Dennis Rodman’s Life From Championships To Drugs

Dennis Rodman was many peoples favorite NBA player! AKA The WORM!

  • Before getting into Dennis Rodman history, I want to start with where he is today.

Of course with his drug and alcohol problems, and then discuss how he has gotten to that point.


dennis rodman

  • Here is an interview, if you are not familiar, with one of Dennis’s public breakdowns. Which we can just classify as a drunk interview.

When you look at drug addiction, or alcoholism as well, you know that it causes a major chemical imbalance and emotional roller coasters.

Nobody really knows what in the world Dennis is talking about here, but I assure you, it has something to do with his substance abuse problem.

He is basically saying things that don’t make any sense at all.

  • On top of that, he starts crying. That is a huge sign of a drug addict and / or alcoholic.

  • Following his interview with Chris Cuomo, Dennis had another interview.

He had to answer about if he was drunk or not during his previous interview on CNN.

This is pretty old news, and it happened a while ago, but it’s just a shame that an athlete of his caliber would end up as the laughing stock of the sports world.

There are many athletes that only find direction with sports as young children, but actually never have a chance to grow up.

  • Eventually, when their career is over, they have to go back to where they left of to face the problems they never resolved as younger adults.

Some athletes, NBA players included, could never cope with that and therefore turn to drugs and alcohol.

Dennis Could Have Easily Been On Drugs During Interview

There are also some surprising answers in this interview as many people in the public eye have stated.

  • But at this point, knowing Dennis Rodman’s history and life, it’s not really a surprise.

How Did Dennis Rodman Get To This Point In His Life?

Dennis Rodman, whose nickname is “The Worm” is known for being one of the best rebounders and defensive players the NBA has ever seen.

  • He is also known for being one of the hardest working players the league has ever seen.

He assisted the Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Bulls with things that statistics do not show!

Throwing himself on the floor to dive for lose balls.

Abusing his body night in night out to play defense against some of the toughest guys in the NBA.

Tipping the ball out on offensive rebounds, getting beat up every night, and most importantly, doing this after a long night of partying.

  • At that point during the glory days, he didn’t really have a drinking or drug problem.

But he would still be out, and you can argue he was drinking as well, but it was not severe at the moment.

Not feeling accepted from a young age, and not even having thoughts of what his future holds, probably played a big role in where he is today.

Not feeling wanted can be extremely damaging for a young kid.

Living in Chicago during the Chicago Bulls and Dennis Rodman era, I could not be more of a fan.

“I was young, and what could be more exciting that a big guy full of tattoos running around with green hair, getting 20 rebounds per game, and helping the Bulls become World Champions.”

Not in my wildest dreams, did I ever think I would meet him, or any other Chicago Bulls players for that matter.

I did end up meeting Dennis Rodman on accident at a Johnny Rockets burger joint downtown Chicago, when I was 10 years old.

  • I have to say that he was with a hot chick, and he still took the time to sign an autograph, which I still have today.

dennis rodman drugs

Life Timeline And Where He Is Today

Instead of writing more about where Dennis came from and where he is today, there is a good video that sums it all up.

  • It also gives you a glimpse into his world of relationships, substance abuse, and life in general.

This like this that happen to people are sad, but it does happen to many of us due to the influences and upbringings that we had as children.

Usually people that have severe hardship in life, end up doing something amazing.

  • On the other hand, some chose the wrong path. Dennis chose a positive path, which were sports, but it looks like he just couldn’t escape his demons later in life.

I really do hope that Dennis Rodman makes it.

Looking at things today, that is very tough to say, especially because he just went to North Korea to meet with Kim Jung-Un.

That could be a publicity stunt, and who really cares right?

  • On the other hand, there is something disturbing about a former NBA player with a drug problem hanging out with a mass murder.

Why Is Dennis Rodman So Crazy

Dennis Rodman was struggling in his life from day 1, so it’s no surprise that this guy is who is today.

  • It’s not surprising that Dennis Rodman love Kim Jong Un either. This is a guy that used to dress up like a bride, remember?

Dennis Rodman bride

To me, that’s crazier than wanting to party with Kim Jong Un right? This guy actually married himself!

I’m not even going to spend time looking into if that is legal or not.

Dennis had a trouble past and was always an outsider as a young kid. It’s a huge surprise that he even made it to the NBA.

  • He was not set up for success, and without basketball, who knows where he would have ended up.

Dennis Rodman Wife And Dating

Dennis was married several times in his life, not to mention how many hundreds of girls he dated and slept with.

