What Do Women Really Think About Dating Fat Guys?

Take a look at the girls answers below. The answers might not be what you thought they would be!

girls dating fat guys

We here at don’t even have to give our opinion, you should know the answer.

  • Getting jacked is the only road here, but we do understand getting big biceps is not everyone’s thing!

What the Studies Really Say

What do you think is the real reason that people do research around what people find and look at as ‘relationship material?’

The truth is that, most women will fantasize about dating a guy that is hot.

“In reality, they actually might want to be with a guy that is chubby with money! Or maybe just less good looking so they feel better about themselves!”

dating fat guy

I think everyone knows by now that the type of guy a girl would sleep with and date are different!

  • Women factor looks more into men they’d prefer to sleep with, whereas having a good job is a big factor in a relationship.

One of the main reasons girls are not dating guys with abs, is because they think they are not good enough to date them. They feel that their body is not as perfect, or something similar!

guy with abs

One thing that was not discussed as well in the first study, is what do girls consider a “fat guy.”

Looking further into this, it was the Body Mass Index of men, and not their body fat that was used. Meaning that the ‘bigger guy’ could have just been a big bodybuilder or something!

guy bodybuilding

Here is a direct quote from a chubby chaser!

“Speaking as a girl who tends to fall for bigger guys, I think I have some experience on the subject. While my ideal type is more chubby/burly (think lumberjack), I have dated a few guys on the fat side of things. I’m just more attracted to bigger guys than I am attracted to skinny/muscular guys.”

dating a fat guy

Muscular guys are more fun to think about and look at, but I do like the fatter or should I say chubbier guys to date!

  • They’re far better at cuddling and honestly, usually better in bed. Just my personal experience though.

We all of course know that confidence is a huge factor here. If a guy is bigger and has amazing confidence, it changes the whole story!

male confidence

If a guy looks amazing, but is very low on confidence, things get awkward and it’s a big turn off! 

  • Being someone attracted to bigger guys, it was hard to date for a while because bigger guys tend to be shy/awkward/very self-deprecating.

I know you have bad experiences in your past, but you’re going to need to learn how to get past them if you want to attract a decent girl. And if you are lucky, a hot girl!

hot girl

Some girls are attracted to fat guys. No girl is attracted to a guy with no confidence, who doesn’t think he’s worth dating right!

One of the most important things to note, is that you have to own who you are!

  • If you think all girls out there are dating guys that are really fit, you are wrong! If you click with a person, that is the most important! Following that, your personality, charisma, and status come into play!

Being yourself is always the way to go, because sooner or later, the real you will come out! You can’t fake who you are. That is why many relationships fail. 

People act like they are something they are not, and as soon as the real them surfaces up, it’s over!


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