Who Is Florian Munteanu’s SECRET? 

Florian Munteanu is taking the world by storm after premiering in the movie Creed 2.

You know, the sorry ass new Rocky movie?

  • Let’s take a look at Florian’s bio, workout program, diet, and girlfriend / dating life. Pretty interesting stuff!

Florian Munteanu

He was originally born in Germany, but his nationality is Romanian.

  • Florian is a boxer, an actor, and soon to be a very big star on the big screen!

Yes, playing a big goon, Ivan Drago’s son that wants to crush Apollo Creed’s son!

“One of the main reasons Florian got into boxing, and fitness in general, is because of his father.”

He’s father was a boxer, and encouraged his son to start knocking heads at an early age.

Florian Munteanu

Standing at 6’4 and 245 pounds in weight doesn’t hurt either!

Florian Munteanu Gets Discovered For Creed!

First of all, Florian got a lot of recognition by being a big guy on the fitness and boxing scene.

  • If you can imagine, Romanian people are not known for having freaky genetics.

Florian as I mentioned, carried the height of 6 foot 4 inches, and over time started getting heavier in weight as well. This is something that caused some attention.

Florian Munteanu workout

The directors for the movie Creed were looking at some foreign boxers trying to find a good fit for this role.

When they saw Florian, through an agency, they were immediately interested.

  • He was a really big guy that also acted on the side and was in amazing shape to begin with!

Florian auditioned for the part in person, and not too long after was awarded the part!

“When I went to audition, I was so nervous, that I actually pooped my pants a little bit. Romania is a country where becoming a Borat is only a dream for everyone, but it actually happened to me”

Florian Munteanu

Florian Munteanu Boxing Career / Record

This guy currently holds a boxing record of 0 wins and 9,000 losses.

He has only had 9,000 fights in his career up to this age, and has successfully managed to lose all of his fights.

This is mainly because he is not a good boxer.

“I plan to have a lot more fights in the future, unless my Hollywood career takes off!”

Florian Munteanu started his  boxing career by usually trying to fight people that were much smaller than him.

Florian Manteanu

He thought this was a good strategy to rise through the ranks, and challenge the title belt.

This also never happened because Florian could not win a single fight, not even in the movie Creed 2!

Florian Munteanu Workout

To get in amazing shape, Florian really likes to focus on his diet as the first step of getting an amazing physique.

  • His breakfast usually consists of a double cheese Romanian pizza, but if he is United States, he goes for Dominos pizza.

Florian Manteanu diet

That would be his low carb day, when he is trying to get in shape for a movie.

  • The rest of his meals usually consist of ice cream, double bacon cheeseburgers, and deep fried corn dogs.

That is the diet that he found works the best for hime, especially during his tough training sessions.

Florian Munteanu diet

Florians diet plan is 90% pizza. His love for pizza started at a very early age when he had nothing else to eat in Romania.

  • He’s parents kept on feeding him pizza every single day, especially his dad after training.

It is obvious that pizza has everything you need to supplement your needs post workout.

Especially because it’s a high protein and low calorie.

florian munteanu diet

Florian Munteanu Shoulder Workout

If you haven’t noticed, Florian has massive shoulders.

“This is all due to his amazing shoulder workout! He says that he works out on his shoulders every single day, and sometimes at night as well.”

Here are some exercises he does for those massive pumpkins!

  • Shoulder lateral raises – every day, 100 sets with 1,500 lbs dumbbells
  • Shoulder press – every day, 50 sets with 750 lbs on each side of the bar

florian munteanu workout

Doing that shoulder workout will definitely get you some amazing results if you are looking to gain muscle and become a movie star like Florian!

Florian Munteanu Chest Workout

In order to get his chest jacked, Florian likes to get his friends to punch him in the chest every single morning he wakes up.

In Romania, every one of his close friends live in a village very close to him, so they have no issue coming over very early in the morning. 

florian munteanu boxing

  • Once they get to his house at the butt crack of dawn, his chest workout begins!

Everybody lines up in front of the door to his house, where Florian stands, and they take turns punching him in the chest, one by one!

“This is great way for my Romanian friends to get their jealousy out, since I am a star. It is also a great way for me to tear muscle fibers in my chest, and get bigger!”

Florian Munteanu Back Workout

florian munteanu workout

In order to get a massive back, Florian does a special workout that was recommended to him by Sylvester Stallone.

The warm up begins with 1 pull up. Once he is really warmed up and pumped up, he only does one restricted pull up, followed by an immediate protein shake.

  • Florian has done this type of workout since he was 3 years old and it has worked for him.

In order to get a massive back like this guy, you HAVE TO do one pull up every single day of your life. 

“This back workout has had such amazing results, that Florian is actually considering getting his IFBB pro card.”

Florian Munteanu Creed 2

Cardio Workout

Florian surprisingly does not do any cardio, as an actor nor as a boxer. He was always shredded as far as he could remember. 

  • What is the point of cardio, when you are already shredded?

He mentions that he has tried running before, but it didn’t workout out because of his chicken legs.

His upper body is way to massive for his little legs to support it, so it makes doing cardio impossible for Florian.

Florian Munteanu Creed 2

What Supplements Does He Use?

I am going to take a shot in the dark and say that his favorite supplement is Winstrol! Only because he is massive and shredded.

I also assume he takes creatine, protein, and eats a ton of junk food. It is easy for him to eat junk food, because steroids burn off all the fat he might gain.

  • After all, the supplements that are legal do not do much for him. Human growth hormone, winstrol, and other steroids probably do the trick for this guy.

Florian Munteanu

Keep in mind, at his height of 6 ft 4 inches, to have that size is very difficult unless you are a genetic freak. 

Typically, genetic freaks are not WHITE PEOPLE! That is just the truth.

Florian Munteanu Instagram

This guy is getting a pretty good Instagram (Big Nasty) following up to now. What do you expect after being a over night celebrity starring in a Hollywood blockbuster?

  • I imagine that he will only get bigger and bigger as far as his following is concerned over time.

Florian Munteanu Instagram

Hollywood is always looking for young new talent, and for the new ARNOLD!

And let’s face it, Calum Von Moger is not the guy to be the next action hero!

Florian Munteanu Girlfriend

This big stack of brinks has dated everyone from Paris Hilton to Kim Kardashian.

As you see below, they were caught in a very rare photograph together.

florian munteanu girlfriend

  • Florians girlfriend was not always Kim Kardashian.

He has dated many women around Hollywood such as Stormy Daniels and Pamela Anderson.

“I know I am young and should not be dating so many chicks, but I really do have to take advantage of this while it lasts, and hook up as much as possible!”

Florian Munteanu girlfriend

If you are wondering what it’s like to be like this guy, it’s pretty damn good!

He is only 27 years old, with a net worth over a $1M dollars, and is only going to become a bigger star. Unless of course, he doesn’t!

“Many guys like Florian have come and gone before people even notice that they were here. Yes, I am speaking about one hit wonders!”

It takes a lot to make it in show business and Hollywood. I am not saying this guy can’t make it, I am just saying I won’t be surprised if he doesn’t. 

  • The reason Arnold made it to the big screen and stayed there, is because he had charisma, and was also one of the only people on earth with that kind of body.

In today’s world, big guys are a dime a dozen.

Unless this guy puts in significant effort into becoming a good actor, his roles will most likely be limited to being a dumb big guy in every movie, if any.


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