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CT Fletcher Heart Transplant Arms And F BOMBS!

The struggle with dieting for most people, is that they do not like the taste of the food when they are dieting.

What Does CT Stand For?

If you you are wondering what does CT stand for, you must be a fan of CT Fletcher! The man known for swearing up a storm, working out arms every day, and having a pretty big net worth. (video at bottom of article)

The man, the beast, the one time strongest man in the world, and a multiple time powerlifting champion. 

ct fletcher

I can’t find what CT stands for, as far as if that is this bodybuilding legends abbreviation for a real name. But I can tell you that CT stands for Computerized Tomography in the medical world.

  • The CT scan can reveal anatomic details of internal organs that cannot be seen in conventional X-rays.

That is very ironic since CT Fletcher did have a heart transplant and multiple heart attacks. They were successful, and he is one bodybuilder and power lifter that has had a lot of luck.

CT fletcher heart transplant

He put his body through years of insane workouts, and he’s diet was also not the greatest. I am sure you know by now, he used to eat McDonald’s 3 times a day for a long time.

CT Fletcher Heart Transplant

CT had a heart transplant that was a success. Without getting into the details of that, I want to talk about why he had a heart transplant in the first place.

Eating McDonald’s 3 times a day can definitely het you a nice heart attack. That could have easily been the original issue of his heart, but likely not. The real issue back in his younger days, and this time around, were probably steroids.

ct fletcher arms

“To be the strongest man in the world, you have to be on steroids unfortunately. There is no way to compete in powerlifting withe the elite with out being on the juice.”

And when you are on steroids, your muscles grow, and so does your heart! Your heart is a muscle, and it grows alongside your biceps. 

That is what many people don’t know. Bodybuilders like Rich Piana and Dallas McCarver very well died because of this same reason. 

rich piana death

CT Fletcher Worth

CT’s current net worth is estimated to be around $1 Million. I believe it’s much more than that, but that is the number that is given.

He gained a big following on IG, Youtube, and Facebook by making crazy videos on fitness in his Iron Addicts Gym. 

ct fletcher car

CT Fletchers net worth will go a long way and continue to increase even after he dies I believe.

  • This is because he now has a team of people running Iron Addicts Gym, and the company in general. The brand will continue to grow and his net worth, along with his business net worth should continue to increase.

CT Fletcher Workout Arms Everyday

One thing that is cool about CT Fletcher, is that he used to work out arms every single day. CT Fletcher worked out arms everyday and that is what he attributes to his big ass arms. I disagree with that to some extent, but still think it’s pretty cool, and he has the guns to show for it!

His arms are almost as big as Flex Wheelers! 

ct fletcher arms

Here is an example of CT’s arm workout…


  • Exercise 1) Triceps Pushdown – 10 steps of 10 reps
  • Exercise 2) Biceps Cable Curl – 10 sets of 10 reps
  • Exercise3) One Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl – 2 sets to failure
  • Exercise 4) French Curl – 4 sets to failure
  • Exercise 5) T-Curl – 2 sets to failure on each set
  • Exercise 6) Dumbbell Kickback – 2 sets of 40 reps on each arm
  • Exercise7)  Chin-Up – Try to get 30 reps, or go to failure
  • Exercise 8) Under-Bar Triceps Extension – Try to do 2 sets to complete failure
  • Exercise 9) Triceps Gauntlet – Try to do 1 set of 200 reps if you can, that is ideal.
  • That looks like a pretty good workout that you can try. But keep in mind, that other things come into play.

ct fletcher workout arms everyday

Food, rest, steroids, frequency, and also your genetics. So don’t be surprised if you do not get the results and look like CT Fletcher and have his arms after 1 workout!

Below is a video where CT Fletcher discusses steroids, his sex life, fitness, competition, and all other aspects of his life. Take a look!


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