Retaining Water Can Actually Make You Fat Overnight! 

Retaining water is something many people don’t think about! Do you ever ask yourself, how in the world you got fat overnight?

getting fat

I think it has happened to everyone. You wake up in the morning and weigh yourself. As the day goes on, you eat, drink water, and then weigh yourself again before bed.

  • To your surprise, the scale says you gained several pounds in just one day!

And not once, does retaining water come to mind. If you did know it was water retention or dehydration, you would want to know how do you get rid of water retention fast! Right?

retaining water

What Could That Possibly Have To Do With Retaining Water?

I have heard stories of people gaining 7 t0 10 pounds in one day, how is this possible?! Well for starters, it all comes down to water retention and dehydration. Which basically means that you are retaining water!

It is simply impossible to gain that much weight in fat or muscle in one day. The first example of how this is possible, would be alcohol consumption. Also, a lot of salt consumption and dehydration can be popular causes of retaining water. 

retaining water

  • Your body does not know if you are stranded in a desert, or just dehydrated.

The only goal your body has, is to survive! So when you are really dehydrated, your body thinks it needs to preserve all incoming water, just in case you don’t get any anytime soon.

Gained weight

As soon as you have a drink of water while dehydrated, your body says “holy crap, I don’t know when I’m going to see this again, I better hold on to it!”

This is why bodybuilders and anyone that competes drinks so much water, to avoid retaining water.

How Do You Get Rid Of Water Retention Fast?

taking a pee

If your body knows water is going to keep coming, it has no problem getting rid of it. A strategy used to get rid of water weight by competitors, is to drink enough to freaking drown yourself every day.

  • For the last couple of days prior to the contest, have extremely low water intake. Your body will be getting rid of it since it expects it, and when you cut of the water, you are basically tricking it to get rid of the water.

retaining water

The result of this, is a very lean look on stage, or just in general. You can probably look up articles on people gaining a huge amount of weight right after competition.

If You Are Not A Competitor, This Is How You Get Rid Of Water Retention Fast As Well!

  • Exercise Frequently
  • Get a lot of sleep so your body functions properly
  • Try to have less stress. Stress kills all!
  • Lower your sodium intake
  • Drink a good amount of electrolytes
  • Cut carbs
  • And drink more water!

dehydration gif

Another words, this is what is happening to you, dehydration and water retention.

  • You either ate a lot of damn salt, or you are really dehydrated. Your body is holding on to water and dear life, it does not know that you are just an alcoholic 🙂

The following day, is when you will see your body get rid of this weight, and if you get back on the scale, you will see that. Now that your body is comfortable with the water it is holding.

fat belly

  • Giving it more liquid the following day will trigger it to get rid of water and not be nervous about it (bathroom).

So if you gained a ton of weight, just wait a day, don’t be a pig and eat nasty crap, and you will see the belly rolls go away the following day.

How Do You Tell If You Are Retaining Water?

eating pizza

Well as I mentioned earlier, an easy way to tell if you are retaining water, is to grab the fat rolls on your stomach!

“If you feel like you have way more fat than you did yesterday, you are retaining water!”

There is absolutely no other explanation for you having a way fatter stomach, other than the fact that your body is holding on to water due to the reasons I mentioned above!


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