Colin Kaepernick Is Not Out Of A Job Like Everyone Thinks!

Kaepernick was spotted in Iowa flipping burgers at a local McDonald’s.

Colin Kaepernick biceps

Colin Kaepernick has been spotted flipping burgers and working at a McDonald’s drive-thru last week in Iowa.

This was right in the heart of Trump country, where every single customer he serves is a dusty white Trump voter.

  • Why did he do this? Well for starters, modeling for meme’s was not paying off much…

Colin Kaepernick nose

Colin Kaepernick Also Tried Making His Own Apparel Line

Colin Kaepernick wanted to surprise the fashion world and really come out with a unique brand that will take the country by storm.

  • He got together with some of the worlds most talented minds. Obviously to start a scarf line, for the average upscale male business professional.

The scarf did not do well, Colin is still spending his days trying to figure out what is missing with the design. He still can’t come up with anything.

Colin Kaepernick funny

Colin Kaepernick Attempted To Land A Role On The Game of Thrones!

Colin Kaepernick can act, that is a fact.

He acted like he doesn’t give a shit that he lost millions. He thought it might be a good idea to try and get into acting.

Colin showed up stoned to the set of Game of Thrones, and reportedly started screaming “Winter Is Coming!”…

  • The talent agents immediately told him to leave the premises. You do have to give him credit, he came prepared…

Colin Kaepernick afro

Colin Kaepernick took a day off from working at McDonlad’s. He wanted to attend the audition, but was fired instead!

Colin was fired from McDonald’s. The same day he got fired, the 49’ers gave him a call and said they wanted to re-sign him to a 5 year deal, totaling $60K.

  • They said it would be a little bit of a different role, but Colin Kaepernick accepted and was ok with that.

Colin Kaepernick 49'ers

What Are Colin Kaepernick Stats?

What most people don’t know about Colin Kaepernick’s stats, is that he has none. Before we get into that, there are a couple important things to consider!

Not many people know that Colin Kaepernick is a freak athlete. In high school, he was a great basketball player, and in the state championship game, he scored 30 points his senior year!

  • On top of that, Colin Kaepernick was also drafted by the Chicago Cubs to play baseball. He decided to pass on that and enter the NFL draft, hoping that he would get picked up!

Colin Kaepernick baseball

Colin Kaepernick’s current stats are zero! He only played in one game his whole life, and that was the Super Bowl! In that game, he got stripped of the ball 18 times, and lost the game.

Other than that, he’s only other stats are from basketball and football!

  • Has Colin Kaepernick won a Super Bowl? Yes, he has won many, but only in his dreams.

How Much Money Did Colin Kaepernick Make Last Year?

Colin Kaepernick made a few million bucks from the Nike commercial, and is said to have around $20M today.

But you never know with these “Celebrity Net Worth” websites. How the hell do they know how much money people have?

Colin Kaepernick car

  • If you are looking to find out how much money Colin Kaepernick made last year from playing, he obviously made zero dollars. Since nobody wants to sign him to play.

Colin Kaepernick Know Your Rights Camp!

If you didn’t know, Colin Kaepernick is a big social activist.

The fact is, Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem during his NFL time. This is because of the social injustice that has been occurring for a long time now.

People that are against police brutality can strike and protest all they want. Nobody will hear them because they do not have a platform.

It’s exactly the reason people like Donald Trump tweet every single hour, there is 50M people to follow him.

Colin Kaepernick camp

  • He knows he has a big following, but also wanted to use the NFL as a platform to get the message out.

What is that message? It’s that all lives matter and that police brutality is unaccepted in our society.

Is Colin Kaepernick Wrong For Kneeling Down?

I would say, absolutely not. Unfortunately, the NFL is a business. Owners were scared of losing sales from those fans who disagree with Colin.

There is not much to say here, other than is purely a racial issue.


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