This guy pulls a prank, but also provides some great insight into what women really think!

Do girls like fat guys, is a very common question asked on Google, typically from overweight guys.

Many men feel insecure if they are overweight, and that is understandable.

  • The opposite sex should be attracted to you, and in our society, we typically don’t find overweight people attractive. That’s why guys don’t think girls like dating fat guys!

Especially if they are in the McDonald’s special forces!

dating a fat guy

  • A lot of people think that being chubby is cute, and it is, but when it comes to dating, it wont be a laughing matter.

Let’s face it, most girls will date a fat guy only if he has a lot of money. Say what you want, but that is the truth.

Let’s see what some people are saying around the web…

“Sexy is about more than the physical, especially for many women. That said, a number of cultures look at a belly as less of a bad thing than most do in the US. How can you tell? You can’t unless you approach them and see if they’re interested.”

dating fat guy

Frankly, though, you’re better off doing this in a less “meat market” type of environment. Most folks in that kind of place are there for physical stuff alone.

Since an accident 20-some years ago, I’ve been unable to exercise as well as I should.

fat guy in gym

  • I also like to eat, so I’m a big guy myself (240lbs at 5’10” ATM) and since my divorce a few years ago have had no shortage of ladies who like me for who I am.

I’ve dated women of all physical types, from a literal model to divorced soccer moms who pack a few extra pounds themselves.

dating a fat girl

The funny thing is I had almost exactly the same experience the last time I was single, when I was still “in shape”.

  • No difference at all in the types of women that found me attractive.

It should go without saying that there has to be something of substance behind the physical for that to work.

dating overweight guys

For me, there’s an inherent confidence developed due to my military experiences and my early “dating” lifestyle.

That, in combination with being someone who truly enjoys getting to know people and learning about them, just makes for no shortage of interested women.

  • Just remember that what someone else sees as sexy is not always the same as what you see as sexy.

What a lady sees as sexy will vary as much from woman to woman as any other aspect of personality. Just get out there, meet ladies, be a decent guy, and see what happens!

fat guy eating

Here is a few more examples about girls dating fat guys…

“It depends on how fat, honestly. A past boyfriend was definitely on the heavy side, and I found him amazingly sexy. He had a belly, but also had nice arms and great legs and took care of his appearance.

He’d always been heavy, and was just one of those people with a really slow metabolism.

fat guy dancing

Men with boobs bigger than mine, and bellies that hang over their pants so far that you can see them poking out of their shirts… I just… no.

Just accept that everyone is allowed to have their own standards, and in our society being overweight is mostly looked down upon.

If you consistently seek out supermodel gorgeous women, you’re honestly not going to have much luck more than likely.”

fat guy gif

And here is our favorite response!

I don’t necessarily have a ‘type’, and I’m not lying when I say that.

  • My husband and my two exes have absolutely nothing in common (re: interests and appearance).

That being said, I’ll be absolutely honest when I say that an overweight guy (soft in the middle, might only need to tone up a little bit to go from ‘overweight’ to ‘not overweight’) wouldn’t be a turn off!

fat guy meme

But that’s really my limit.

  • I’m pretty much blanking out on celebrities right now, so this is the only example that I can come up with.

But I can say in all honestly that I’d never be attracted to Chris Farley or somebody with his body type.

Personality is huge though. My husband could never be a David Beckham body double, but I’m still very much attracted to him.

fat guy eating

He looks like Blake Shelton, but with a goatee and about 5 inches shorter.

  • He’s got a little belly, but it’s not spilling over his pants.
  • I think he wears a 36 in jeans, but prefers to buy a 38 because he’s one of the few that doesn’t hate leg day and his thighs are pretty bulked up.

He looks best at 210-215 (Which I think is where he’s at now).

I’ve seen pics of him at 180 and he looked way too skinny. He’s got broad shoulders and he need a little extra weight to balance him out.

We’ve been together for 9 years and I was instantly attracted to him when we met.

  • It was all personality. Finding him physically attractive was just a bonus. We ‘met’ on facebook, back when you needed a college email to log in and we talking on AIM before school started.

(I can’t believe that’s already an ‘old person’ story. Ugh)

Our personalities were basically a perfect match and we have the same sense of humor.

My advice? Get out of the sad bar. Seriously. All you’re gonna do there is end up looking like you’re just giving up.

  • Don’t just sit there and humor conversations with girls who only stick around for the free drinks. Are there any bars around you that have karaoke nights?

Find one that has a popular show, round up some friends (preferably a mix of guys and girls.

The girls might be able to offer some good ‘in the moment’ advice).

I bullshit with so many people when we go out for karaoke. Most people are relaxed (liquid courage so they can sing) and having a good time.

  • I’m can’t remember if you mentioned having trouble starting conversation or not.

I used to be so awkward and would just end up sounding crazy, so I started forcing myself to make relevant small talk with cashiers.

Nothing that would take them away from their jobs, but enough so our transaction wasn’t uncomfortably silent.

  • Example: I bought a pair of earrings and the girl ringing me out had an awesome tattoo. I asked her about it and we had a short conversation about our ink.

Ask a question about a product (like at Best Buy) or find something to genuinely compliment and inquire about with the clerk.

It’ll make bar chit-chat less likely to be a bunch of generic statements punctuated by umms and uhhs.


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