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Bodybuilder claims “food poisoning” in order to get money he spent on a romantic vacation!

food poisoning

Bodybuilder who claimed compensation for ‘food poisoning on Turkish vacation, was caught by photos he posted drinking beer and eating on Facebook!

A tourist’s attempt to claim compensation for food poisoning while on holiday unravelled after Facebook pictures showed him enjoying meals on his break to Turkey. Bodybuilder Leon Roberts lodged a claim alleging that he had been struck down by illness and spent more than two weeks unable to go out. But an album of 79 pictures posted on the social network painted a vastly different picture, as he was seen tucking into steaks and sushi.

Bodybuilder Leon Roberts' compensation claim for food poisoning while on holiday also unravelled after Facebook pictures showing him enjoying meals on his break to Turkey 

Bodybuilder Leon Roberts was pictured giving a thumbs up as he tucked into his meal while on vacation in Turkey. We still don’t know if the chick in the picture is his girlfriend, or “girlfriend”. I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger…you know the rest.

A large proportion of the photos in the Facebook album showed Roberts with plates of food, despite claiming he was taken ill just two days into his holiday

Another of the 79 images posted in a Facebook album showed the 38-year-old smiling while holding a bowl of icecream

Roberts, from Derbyshire, demanded compensation from travel firm Thomson and the hotel he stayed at

The 38-year-old demanded compensation from travel firm Thomson and the hotel.

But Roberts, from Alvaston, Derbyshire, later said he was willing to drop the claim. ‘I was ill on vacation but I’m willing to drop the claim as I’m currently in a dispute with my ex-partner and I don’t want the extra stress of it all.’

Bosses at TUI, Thomson’s parent company, told The Sun they were concerned about ‘unprecedented’ numbers of claims, with many turning out to be fraudulent.

When approached for comment outside his home earlier today, Roberts said he had been ‘advised’ not to talk about the matter further.

Plates of sushi were shown in the Facebook album which appears to disprove the claim that Roberts was ill for most of his break

A picture posted on Facebook shows a state and glasses of alcohol taken during the holiday in Turkey

The couple were pictured enjoying themselves in the sea, but a compensation claim alleged Roberts fell ill after just two days

He appeared to have a healthy appetite in images posted on Facebook, despite later claiming to have been ill for most of the holiday


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