Dwayne Johnson Diet Tips You Can Try Yourself!

Dwayne Johnson’s diet is pretty simple, and you can get the same results as “The Rock” just by following his diet tips! If you have the same diet as somebody that is fat, you should get pretty similar results.

If you diet like someone that is in shape, like The Rock, you should get the same results as well right? That’s right!

the rock diet

Let’s jump into The Rock’s diet and what he does to have such an amazing lean physique! This is what The Rock typically does on a daily basis.

  • Breakfast: A couple of hard boiled eggs, and 1 cup of oatmeal, and a steak!
  • Post-Workout: Chicken, egg whites and broccoli! 
  • Lunch (First): White rice, fish and asparagus!
  • Lunch (Second): Chicken, baked potato, and broccoli (again).
  • Dinner: 8 oz steak, baked potato, and a salad!
  • Before Bed: Protein shake, and egg whites!

That sounds pretty easy right? Sure thing, but I feel like there is something missing in his diet that he is not telling us! What could that be do you know? Here is a hint…


the rock before and after


the rock steroids

  • Do you think he might be taking steroids? It can’t be can it? The mans man that we all want to look like is shooting needles in his ass? I am sorry to burst your bubble, but there is a big piece missing to Dwayne Johnson’s diet plan. It’s called testosterone up the ass crack.

But maybe he just has an awesome workout, and combined with diet, he can really look like that naturally? Well lets check out his arm workout.

Dwayne Johnson Arm Workout

The rock has a pretty crazy arm workout that you should definitely apply to your workout routine. What better person to teach you how to get big arms rather than Dwayne himself.

He has huge arms, and by following his arm workout routine, you are surely going to get the same results!

dwayne johnson biceps

Dwayne does a shit load of these exercises, with a ton of weight, until he passes out or the steroids wear off. It’s really not that hard to follow The Rock’s arm workout program, it’s no different than many others you have seen.

  • Cable curl
  • Barbell curl
  • Concentration curl
  • Chin-up
  • EZ Curl (with both wide and narrow grip)
  • Incline curl
  • Preacher curl

To a tone of those arm exercises, and you will get some results for sure. Combine those exercises with some steroids, you will get even better results! 

BUT, here is an interesting thing that will actually bring you some value. A recent study shows which exercises work the best for arm growth, and especially biceps.

bicep workout routine


Dwayne Johnson Back Workout

The Rock has a massive back, and it’s thanks to his amazing workout program. It’s also thanks to the massive amount of steroids he has taken throughout his life and career.

That said, he still lifts like a pro bodybuilder and can actually provide a pretty great back workout for you. 

  • Here are exercises The Rock does to get that massive back!

the rock back workout

Now we can take a look at his bench press, and how he got that massive chest. Also, I bet a lot of people want to know what his bench press max is right?

One funny fact I want to mention, is that The Rock’s trainer is Hany Rambod, the same trainer as Phil Heath, Mr. Olympia. Hany has done some shady shit in his life, here is an example.

Dwayne Johnson Bench Press

Confirmed All Time Best Bench Press Is 425 LBS!!!

  • There are not many pictures out there with The Rock doing the bench press, but there are several articles that talk about this bench press max, and how strong he is.

I am not so sure about that information, and do feel that in his prime, he could have done more. 

the rock bench press


Dwayne Johnson Body

The Rock is a tall good looking dude, that a lot of guys would want to look like that is for sure. He has a muscular body, and he is also tall. Not to mention perfect teeth, millions of dollars, millions of followers, and stunning good looks. 

the rock muscles

However, Dwayne Johnson’s body was built on steroids, just like Arnold’s was, and that is a fact. Just the fact that he was a professional wrestler in the WWF and WWE is an automatic sign that he was on steroids. 

These days not many people care, but the fact these “role models” are keeping a big secret from their fans, is not fair. A teenager will actually go look up The Rock’s workout program and think he can become that. That is the shitty part. 


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