Workout Crap

What do all crossfitters have in common? See if you have the same traits and don’t know it!

crossfit sucks

Are all of these people insane, what is driving them to do this weird sport?

This is what you should take a look at before attempting to become a crossfitter. If you don’t posses the proper characteristics shown in the video, there is simply no point for you to try!

Here are some wonderful reasons why crossfit sucks!

1. CrossFit sucks because proper form is an afterthought!

crossfit sucks

This is one of the primary reasons I don’t like CrossFit. Any time you are performing lifts for time and to beyond technical failure, you are asking for your form to break down.
What I mean is that in CrossFit many workouts are performed against the clock. That is, the goal is to do as many reps as possible in an allotted amount of time. Not only that, but these lifts are often being done to beyond technical failure.
What I mean by technical failure is the point at which your form breaks down and becomes sloppy. It isn’t absolute failure because by allowing your form to break down, you are able to continue to get more reps. There are plenty of debates as to whether or not training to technical failure is effective, but training to absolute failure? That’s just plain stupid.
But hey, as long as you beat your personal record and feel like puking afterwards, it must have been a great workout, right?

crossfit sucks

2. CrossFit sucks because olympic lifts are meant to be explosive.

Olympic lifts like cleans, jerks, and snatches are not meant to be done for extremely high reps or for time. They are meant to build explosiveness and power to increase performance. Why do you think you never see that stuff in real olympic lifting gyms? Because somewhere along the way they figured out it was a bad idea. To top it all off, too many CrossFit “coaches” are just your average CrossFitter who chooses to attend a certification class for a weekend so they can call themselves a certified “coach.”

crossfit sucks

Don’t you find it funny that the average Joe can go to a class Saturday morning and emerge sunday afternoon as a “CrossFit coach?” A coach that is meant to teach general population clients some of THE most difficult lifts out there when half the time they can’t even spot what the client is doing wrong, much less make any kind of attempt to fix it.
There is a reason olympic lifting coaches and athletic enhancement specialists have their Master’s and often their PhD’s as well as years of experience learning, mastering, coaching, then mastering how to coach these extremely difficult and potentially dangerous movements.

3. CrossFit sucks because there isn’t a set structure or thought of progressive overload.

For the most part, CrossFit is basically planned randomization. The workouts (or WoD’s) are planned, but they are often completely random at the same time. Before someone gets their panties in a wad, I know there are certain CrossFit gyms that promote short macrocycles and progression, but it just isn’t the same as good old-fashioned progressive overload.
Plus that’s taking away from what CrossFit really is and thus, is basically just piggy-backing off CrossFit’s intelligent marketing scheme. The majority of people who do CrossFit choose a random WoD and that’s their workout for the day.
Again, it’s better than stuffing your face with Twinkies all day and you will probably even get in shape doing it, but is it the most effective way to train? Not by a long shot.

crossfit sucks

Why do people like bodybuilders hate crossfit?

  1. Those butterfly/kipping pull-ups look ridiculous and they are horrible form.
  2. Olympic lifting is fine but it was never meant to be done at high repetitions.
  3. CrossFit is not a sport either. People who do CrossFit are not athletes.
  4. CrossFit coaches are not really coaches. They take a weekend course and then come throw you into some crazy workout. [Note: In the fitness industry the difference between “trainer” and “coach” is important. While a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certificate requires a weekend seminar and exam, one does not earn the title of CrossFit Coach until CrossFit Level 4, which requires hundreds of hours of on the job experience, several courses, exams, a real time coaching evaluation by our seminar staff, etc.]
  5. Professional and Olympic athletes would never use CrossFit for training.


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