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CT Fletcher Heart Transplant, INSANE MOTIVATION!

CT Fletcher Heart Surgery Is Nothing But A Peanut!

We all know that CT Fletcher had heart surgery, that is no secret.

ct fletcher biceps

The main point of his life story is the fact that no heart surgery will hold him down. 

  • I will get into some more details around his heart surgery, but lets first meet the man behind the hart!

What Does CT Stand For?

If you you are wondering what does CT stand for, you must be a fan of CT Fletcher!

  • The man known for swearing up a storm, working out arms every day, and having a pretty big net worth.

The man, the beast, the one time strongest man in the world, and a multiple time powerlifting champion. 

ct fletcher

I can’t find what CT stands for, as far as if that is this bodybuilding legends abbreviation for a real name.

But I can tell you that CT stands for Computerized Tomography in the medical world.

  • The CT scan can reveal anatomic details of internal organs that cannot be seen in conventional X-rays.

That is very ironic since CT Fletcher did have a heart transplant and multiple heart attacks.

  • They were successful, and he is one bodybuilder and power lifter that has had a lot of luck.

CT fletcher heart transplant

He put his body through years of insane workouts, and he’s diet was also not the greatest.

  • I am sure you know by now, he used to eat McDonald’s 3 times a day for a long time.

CT Fletcher Heart Transplant

CT had a heart transplant that was a success.

Without getting into the details of that, I want to talk about why he had a heart transplant in the first place.

  • Eating McDonald’s 3 times a day can definitely het you a nice heart attack.

That could have easily been the original issue of his heart, but likely not.

The real issue back in his younger days, and this time around, were probably steroids.

ct fletcher arms

“To be the strongest man in the world, you have to be on steroids unfortunately. There is no way to compete in powerlifting withe the elite with out being on the juice.”

And when you are on steroids, your muscles grow, and so does your heart!

Your heart is a muscle, and it grows alongside your biceps. 

That is what many people don’t know.

  • Bodybuilders like Rich Piana and Dallas McCarver very well died because of this same reason.

CT Fletcher Worth

  • CT’s current net worth is estimated to be around $1 Million. I believe it’s much more than that, but that is the number that is given.

ct fletcher biceps

He gained a big following on IG, Youtube, and Facebook by making crazy videos on fitness in his Iron Addicts Gym. 

CT Fletchers net worth will go a long way and continue to increase even after he dies I believe.

  • This is because he now has a team of people running Iron Addicts Gym, and the company in general.

The brand will continue to grow and his net worth, along with his business net worth should continue to increase.

CT Fletcher Workout Arms Everyday

One thing that is cool about CT Fletcher, is that he used to work out arms every single day.

  • CT Fletcher worked out arms everyday and that is what he attributes to his big ass arms.

I disagree with that to some extent, but still think it’s pretty cool, and he has the guns to show for it!

His arms are almost as big as Flex Wheelers! 

ct fletcher meme

Here is an example of CT’s arm workout…


  • Exercise 1) Triceps Pushdown – 10 steps of 10 reps
  • Exercise 2) Biceps Cable Curl – 10 sets of 10 reps
  • Exercise3) One Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl – 2 sets to failure
  • Exercise 4) French Curl – 4 sets to failure
  • Exercise 5) T-Curl – 2 sets to failure on each set
  • Exercise 6) Dumbbell Kickback – 2 sets of 40 reps on each arm
  • Exercise7)  Chin-Up – Try to get 30 reps, or go to failure
  • Exercise 8) Under-Bar Triceps Extension – Try to do 2 sets to complete failure
  • Exercise 9) Triceps Gauntlet – Try to do 1 set of 200 reps if you can, that is ideal.
  • That looks like a pretty good workout that you can try. But keep in mind, that other things come into play.

ct fletcher meme

Food, rest, steroids, frequency, and also your genetics.

  • So don’t be surprised if you do not get the results and look like CT Fletcher and have his arms after 1 workout!

Who Is CT Fletcher And What Makes Him Special?

CT Fletcher is one of the biggest names in the fitness industry. He was born in 1959, making him 60 years old today!

He is known for many different things. The main thing that sets him apart from other fitness personalities is his charisma.

He is a motivator and very creative when it comes to creating motivational speeches.

  • You can watch him train his biceps and literally yell at his arms commanding them to grow!

Watching him curling some crazy weight, will most certainly make you want to go to the gym and destroy your workout.

ct fletcher gym

CT Fletcher Powerlifting

Aside from being one of the best fitness motivators in the world, he is also a very accomplished powerlifter.

  • He competed in many powerlifting meets.

CT was very successful at the big 3, bench press, squat, and deadlift.

He also destroyed the world record in the strict curl, which became his number one event!

With that lift, CT became the strongest curler in the world.

“Strict curl means you would be able to use momentum.”

You lean against the wall, and only curl with your biceps..

He strict curled an amazing 225 lbs or 100 kg!

This happened when he was in his early 20’s, which was almost 40 years ago.

ct fletcher bench press

  • He was famous even back then! But of course, not nearly as popular as he is today.

CT Created A Youtube Channel, And Became A Blogger!

This was the platform he used to scream at people into getting jacked, and become the sensation that he is today. 

You can see him training some of the most popular bodybuilders and fitness personalities.

