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Eating Eggs For Bodybuilding? The Correct Answer…

Eating Eggs For Bodybuilding Is Not As Bad As You Might Think!

Eating eggs and the question if eggs are good for you and bodybuilding, is a common question. The first mistake people make is that they over analyze every little detail in diet, and neglect the main and most important bodybuilding and nutrition guidelines.

eating eggs for bodybuilding

The best bodybuilding diet you should implement should be high in protein, and low in carbs, if you are naturally looking to gain size, and remain lean. This is twice as important if you are older, simply because metabolism slows down a lot as you age. Carb Cycling is the second very important detail. So it’s surprising that so many people are debating how healthy eggs are for you, and if they should eat them or not. Take a look at this video and how some people agree on eating eggs and disagree.

eating eggs for bodybuilding

Eating Eggs Causes Diabetes?

After watching that, you can decide on your own if you want to eat them or not, but that is not the point here. Eating eggs for bodybuilding should be no different than eating anything else containing fat, or other ingredients. A good piece of steak would contain a good amount of fat, which can in return if eaten enough times, cause a heart attack. The same goes for eating eggs.

eating eggs for bodybuilding

The Correct Answer To Eating Eggs For Bodybuilding

The correct answer is: Nobody knows for sure, but recent studies seem to suggest that eating eggs everyday should be fine, so long as you are in relatively good health already.

Biological science when it comes to food is still in it’s infancy relative to other disciplines (Math, physics). We’ll know a lot more in the next 10-15 years or so.

eating eggs for bodybuilding

Cholesterol Facts For Eating Eggs

There’s only one type of cholesterol. LDL “bad” and HDL “good” cholesterol refer to different transport molecules that move cholesterol and other fats around the human body. An egg can’t have good or bad cholesterol, just a total amount. But because cholesterol is also synthesized by the liver, many other things can affect the LDL and HDL levels of your body, including saturated fat and trans fat intake.

Overall, there’s not much evidence to support the idea that eating eggs every day will result in high cholesterol—but it’s is complicated.


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