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You Drop The Soap And This Will Happen In Prison!

drop the soap

Don’t Drop The Soap, Especially If You Are In Jail!

You might have a good idea about why people always joke around about dropping the soap and tell you “don’t drop the soap.” I would assume that it’s pretty easy to understand what dropping the soap means.

Don’t Drop The Soap

Basically, if you are in the shower in jail, and you drop the soap, you are leaving yourself exposed. To what?  Some good old anal sex by another prisoner in jail. You bend over to pick up the soap, and your booty is right there and exposed for the guy next to you to stick it in!

drop the soap

Now that can seem funny, and so is the video below of this guy talking about dropping the soap in prison. On the other hand, many do not find this funny at all. 

  • After all, we are talking about rape here. This kind of sucks because it sucks the life out of comedy, and everyone wants to be politically correct. Yes, there is a violence problem in prisons, and rape is one of them. But aren’t things that are true funny in comedy?

The answer is yes, and people are getting to damn sensitive about everything these days, especially about dropping the soap in jail. 

Either way, it sounds like you should try to stay out of prison! 🙂

Don’t drop the soap!

  • A remark made to someone being hauled off to jail, particularly someone you dislike. Once in jail, you imply that if the person drops a bar of soap in the shower, they will be forced to bend over and retrieve it.
Thus, with there buttocks spread and in clear sight, will be subject to anal rape by a fellow inmate.


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