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Ed Mylett Has An Amazing Workout And Business!

If you never head of this guy, now you will! He is a beast in the gym, and a beast in business!

Ed Mylett Car

Ed was born on April 27th, 1971 and looks amazing for his age!

If you are looking to find out what kind of workout Ed does, you came to the right place.

You can just look at this guys body, and know he lifts heavy weight!

  • To your surprise, there is no “Ed Mylett Workout Program!”

He does different things all of the time. No one person on earth sticks to the same workout program their whole life.

What he is doing today has nothing to do with you. It’s a totally different body, and totally different goals most likely!

But there is a huge secret about his workout plan!

Ed Mylett quotes

What Is Ed’s Workout Secret?

He has been doing it for 30 years! Yes, that is the BIG SECRET!

  • Did you think you were going to come here and find a chart telling you to do 10 sets of curls and bench press, and magically get big?

Yes, you probably did think you were going to find that here.

That is not the secret to Ed Mylett’s workout nor his life. There is no secret workout plan.

The key is consistency!

  • You can’t do anything over night unfortunately for you.

If Ed was going to give you one piece of advice about working out, it would be to stay consistent and give it time.

Ed Mylett House

You can try all the workouts in the world if you want!

But I bet you there is not one person that has a great physique that will tell you it took them 3 months!

Who Is Ed And What Does Ed Mylett Do?

Ed Mylett at a first glance, just might look like you average gym meathead. Ok I’ll be nice, an average gym jock!

  • Ed Mylett is a big dude, with some pretty large biceps, it doesn’t take long to notice that!


  • That said, he is one of the most influential people in business today hands down.

Ed Mylett gym

If you have never heard of Ed, you should know who he is, and follow him on all social media channels.

There are many things interesting about this guy. The main being his level of self awareness!

Currently, he is a motivational speaker, a life coach, and just a role model to a lot of people who are trying to become more successful in life as a whole.

ed mylett

Ed Mylett Bio And Pretty Interesting Life Story

As a young guy, he was always the star athlete.

  • He ended up being an All-American baseball player in Division 1 Athletics.

His baseball career was cut short due to an injury, but Ed also feels that he just wasn’t good enough to play pro.

Because of that he had to take a different road in life.

Ed Mylett Plane

  • What makes Ed really special, is that he has the body of a professional bodybuilder, but on the other hand, he is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Why is that special?

It’s special because most people are usually good at one thing.

  • You never really see a motivational speaker with with type of muscle.

You never see a bodybuilder with hundreds of millions of dollars.

People are usually driven by a certain thing, and that is what they focus on for their entire life.

What makes Ed Mylett very unique, is that he is absolutely amazing at many different things.

Ed Mylett quote

  • It’s easy to spend your whole day working on your biceps and eating your meals, but try do that while running 20 businesses, traveling the world, speaking at events, and having a family.

That is not that easy anymore.

Ed Mylett is truly someone that extremely rare drive, and also compassion for people he is helping.


As you know, my biggest goal is to serve you. I dedicate every day to trying to help as many people as I can.

“When I get on a stage I try to speak to each individual person in the crowd. I try to reach out to every member of the audience and truly help them. I want them to take action and leave with the tools they need to change their life. I’ve been fortunate enough to become friends with an amazing speaker that is of the same mindset” – Ed Mylett.

Ed Mylett Boat

If you haven’t heard of Ed before, you’ve been missing out.

How Did Ed Mylett Make His Money

Ed makes money in many different ways today, but lets be honest, he is one of the top dogs at the top of the food chain at WFG (World Financial Group).

  • WFG is a multi level marketing firm that sells life insurance (for the most part).

He joined many years ago (1992), and has climbed the ranks to eventually serve as Executive Vice President and also be on the Board Of Directors.

Ed Mylett WFG

World Financial Group sells life insurance. The company recruits people to sell the insurance, but that comes with a cost.

They must pay an application fee, and then also pay thousands of dollars for training.

  • This is how the company mainly makes their money, not by selling life insurance.

The people that are now fully licensed to sell the insurance, are actually tasked to recruit more people to sell as well.

With each person that joins the company, the person who recruited that individual gets a cut from the fees that person pays for training.

Ed Mylett motivation

I guess you could say it’s a pyramid model.

  • You are looked at as “helping people” by selling a product which will make sure your family is ok in case of death.

But as I said, it’s not the real product WFG sells, it’s recruitment.

Ed Mylett Forbes Net Worth

This guy today has a net worth of about $400M. Not bad for an ex baseball player who never made it to the Big Leagues!

If you follow him on Instagram, you have probably seen this little house he has on the lake. No big deal.

Ed Mylett House

Ed’s net worth has come from years and years of working hard. There is no discussion about that.

  • But I do have to say that his money and net worth might be at risk do to the fact that his company WFG is not doing as well as it used to.

I honestly think this is why he is investing so much on social media and doing what he’s doing today.

  • The times are changing, and he is moving with the flow. It’s exactly what he needs to do in order to grow, or even just maintain his net worth.

I mean, boats like this are not free right?

Ed Mylett Boat

Ed currently coaches many celebrities and pro athletes. He is a performance coach, not a motivator.

  • Motivation only lasts so long, and people who don’t understand that never make it.

He has gotten to where he is today by doing many different things that successful people do.

Ed Mylett Morning Routine

If you have heard Ed talk about his morning routine, you might have heard something like this.

  • Stay away from your phone for the first 45 min
  • Take a cold shower or jump in cold water
  • Listen to something positive
  • Get a good workout in, move your body

All of those are great, but I doubt he does that during his morning routine every single day.

Ed Mylett motivation

I say that because there is no specific morning routine that is going to change your life.

  • You can do anything that is positive, and it will work. There is no magic routine!

Personally, I don’t want to have a morning routine where I jump in cold water. It’s too damn cold!

They key is, don’t wake up and start watching the news immediately, or go grab you caffeine that you desperately need to get going.

  • Do something positive for yourself each morning that you enjoy, and that is good for you.

That is a great morning habit that will do you a lot of good.

Ed Mylett quote

How Tall Is Ed Mylett, Height And Weight

Ed Mylett is about 5 foot 9 inches tall, and probably weights about 210 pounds.

The guy is stalky, and is definitely not shooting for the skinny supermodel look!

Not trying to be mean and say anything about how tall Ed Mylett is, but I think he wishes he was taller!

  • If you take a closer look at his Youtube videos, you can notice him wearing high platform shoes.

These are basically sneakers that make you look taller. Check it out…

Ed Mylett Height

Ed Mylett Motivation

  • Ed Mylett is not trying to motivate you. Why? Because motivation only lasts for a very short amount of time.

Ed wants to show you what is possible in life if you do only one thing. Are you ready?


That is the bottom line of everything Ed Mylett is trying to teach you.

  • You actually have to do something in order to reach your goals.

You have to wake up, have a positive morning routine, and then a full day of taking action on what contributes to your goals.

Ed Mylett inspiration

Anything that does not contribute to your goals, you should not do!

  • What is the point of eating cake every day if you are trying to be fit?

So why would you spend money you don’t have if you are trying to get rich?

Life is very simple. If you are consistent with hard work towards your dreams and goals, that is how you will achieve them.

You need to work on yourself constantly. The world is changing on a daily basis, why shouldn’t you change?

  • Either you are changing or you are dying, there is no middle ground.

You should follow Ed on social media and other channels, and get to work!



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