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CT Fletcher’s IQ Test Reveals Mental Deformity. Not A Surprise!

ct fletcher

CT Fletcher Is Everyone’s Favorite Crazy Bodybuilder!

CT Fletcher is known for cussing up a storm when it comes to motivating people at the gym. His motivation method is nothing but screaming swearwords, slapping people in the back, and cussing some more.

National Geographic decided to do a documentary on CT Fletcher. They gave him an IQ Test to see what level of education this guy has, and how his brain is wired.

  • They only did this, because many of his fans have noticed that 99% of the words that come out of his mouth are cuss words.

This has has been going on for years, and it’s finally time to answer the question, is CT Fletcher retarded?

ct fletcher

His company logo and and slogan is”It’s Still Your Motherfucking Set!”

  • He just can’t help himself and not swear even when it comes down to making a company slogan. Not for one second did it occur to CT, that this will not be accepted by the public. But also other companies that might want to do business with him.

Can you imagine Nike sitting down with CT designing T-Shirts with ISYMFS on them? Umm, probably not. He’s not helping himself or his wallet, so the question still stands, is CT retarded?

ct fletcher

CT Fletcher Takes IQ Test…

As we mentioned, National Geographic wanted to give CT a live IQ Test, that will show his level of intelligence. They wanted to determine if the way he acts is just an act, or is he truly retarded.

Below are the results of CT’s test. As you see below, our man scored 2 points on the IQ Test. You get 1 point for having a heart beat, and you get 1 point for being able to speak.

  • This was a very impressive score from what National Geographic expected.

ct fletcher

I still have love for the leader of Iron Addicts, but this cussing is kind of getting old for everyone.

  • We all look to our favorite Youtube stars to motivate us, and to get us pumped up to go tear up the gym. And also if possible look for them to teach us something. In this case, the world now knows that CT is not here to teach anybody anything.

You will never learn anything from someone that has the IQ of a desk.

Did CT Fletcher Cheat On His IQ Test

National Geographic watched dozens of CT’s videos on Youtube, and based on that, they came to a conclusion that CT cheated on his IQ Test.

They felt that the score of 2 points, is simply impossible for someone like CT. He must have cheated, and either taken adderall for concentration, or some other substance that make him smarter.

Because of that, they made CT take a piss test to prove he is drug free.

ct-fletcher steroids

CT miserably failed that test, and also tested positive for human growth hormone, winstrol, dianabol, and mushrooms.

We do not know what the future holds for CT Fletcher. We do know that he has a mental disability and we will be holding charity events to assist him in going back to school and completing 1st grade, and then taking it from there.