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CT Fletcher’s fitness advice to cancer patient!

The struggle with dieting for most people, is that they do not like the taste of the food when they are dieting.

CT Fletcher’s fitness advice to cancer patient!

We wanted to really get inside of CT Fletcher’s head, and learn how he managed to reach the success that he did over the years, in both powerlifting, and now, as an inspirational Youtube star. CT is known for being very tactful and articulate when training people and also giving motivational speeches.
Question for CT: In regards to working out today, you see that I have a cast on my arm because I broke it yesterday. I also just got done with my 5th consecutive chemotherapy session this week, since I have stage for 4 cancer, and these black sunglasses I am wearing are to cover my face because I am blind. Do you think I can skip the workout today?
CT Fletcher


We hope this article inspires people to start working out, and if they are interested to go from zero to 100 mph in under 2 seconds, have you scream at their face during a set while half of the spit flying out of your mouth lands on their face, and the other half on your beard, until their eyes tear up and they want their mommy to make it all go away, they know where to find you!

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