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Diamond Ott’s SHOCKING Workout Program AND SURPRISING Bio!

diamond ott

The Diamond Ott’s Workout Program Is Not For The Average Person!

Diamond Ott is one of the fittest soldiers on planet earth.

The Diamond Ott workout program is the reason he is considered the most fit soldier and also the one of the most fit people on earth, as you will see at in the video at the bottom of the article.

Diamond Ott’s training program is definitely not your average cross-fit or bodybuilding workout program.

He focuses on muscle building and isolation, but definitely on many compound movements that grow his pure strength.

diamond ott workout program

Diamond Ott’s Training Program

You can imagine, that the new army physical fit test would just be a breeze for Diamond, especially when you consider his training program.

  • Here are some examples of his workout program and how he manages to be in such great shape.

Before we get into it, please take into consideration that we have no clue if he is taking performance enhancing drugs, or what his natural genetics are like.

diamond ott training program

The training he is performing is definitely what we call UNCONVENTIONAL, which has to do which agility, speed, endurance, and strength. Some of his workout principles are the following.

For the most part, please understand that Diamond Ott’s workout program and his training might be all for show in order to grow his Instagram following.

Diamond Ott’s Instagram is approaching 400K followers, and it sure isn’t because he does boring workouts and just takes pictures.

diamond ott height

Diamond Ott’s Height And Weight

  • Surprisingly, it is very hard to find Diamond’s height and weight online.

We know his current age is 37 and he was born in June of 1981. What he is currently weight in at is difficult to say. Diamond’s Wiki also says absolutely nothing other than his age, and that he is an American Samoan football (soccer) player.

However, we can give you a rough estimate on Diamond Ott’s height based on a family picture he has posted on Facebook.

diamond ott height

Based on the picture above, we can assume that Diamond Ott’s height is somewhere between 5ft 6″ – 5ft 9″.

He is standing close to some girls, and I seriously doubt that those girls are all 6ft tall.

This heigh can also explain our previous comment about us not knowing if he is on steroids, or performance enhancing drugs.

  • This height makes us more confident that he is not on steroids and it explains the mass he currently has.
  • If he was over 6 feet, it would be tough to have that sort of mass at that height without some sort of performance enhancers.
  • That said, he was selected to be on the cover of Men’s Health, more on that below.


diamond ott mens health

Diamond Ott’s Bio And Surprising Facts!

Here is what an individual online stated about Diamond Ott’s bio.

Let’s keep in mind that this information about Diamond’s bio is not confirmed, but it sure sounds like it. Take a read about his background below.

“This Guy Diamond Ott, is not currently a soldier and has never been a combat soldier or an Infantryman. At best he was a was service combat support soldier. I spent +14 years in Special Operations, from an Airborne Ranger, to Green Beret, to D-Boy, and I know more than enough. Answering other fellas here: He is not SFC but he holds a much lower rank when he was or if he is currently a soldier.

I would guess he is an E4 (specialist), by no means, he is not wearing a combat infantry Badge but a Combat Action Badge, and deployed in support of combat operations. But he is not a combat soldier or an infantryman. The medal ribbons he is wearing are out of order, and extremely excessive and exaggerated for CSS soldier and given NCO Rank whose MOS is not combat. (that is what we call Stolen Valor).”

You can make your own decisions on that statement. Regardless of what your thoughts are, this guy is truly impressive, and more power to him!

Diamond Ott Men’s Health

As you see in the first article photo, Diamond is well known and has also been chosen to be on the cover of Men’s Health previously.

A representative for the magazine said he was chosen because he personifies functional fitness and the U.S. Army’s effort to build stronger, faster, more durable men and women.



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