One of the most viewed videos he has, is the one with Kai Greene, where he is doing an arm workout.

  • The whole video is about Kai curling weight for an insane number of reps. CT Flecher yelling at him and repeating the words “Curl! Curl! Curl!”

ct fletcher kai greene

Kai’s biceps got so pumped, that he literally looked like he was going to explode.

Is CT Fletcher Natural?

He claims to be natural and says that he achieved all of his best lifts naturally.

It is obvious that this is not true.

  • Not only do his looks and strength give it away, but it’s also the way he talks about steroids.

Many people think that CT knows that a lot of younger children might be watching him, and he doesn’t want to set a bad example.

But maybe hiding the truth from them and giving them false hope, is just as dangerous? Some would say so.

Some would also say that ignorance is bliss.

  • By not knowing about that stuff, you would just focus more on dieting and training.

ct fletcher steroid test

Which would in the end yield better results.

Does CT Fletcher Still Work Out?

Ct Flecher is 60 years old and had more than one heart surgery.

Did he develop heart issues because of his crazy training in the younger days? Maybe.

  • We don’t know that, but it might be possible for a couple of reasons.

Doctors are definitely advising CT to stop training, but CT Fletcher is a stubborn old man!

Lifting weights is in his blood, and even if he wanted he couldn’t stop. Even if it kills him.

  • He recently had another heart surgery, and despite that, he started immediately training.

On June 24th, he posted a video of himself trying to run in the parking lot of his gym.

He starts sprinting, and after about 10 steps he loses control of his body. 

ct fletcher quotes

You can see that he realized what is going to happen before it happened.

  • He fell down on his face and ended up in the hospital.

He most certainly is trying to train, even though its obviously not the best idea for a man of his age and heart issues.

Judge him if you want, but this man has a fire in his soul.

CT Fletcher Surgeries

CT Fletcher has had heart problems for while now.

  • When he was a teenager, he found the sport of bodybuilding.

This is when he started training, and also training with very heavy weight.

Soon after he realized that his strength increases faster than his muscles, he decided to get into a strength sport.

CT Fletcher Became A Powerlifter!

ct fletcher powrelifting

Being a powerlifter made him lift even heavier weights.

In order to get stronger, you must get bigger. The bigger you are, the easier it is for you to control and lift the weight.

When trying to get bigger as quickly as possible, you need to eat a lot more than oatmeal and boiled chicken.

  • In order to get the most amount of calories for cheap, CT ate a lot of fast food. To be specific, McDonalds!

Of course, as a result of that, he developed some serious problems. In 2001 he was diagnosed with serious hypertension issues.

“In the same year of 2001, he head a heart attack, and in 2004 just 3 years later, his mother died from congestive heart failure.”

Yes, she was very old but still. But there is a good chance he may be genetically prone to heart problems.

Stress and previous heart problems gave him a massive heart attack in 2005.

ct fletcher heart transplant

  • He had open heart surgery and flat lined 3 times at the operation table.

Everything was going well until 2017, when he had another major heart attack which left him not many options, but to have a heart transplant.

The transplant was a success, but in 2018 he unfortunately had another hear surgery. 

He is now alive and as healthy as a man with such history can be.

CT Fletchers Son

Ct Fletcher’s son name is Samson Fletcher. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Samson is also a weight lifter just like his father.

  • To be more precise, he is a strongman.

A part of strongmen training is powerlifting, which is exactly what CT used to do!

At the young age of 20, and at 225 lbs, he deadlifted 500 lbs.

The form of this lift was questionable, which led to many people criticizing him.

  • He received a lot of hate and many people made fun of him.

samson fletcher deadlift

Not only that he has genetically strong muscles, but the shape of his muscles is very similar to CT’s.

CT was famous for having some of the best biceps in the world.

After all, he was the greatest curler in the world.

  • Samson’s biceps are just as peaky, and just as thick as those of his father.

If he wanted, he could have been a great bodybuilder as well.

Can Anyone Work Out At Iron Addicts Gym?

For $20 a day, anybody can train at the Iron Addicts Gym!

  • This is not just another fancy gym.

This gym encourages you to yell, and throw weights around! Basically everything opposite

This gym is not for beginners!

If you just want to curl some pink dumbbells, go somewhere else.

lron Addicts Gym

  • If you are a hardcore lifter who plans on making some noise, this is the right gym for you!

CT Fletcher World Records

CT Flecher is a former 3 time bench press champion, and 2 time a strict curl champion.

His best bench press is 650 lbs.

  • He tried, and almost managed to press 705 lbs. It was close but he didn’t pull it off.

His best strict curl weight is 225 lbs.

He claims to have done all this naturally and actually competed in drug tested competitions.

  • They tested him numerous times ,and he never failed a drug test.

How accurate can these tests be, its arguable.

CT Fletcher Documentary

There is a documentary about CT Flecher and it is called: “CT Flecher: My Magnificient Obsession.”

It was filmed in 2015, and was very successful.

  • IMDB rated it a 7.7 and the director of the movie was Vlad Yudin.

ct fletcher documentary

Vlad is the founder of The Generation Iron Fitness Network, and The Vladar Company. 

The documentary is a full blown life story of CT Fletcher, growing up, competing, and the relationship with his father.

If you want to know his life story, you should watch this great documentary.


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