His first wife on record is Annie Bakes and his daughter that they had together.

Dennis Rodman Wife

Unfortunately Dennis was not a good father, or husband. He fully admits that.

He also admits seeing his daughter only about 5 days of her entire life.

That is simply horrible and careless.

“Court documents show Rodman is more than $800,000 behind in child support payments to his ex-wife. In December, a judge reduced his monthly payment from $50,000 to $5,000.”

Dennis Rodman Wife Carmen Electra

Dennis married one of the hottest girls in Hollywood. The one and only, Carmen Electra!

  • Yes, the same girl that married that freak Dave Navarro.

Dennis Rodman Carmen Electra

There were together for a total of ONE whole year! Not so long ago, he attended one of her parties, and her face says it all.

Rodman and Electra eloped to Las Vegas in 1998.

“Our relationship was very passionate. When it was good, it was amazing. And when it was bad, it was the worst.”

Eventually, the bad outweighed the good, and the two split after just one year of marriage. “It happened so fast,” she said. “It was so spontaneous, and I remember right after, ‘Oh god, what did we do?'”

Dennis Rodman Wife Michelle Moyer

This wife made it for 9 whole years! She honestly must have been amazing!

Dennis Rodman Wife

In 2004, divorce papers were filed.

The reason for the marital conflicts revolved around Dennis’ heavy drinking habit and hard-partying ways.

Dennis has continued with his alcoholism and was arrested in January 2018 for driving under the influence.

  • He was  found guilty 2 days after and sentenced to 3 years of informal probation.

As things stand today, he owes her over $800K and has not been able to pay much of anything to help her with living expenses and children they have together.

Kim Jung-un, Donald Trump, And Dennis Rodman Finally Meet!

Donald Trump is known to be friends with Dennis Rodman.

  • That is the one and only thing that bonds Donald Trump and Kim Jung-un leading to their meeting.

During Trump’s days when he was hooking up with Stormy Daniels, Jenna Jameson, Brianna Banks, Dennis Rodman was always by his side!

Partying and doing drugs with the Donald.

  • The world does not know this, but Kim Jung-un and The Donald have a best friend in common!

dennis rodman donald trump

Once Donald Trump found out he and Kim have Dennis as a friend in common, they immediately agreed to meet!

Since they are all high profile, the only way to have this meeting was to disguise it as a political event.

But what they really wanted to talk about, is how they can run a train on Stormy Daniels.

Kim Jung is a virgin, Dennis and Donald are pro’s!

  • I can definitely see why Kim would be interested in doing this trifecta!

donald trump dennis rodman

How Did Kim Jung-un and Dennis Rodman Become Friends?

Kim Jung-un is known to be a virgin.

Who better to seek advice from other than Dennis Rodman, who has had sex with half of planet earth.

This is the original bond Kim Jung-un had with Dennis, and this bond continues to grow.

  • Donald on the other hand, is the closes thing next to a porn star.

Paying for sex is something the Donald is no stranger to, so everyone here has a lot to learn from one another.

The first piece of advice Dennis gave to Kim Jung-un, is that before you start any conversation with any girl, do a fat line of cocaine!

Kim Jung-un Paid For Dennis Rodman To Fly Into Singapore…

There was an airport sighting in Singapore, where Dennis Rodman landed today to attend the meeting with Drumpf and Kim Jung-Un.

I bet you are thinking what I’m thinking!

Where the hell did Dennis Rodman get many to pay for an airplane ticket.

  • It’s not like he blew all of his money on drugs.

And how can you blame Kim Jung-un and Donald Trump?

They just want to be friends with this guy, he looks harmless and just like your average guy next door.

dennis rodman kim jung un

Dennis Rodman Has Proven He Can Pick Up Chicks

Dennis has a lot of credibility when it comes to picking up chicks.

  • He has been known to have hooked with with Madonna, Carmen Electra, and many other “good looking” girls.

But when he hooked up with Ivanka Trump, that solidified him as the ultimate pimp.

This being the exact reason Trump and Kim want to plan a party with this guy.

dennis rodman trump

Their meeting will consist of inviting Stormy Daniels to Kim Jung-un’s private quarters in his nuclear science lab.

  • They will be using mini nuclear rockets for foreplay, as Trump watches and records to send to Michael Cohen so he can watch while he’s in prison.

Dennis on the other hand, will be in charge of the drugs.

These would consist of “crazy lady” North Korean cocaine, and Trump’s favorite, molly.


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