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Instagram Supermodel breaks down about her social media addiction!

Essena O’Neil is a 19 year old supermodel who has just had enough with social media!

If you want to feel bad for her, we at Muscle Roast would say DON’T. Why? Because she is just a girl who put some pictures up on Instagram, and next thing you know she is crying to the world about how she is addicted to comments. WTF is that? What do you expect? Instagram and other social media is fake as hell anyway, and if you don’t know that you are late to the game and live under a rock. Her crying on this video, is like robbing a bank, and then crying because you go to jail. It does however, shed some light on how others might really feel behind the scenes of social media, and behind the filters of portraying an amazing life, that really does not exist. We are all human…

The bronzed teen had over 574,000 Instagram followers, more than 250,000 subscribers on YouTube and around 60,000 dedicated Snapchat contacts when she announced that she was giving up her life as a ‘social media celebrity’.
Essena has since deleted around 2,000 photos from her social media accounts, amending the captions on her remaining images to reflect the ‘truth’ behind the snapshot in a bid to ‘expose the harsh and often humorous reality behind the instafamous culture.’
Her candid captions have revealed details about how much she was paid for promotional posts, how much make up she was wearing and how many failed attempts she made before capturing a photo worthy of posting.
She said she hopes to initiate a movement where an individual’s worth is not determined by their physical attributes or social media influence, giving people the opportunity to be free, grow, learn and explore while challenging their own beliefs.

If this chick is crying over half a million followers, people with millions of followers should killed themselves? If this girl claims “fame” with half of million followers, she should check out other accounts, she’s actually not that popular LOL. Good luck babe.