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Dexter Jackson Announces This Is Final Olympia In Current Mortal Form

Dexter Jackson Finally Plans To Leave His Mortal Body!

Dexter Jackson admits the demands of competing in the Olympia for 47 years in a row, have worn down his temporary corporeal body, Dexter Jackson announced Sunday that the upcoming will be the last he will compete in, in his current mortal form.

“Whether I win the Olympia or not, this will be the last time I compete while shackled to this weak but jacked, decaying sack of skin and muscle.”

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Dexter Jackson’s Workout Program During Senior Years

Dexter Jackson is known for two things. The first thing is being shredded, and the second is being old. He has changed up his workout program, especially for the Olympia 2018. Here is a sample of what his workout program is for getting shredded.

#1 Dexters Steroid Cycle And Diet

  • Started taking steroids for the fist time at the age of 48. Totally natural in prior years.
  • Using testosterone, anadrol, winstrol and deca as appetizer before injecting his cycle
  • Plans on eating nothing other than bacon for his Olympia prep.

dexter jackson eating

#2 Dexters Workout Program

  • Dexter finally started workout out in order to maintain his body and mass. He has never lifted weights before in the past, and has purely become a legend based on his genetics.
  • Jackson did decide to hire the trainer Jillian Michaels, to is an expert on bodybuilding and diet.

Dexter Is The Ageless Champion

Here is an example of Dexters motivation, dedication, and ambition to become the oldest bodybuilder to every walk planet earth. When we say “bodybuilder,” we are talking about an active competing bodybuilder.

What Is Dexter’s Secret?

Dexter’s secret is very simple. He is a genetic freak who has never had to workout out throughout his entire bodybuilding career. He has also never had to diet, and has still manage to always land in the top 10 at the Olympia, and even winning the entire show in 2008. There has never been a natural bodybuilder like this since the sport was started back in the day by a bunch of skinny white dudes that thought they were jacked.

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Dexter’s age is just a number to him…

And also all of his fans. He is known to always come prepared to all of the shows, and that is why he got the nickname “The Blade.” He is always coming shredded to every single show, and it literally took him zero effort.

Dexter is looking forward to working with his new trainer, and is very excited to start working out, since that is something he has never done before in his life.

Dexter Jackson Bodybuilder

“I am looking forward to learning how to lift weights, and learning to diet. My entire career, I have done nothing to get this physique, and I have never dieted a day in my life. This should be very exciting!”

We wish Dexter the best of luck in this years Mr. Olympia contest, and do anticipate he will be winning every show from now on once he actually starts working out. Many bodybuilder plan on retiring once Dexter starts hitting the gym, since they see no point in trying to beat him.


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