ungodly amounts.

Old School Bodybuilding Training!

Well, that is one thing that you could argue, whether it was better or worse.

Dorian Yates was one of the biggest bodybuilders in the history of bodybuilding, but his chest was hardly the best ever.

old school bodybuilders

  • His legs, back, shoulders and arms were certainly super huge, but his chest was a little bit flat.

It probably was a genetic thing, but let’s take look at their training styles.

Dorian did only a few working sets per muscle with low reps. Arnold did a whole lot of sets and reps too.

Dorian made every muscle on his body look freaky as hell, but his chest (though it showed great separation and graininess) wasn’t as full and as round.

  • Arny had all the muscle at a very high level, especially for that era, but no muscle on his body was as advanced as his chest.

Arnold Vs Dorian Training Chest!

He did many sets of incline, flat and decline bench press.

He did a lot of fly’s with a really big stretch. One interesting thing about his way of performing all of those presses was the fact that he was using a very wide grip.

This would create a huge stretch on his chest and maybe was the reason why it looked so wide.

  • Another thing bodybuilders from that era were doing differently, was implementing dumbbell pullovers in their workouts regularly.

dorian yates chest

Dorian was a huge believer in the pullover exercise, but he didn’t believe that it was a chest exercise.

He performed it regularly, mainly on the nautilus pullover machine.

Dorian said that this exercise is mainly for back and a little bit for triceps, and not for the chest at all.

Arnold and the crew use to do it in a superset with squats, in order to expand their rib cage, to have better vacuum pose on stage.

  • This didn’t really make a lot of sense but maybe there is something to it.

They did have a very wide and big chest, so they probably knew a thing or two, after all.

In the end, we can’t be sure if the reason for this was only genetics, proportions or training, but it has got to be one of them or a combination of all three.

Did Arnold Also Have The Biggest Biceps?

As I mentioned before, the most important physical features in the golden days were the mid-section, chest, and biceps.

Arnold’s biceps were one of the freakiest biceps of all time without any doubt.

Roby Robbinson probably had bigger peaks, but the mass and overall flow to them weren’t as good as Arnold’s.

  • Markus Ruhl, one of the freakiest bodybuilders of all time from the early 2000’s, had some of the craziest biceps as well.

arnold biceps

The thing about Arnold’s biceps was the fact that they had an amazing shape.

They looked exactly how you would imagine perfect biceps to look.

Combined with a bit of underdeveloped triceps, and a great vacuum pose, they looked as perfect as it gets.

  • Now, the question is, why was this?

Is it only genetics, prioritization, proportions, training, all of this combined or something else?

The biggest factor was probably genetic predispositions, because Arnold’s biceps looked good as long as he could remember.

Arnold’s Biceps Were Amazing Since Birth!

He was born with big guns, but through the training and bodybuilding lifestyle, he made them look as impressive as they were.

Training played a large role in this because he did stick with the heavy basic.

Arnold was also a powerlifter and a bodybuilder, competing in numerous weight lifting competitions.

Arnold Schwarzenegger biceps

  • Aside from doing regular powerlifting meets and weightlifting competitions, he did some curling competitions as well.

He was able to curl 275 pounds on a cheat curl, which is outstanding even by today’s standards.

Some people just don’t respond to this kind of training, but Arnold did.

  • Maybe this was the reason for his amazing bicep development, the ability to utilize heavy basics optimally.

Why Didn’t Arnold Have Big Legs?

In the Arnold’s era, legs weren’t something that most athletes aspired to build up.

Although, Arnold was aware that his legs were a bit undeveloped, and he trained very hard to make them bigger.

In his teen years, his legs looked very underwhelming compared to his upper body.

  • This would be a huge problem for him as a competitor, because it would hold him back from winning big competitions.

arnold training legs

Arnold realized this and worked extremely hard on fixing this problem, squatting until almost fainting on the regular.

He did make his legs a lot bigger, but they were never his strong suit.

Not many bodybuilders had huge legs in that era, but most of them had decent ones.

“One bodybuilder stood out with legs so big that they are unsurpassed even today, was Tom Platz.”

His genetics for building big legs and for squatting were insane! A completely different level.

Did Arnold Have A Secret Son?

Arnold has 5 children but only 4 of them carry the Schwarzenegger name.

Arnold had an affair with one of his house cleaners, and 9 months later she gave birth to his son.

His name is Joseph Baena, and he probably looks the most like Arnold.

  • An interesting thing about him is that he is currently trying to take his father’s steps and become a professional bodybuilder.

arnold son

He was featured multiple times on Nick’s Strength and Power Youtube channel, and you can see that the potential for bodybuilding is there.

Joseph was born in 1997, which means he is a very young guy of only 21 years of age.

He does not have the genetics for building muscle as Arnold had, nor does he have the mindset for it, but he surely can be pretty good.

“He was trained by Mike O’Hearn for some time, and it would be very interesting and exciting to see one of Arnold’s sons competing on a bodybuilding stage.”

Arnold is probably the biggest bodybuilding legend ever, and having a successor in this sport would truly be awesome.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Son

Did Arnold Have A Big Waist?

Arnold did not have the smallest waist ever, but he knew a few tricks to make it look small when he was on stage.

He realized that his waist wasn’t getting any smaller because it is not a muscle, but rather just bone structure.

  • Remember, bodybuilding is an illusion, and in order to make one thing look bigger, you make another thing look smaller, and vice-versa.

arnold waist

  • In order to make his waist seem smaller, he realized that he must make his quads bigger, his chest as well, back, shoulder, and arms.

He also practiced vacuum pose a lot. He would suck his stomach in as much as he could and he would do that very often.

This helped him have much better control over his stomach, and increased his ability to suck it in more as well.

  • Arnold would also twist his body a little bit in most of his front poses, in order to show his waist from the side.

His waist wasn’t very small genetically, but Arnold worked hard and took care of this problem.


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