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SUPER HOT Female DWARF Bodybuilder! AMAZING!

dwarf bodybuilding

This Hot Dwarf Bodybuilder Is Ready For The Stage!

Never let anything hold you back from what you want to do in life!

Especially being a midget bodybuilder!

  • Being a little person makes it mentally tough on someone to fit in to today’s society, but some see this as a gift.

Amanda Loy is a female dwarf bodybuilder who wants to inspire people to go after what they want to achieve in life, no matter the circumstances. 

dwarf bodybuilding

You know the saying, “Good things come in small packages.”

That is definitely the case for a Scottsdale woman who’s reaching new heights in the world of fitness.

“From my knowledge and Google’s knowledge, I am the only female little person to ever complete in a show like this,” said Amanda Loy.

Take a look at this hot dwarf bodybuilder in action!

Amanda Loy is four feet tall and weighs 72 pounds, she was born with hypochondroplasia – a type of dwarfism that means her physique remains in proportion.

“It’s pretty much like an average height body, shrunk down into a smaller package” she said, explaining her condition.

She competed at the NPC Natural Western USA Figure Competition at the Mesa Arts Center.

dwarf bodybuilder

  • Amanda placed 4th in a field of 10 women. A very good showing for her first show.

Amanda followed up by competing in the Steve Stone NY Metropolitan in April with another 4th place finish.

  • After some time off to rest and recover from 2 shows, Amanda closed out 2014 at the NPC Europa Phoenix in October, placing 10th.

She has not competed since, but is definitely staying fit and looking forward to new challenges in life!

Who Is The Fittest Dwarf In The World?

dwarf bodybuilder

‘Fittest dwarf on Earth’ can lift four times his own weight, and his name is Mikey Witous!

Because he is only 4 foot 5 inches tall and strong as all hell, he decided to call himself the fittest dwarf in the world.

  • Nobody to date has decided to argue with that!

Mikey is 26 years years old and was born with dwarfism.

That did not stop him from working out every single day and earning a blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do! 

dwarf karate

Don’t be fooled, this kid has a history of being athletic.

  • He played football, and took part in wrestling and practiced Tae Kwon Do.

When he gave up wrestling, he decided to move on to taking part in CrossFit, and is now working hard towards an event where he will show how he is the fittest dwarf on earth.

dwarf fitness

Weighing in at just under 60kg, with a height of 1.35m, Witous has achondroplasia – a form of short-limbed dwarfism.

Don’t Get Your Ass Beat!

The lesson learned here is never to fuck with anyone you don’t know!

  • If you are an asshole, you might decide to pick on a midget one day.

Well it just might be your luck to pick on someone like Mikey, who will beat the living steroids off your ass when you least expect it. 

You have to give little people props for not letting their disabilities get the best of them, and cripple them from enjoying life.

Dwarf Fitness

All kidding aside, I am proud of these people and find them very inspiring. It takes a lot of courage to be Amanda Loy. 

  • To stand up in front of hundreds of people, looking different than everyone, and not showing any fear.

This should be a lesson to everyone who comes up with excuses about why they can’t accomplish something.



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