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This guy pretended to be Conor McGregor right before the Floyd Mayweather fight, people went crazy!

Conor McGregor Floyd Mayweather fight

Can this guy totally pass for Conor McGregor or what?

A Kazakh bodybuilder brought the streets of Los Angeles to a standstill when he decided to dress up as UFC superstar McGregor for a prank video…

A Kazakh bodybuilder caused pandemonium in Los Angeles when he decided to dress up as Conor McGregor and complete some workout routines around the city.

Islam Badurgov was immediately mobbed upon taking to the streets in LA dressed in an open Versace shirt, complete with smart sunglasses and a stick-on beard.

He also had copies of McGregor’s famous tattoos etched onto his chest, back and arm, completely fooling hundreds of UFC fans in the city.

What will happen during the fight?

The last man to box Mayweather, Andre Berto, agrees with Schaub that there is a chance McGregor could get into his opponent’s head. He told MMA Fighting that forcing Mayweather into making some silly mistakes could be his best route to victory:

“I see Conor coming in there really showing that bravado, showing that cockiness and showing that he’s really there to fight. And somewhat trying to steal the stage from Floyd just with his antics.”

Conor McGregor Floyd Mayweather fight

“He could get Floyd into a mind-game situation where he has him pulling some type of mistakes and [Mayweather] gets caught with a big shot and gets hurt. And [McGregor] could stop him.

“Or I see Floyd not playing into any of these antics and being who he is, to stay poised and to stay sharp and let his boxing skills just pick Conor apart. And either late rounds stop Conor just from the accumulation of shots or maybe cuts or just being beat up, or just outboxing him for 12 rounds and just trying to make him look silly.

“It’s the fight game — anything can happen. It’s either Conor catches him early, finishes him or Floyd is gonna outboxing him and makes him look silly and tries to embarrass him.”


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