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THIS IS WHY You CAN Gain Weight From Protein!

fat from protein

Can you gain weight from protein?

You can definitely get fat from protein! You think you can just walk around eating steaks, whole eggs, or even drinking protein shakes, you are wrong!

eating protein

As weird as it sounds, protein works very similar to carbohydrates. If you don’t use it, or your body doesn’t absorb it, it will turn into fat.

This is a much slower process since protein needs to change several forms before it turns to fat, unlike carbohydrates.

Does protein make you gain weight?

  • Your body can absorb a certain amount of protein per hour. This also has to do with your genetics and muscle size.

eating protein

For example, a big NFL player might be able to eat 2 steaks, and you can only eat one without having access protein.

“This happens because the genetic makeup of this “big guys” body is different than yours.”

All people do not have the same amount of protein receptors on our cells, in our bodies. This is why some people are bigger, and others are smaller.

Other factors come into play, but this is a major reason. Each one of your cells may have 3 protein receptors, and someone else might have 10 per cell.

fat from protein

Can you gain weight by eating too much protein?

  • Now that you know you can get fat from protein, what do you do? Well honestly, the chances of you eating too much protein and getting fat from it, are very low.

Can the body turn protein into fat?

You would really have to eat like a true bodybuilder, and also be someone that doesn’t stick a needle in their ass (take steroids).

protein make you fat

This is considering, you are only eating protein, that is what we are talking about here.

If you eat other things in excess along with the protein, you will get fat quickly.

Remember that steak, eggs, and several other foods contain a lot of fat. So eating a hamburger without the bun, is also not “pure protein.”

“So if you eat only protein, your chances of getting fat are VERY small. If you have already exceeded your daily recommended caloric intake, pretty much anything over that will make you fat. Even healthy protein!”

drinking protein shake

You should limit your diet to medium to low carbs, and have the major portion of every meal be protein and vegetables.


Also, if you are drinking several protein shakes a day, it could be good for muscle, but that also comes with side effects.

  • You will retain water from the chemicals in the protein powder, and it will be hard on your liver. Protein is the hardest thing for your liver to digest.

eating too much protein

Your body has to work really hard to process it. So don’t act like a freak and take down half a protein jug a day.

“Trust me, eating 100 grams per day and 500 grams wont make a big difference, it will only make you fatter if you are a natural, non needle sticking athlete.”

fat from protein

The bottom line is, too much of anything is good for you. That is all you need to know when you are thinking about consuming too much protein. Or anything else for that matter!

  • Steroids can probably be managed to an extent if you don’t take a lot, but you can find out at your own risk, I’ll pass.

Too many apples can be bad for you (too many carbs and sugar if you eat a 100). Moderation is key, and you can get fat from protein if you consume too much. This is just advice, do whatever the hell you want.



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