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5 Fitness Youtuber’s You Should NOT Be WATCHING!

nikki blackketter

Fitness Youtubers Are Getting Pretty Stupid These Days!

Fitness Youtubers are all over the place today. I guess you can say anyone with a phone today that works out, considers themselves a guru in the fitness industry. Today we will list people that suck and provide close to zero value to the fitness world. We only say this because they don’t even look that good. Why would you listen to a fat personal trainer right? The same thing goes for listening to a Youtube fitness coach when they don’t even look close to what you want to look like. Here are 5 Fitness Youtubers you should not be watching.


Here is Bart Kwan, he is the dude on the LEFT of course. That is not his best picture, but we don’t want to go by his best picture for a reason. If you Google any of Bart’s pictures, he is not in the best shape most of the time. Also, he has not been into bodybuilding or fitness his whole life. What he is doing today, is using his audience that he got from other Youtube channels to push his fitness channel.

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To give Bart some credit, he has been in fitness for a while, powerlifting to be exact, and does not seem to be on steroids. That is a good thing. He also opened up a gym called Barbell Brigade in Los Angeles if you want to check it out. So why should you not listen to him? Because what he says is the same shit as everyone else and there is nothing you could learn from the guy, other than stop eating like a pig and you won’t be fat like him.


This dude started a Youtube fitness channel before he even started working out. How Omar Isuf got so many followers, that is still a unsolved mystery. There is no way in hell this guy should have any following with the advice he gives, and also just by the way he looks. Omar is a beginner level “fitness personality” that really has no business telling people, especially experienced people, what to do and how to eat.

omar isuf

That is him in the middle, and to his left is actually Bart, our 1st Youtuber you should stay away from lol. Nothing against Omar at all and his fitness youtube channel. The only reason you should skip this guy, is because knowledge with out milage is worthless, and this guy started giving advice as soon as he started working out. There is a slight chance he is getting on the juice these days as well and shooting up some steroids up his ass crack. Take a look at a couple of his fitness videos and decide for yourself.


Bryce is a natural powerlifter, and I am Santa Clause. Bryce Lewis is also an online coach and founder of a stupid online program called The Strength Athlete that I guess is supposed to make you stronger. To us, it seems that Bryce has a little tiny dick and is trying to compensate by powerlifting and calling himself natural.


The guy is good to watch if your goal is to lift a house. Since that is not many peoples goal, you should not subscribe to his channel, and maybe even consider blocking him 🙂 He is only 36K followers strong today, which is not that much considering he’s been doing this for a long time.


Alright let’s face it, this is a man in a female body. Most of her following is females, and some men, but the question is, why is anyone following her? Dana Linn Bailey is the top fitness personality, the most popular fitness female, and also the most successful current female fitness competitor. That said, she is also on some major steroids. We won’t get mean and talk about female body parts of hers, but the facts are, she looks like a man, and when you look like a man, you my friend are on steroids. Also, if you are competing at the Olympia, or just making money with your physique, you are most likely on steroids. If she is one of your favorite fitness Youtubers, just know that.



Well, we can throw you a curveball here and say that you should follow her, she is pretty hot in fact. As far as fitness in concerned, Nikki Blackketter is an NPC bikini competitor, and also an online coach. Nikki also happens to be the girlfriend of another fitness Youtuber, Christian Guzman. Now the question is, how the hell in the world is a girl that was born with good genetics, and does nothing but diet for two weeks, become a fitness guru? I am not hating on her, just saying, she is just another chick who knows she looks good, and people just want to see her ass and care less about the advice she is giving. That’s what fitness has come down to, asses and more asses and that is it. Steroids and asses all over the place, and who knows where it’s going. If you are looking to get in shape and look like Nikki Blackketter, she is the last person on earth you should seek advice from. If that doesn’t make sense to you, trust me, it’s the truth. But again, she does look good lol…

nikki blackketter



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