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Drake Caught In Gym Lifting Light Weight Like A Little B…

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Drake Can Dance And Rap, But He Sure As Hell Doesn’t Lift!

I’m sure Drake can argue that he does lift, but his definition on lifting and mine are probably a little different. I’m not hating on him, just think he’s a little bitch thats all. To be honest, I’m also tired of his lame ass songs. That said, he’s still a baller and one of the most famous people on earth, and can buy me and whoever is reading this article 10 times over. But this is not Rap Roast, Money Roast, or Dancing Roast, this is MUSCLE ROAST and Drake is being a little bitch. In the video below, you will see that he is lifting some pussy weight, and on top of that, he is slamming it on the ground like he’s Ronnie Coleman. The plates on the side of the bar are not 45lbs. If you lift, you would know that. They are more like 5 pounders. Take a look…

Drake Made A Stupid Workout Commercial That Is Not Funny…

I have no idea what this commercial is supposed to promote, but being the meathead that I am, I could not help it but notice that he has zero cuts on his arms, and once again looks like he doesn’t even lift. The part of the video that I really don’t find that funny, is that at the end, he struggles to lift 2 FAKE plates on the bench press. I understand that is the point of the commercial, but why didn’t they just put 2 real plates on the bench? That is certainly impossible for him to lift as well. If he can’t lift 2 fake plates, he sure as hell can’t lift two real plates! Take a look at this dumb commercial and let me know if you think it makes sense?

“Drake Is Freaking HUGE?” TMZ Reports?

To top of the stupid ass commercial, now you have a bunch of people at TMZ reporting that “Drake Is HUGE!” If you take a look at the video below, you will see that a bunch of people that don’t even lift (I don’t care if the host is ripped) raving about his amazing body. I strongly disagree and think that if that is the best picture he can come up with under the best lighting, I am not impressed. Neither is Vice Media with their article “Drake’s Workout Is Shit.”

There is nothing wrong with Drake wanting to get in shape, more power to him. There is nothing wrong with Drake not being able to lift 2 plates on each side of the bench press, nothing at all. There is nothing wrong with Drake looking like a pussy, he is too busy getting money and being a star. But unfortunately my friend, this is not TMZ and you just gotta start hitting it harder before you think you look good and putting your pics out there thinking you’re jacked.


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