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4 Bodybuilders That Claim They Are Natural, Have Been Exposed! How Can You Tell?

fake natural bodybuilder

Who are these guys kidding? Well to the untrained eye, it’s easy to mistake a complete juice head for a natural lifter.

Take a look at these guys and see who you think can easily be mistaken for being natural? They all actually can, but it is an ABSOLUTE FACT, that these guys are sticking a needle in their ass every chance they get. Believe that homeboy.

After you’ve been working out for a long time, you can usually make out who’s on the juice and who’s natural. Although, there are certain things that you can certainly see and understand that the person is on steroids.

  1. Extreme shredded physique – While natural, you can gain a decent amount of muscle but you’ll never exceed your genetic potential. Skinny guys won’t put on too much muscle and heavy guys won’t lose all the fat to be bone shredded. The extreme shredded physiques where you can see just the skin on top of the muscles indicates use of deuretics, fat burners such as clentbuterol etc.
  2. Round 3D shoulders – You can have round shoulders but steroid users will have that sharp round shoulder look.
  3. Granularity – This is one thing that I can see and know for sure that the person is on the juice. Training for a long amount of time, you can have an amazing physique upto a point that people confuse you with steroid users but you’ll never be able to have that grainy, dry look as a steroid user. The level of detail and separation is just too much.
  4. Fat Free Mass index – Many fake nattys(Naturals) have often expressed that since they’ve been working for so many number of years, they are able to achieve the physique they have. This is not true. There is a genetic limit to the amount of muscle a person can achieve. A FFMI of 25 is considered as the upper limit to what a natural lifter can achieve. For e.g. Kali Muscle has a FFMI of 29.


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