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Dallas McCarver falls in a ditch!

Dallas McCarver

Dallas McCarver falls in a ditch!

Dallas McCarver is an up and coming star in the bodybuilding world. That said, we all have to agree that he looks like Oompa Loompa hit a growth spurt, then slipped fell into a ditch full of Sustanon syringes. Once he got out of the ditch, he entered into a Dianabol eating contest, and won by a mile!

Dallas proceeded to make a bet with a friend, that he could live off of nothing except winstrol, for 30 days. He lost, he could only do it for 29, so he had to tattoo his last name on his back. Regardless, Dallas is a great new talent, and will definitely be a staple in bodybuilding for a long time. That is not a good enough reason not to get roasted!

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