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Dennis Rodman’s Crazy LIFE OF SEX, DRUGS And Addiction…

Dennis Rodman Was Many Peoples Favorite Player, But Things Went South For Him Quickly…

Before getting into Dennis Rodman history, I want to start with where he is today, with his drug and alcohol problems, and then discuss how he has gotten to that point.


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  • Here is an interview, if you are not familiar, with one of Dennis’s public breakdowns. Which we can just classify as a drunk interview.

  • Following his interview with Chris Cuomo, Dennis had another interview. He had to answer about if he was drunk or not during his previous interview on CNN.

Dennis Easily Could Have Been On Drugs As Well, But Who Knows

There are also some surprising answers there as well, which at this point of his life, is not really a surprise.

How Did Dennis Rodman Get To This Point In His Life?

Dennis Rodman, whose nickname is “The Worm” is known for being one of the best rebounders and defensive players the NBA has ever seen.

  • He is also known for being one of the hardest working players the league has ever seen, helping the Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Bulls with things that statistics do not show.

Diving on the floor, tipping the ball out on offensive rebounds, guarding the toughest players on the other team consistently, and for the most part, doing this after a long night of partying.

At this point, he didn’t really have a drinking or drug problem. But he would still be out, and you can argue he was drinking as well, but it was not severe at the moment.

Not feeling accepted from a young age, and not even having thoughts of what his future holds, probably played a big role in where he is today.

Living in Chicago during the Chicago Bulls and Dennis Rodman era, I could not be more of a fan.

“I was young, and what could be more exciting that a big guy full of tattoos running around with green hair, getting 20 rebounds per game, and helping the Bulls become World Champions.”

Not in my wildest dreams, did I ever think I would meet him, or any other Chicago Bulls players for that matter.

I did end up meeting Dennis Rodman on accident at a Johnny Rockets burger joint downtown Chicago, when I was 10 years old. I have to say that he was with a hot chick, and he still took the time to sign an autograph, which I still have today.

dennis rodman drugs

Dennis Rodman’s Life Timeline And Where He Is Today

Instead of writing more about where Dennis came from and where he is today, there is a good video that sums it all up and gives you a glimpse into his world of relationships, substance abuse, and life in general.

This like this that happen to people are sad, but it does happen to many of us due to the influences and upbringings that we had as children.

I really do hope that Dennis Rodman makes it, looking at things today, that is very tough to say, especially because he just went to North Korea to meet with Kim Jung-Un lol.


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