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Game of Thrones WORKOUT Is Finally REVEALED!

game thrones characters

Look like your favorite Game of Thrones Characters with these simple exercise circuits!

Winter is coming, so get your Game Of Thrones Workout ON!

To the loyal fan base of perhaps the greatest television phenomena of our generation this phrase means one thing!

  • Game of Thrones is returning to our televisions!

game of thrones workout

Whether you watch the show for the riveting story lines, raw display of violence, gratuitous sex scenes or simply because you have don’t want to have FOMO!

There is one thing all fans can agree upon; the residents of Westeros and Essos are in serious shape.

game of thrones characters

Now I know what you are thinking…

“How is it possible for me to ever look that good, I don’t swing swords nor do I really have the desire to get important limbs removed by sharp metal objects.”

Fear not! My in-depth character analysis will identify the defining physical traits that make these characters’ so deadly. But also how you can replicate their regiments from the safety of your gym!

The returned from the dead, bastard Jon Snow!

jon now workout

Regardless of your feelings towards the man there is no denying two basic facts.

He is both handsome and shredded!

The first part is unfortunately out of your control, but there is plenty you can do about the second.

  • The thing about Jon is this, he won’t wow you with any one particular skill, but rather it’s his all around work ethic that turns him into such an elite fighter.

john snow abs

Jon’s weapon of chose is the aptly named bastard sword, which takes a serious heaping of muscle to wield effectively without instantly tiring out.

  • Jon isn’t afraid to get gritty as well, as shown through his bare-knuckle beat down of Ramsey.

A workout routine that gets you into Jon Snow shape is an all around muscle building regiment that requires a no-quit attitude.

game of thrones workout

It is unlikely that you are going to be putting in long hours sparring in the Night Watch practice yard!

  • It is important to replicate the high-intensity environment while also putting on muscle.

This means a more CrossFit geared workout that tires you out until you are never able to smile again.

Example Jon Snow Exercise Circuit:

  • 10 Barbell Front Squats
  • 10 Barbell Shoulder Presses
  • 10 Burpees
  • 10 Kettlebell Swings
  • 10 Frowns

Grey Worm!

game of thrones workout

Some might see the clipping of Grey Worms’ clackers as a disadvantage, as this prevents him from utilizing his main testosterone factory.

Grey Worm certainly doesn’t seem to be suffering.

  • The man is quick, versatile, efficient, and solid.

He is not likely to beat you down with a mace or axe, but no one can deny the man is good with a spear!

As he constantly surmounts overwhelming odds in his quest to protect the Mother of Dragon’s interests.

grey worm workout

How do you replicate Grey Worms skill set?

With the basics of course!

  • A simple routine relying heavily on body weight exercises will ensure that you are maintaining your speed while still being able to pack some power.

And remember, slaves aren’t afforded long rest periods so no slacking off!

  • Example Grey Worm Exercise Circuit:
  • Pushups until failure
  • Wide Grip Pulls Ups until failure
  • 1 Minute Plank
  • 1 Minute Wall Sit
  • Say Khaleesi 10 times slowly to rest

game thrones characters

Daario Naharis

game thrones characters

The man who claims to have bedded as many women as Magic Johnson excels at killing and fucking.

It is the manner in which he does his killing that is worth examining (if you are interested in the manner in which he does his fucking you are on the wrong website).

game of thrones workout

  • The simplest way to define Daario’s fighting style is to take a look at his duel with the Champion of Meereen.

Here Daario shows his effectiveness with his two weapons of choice, the stiletto and the akarh.

The stiletto he throws for a perfect dome-shot of a moving horse, the akarh he uses for the butcher work.

“Unfortunately it is very unlikely that you are going to develop a core worthy of Danearys’ sexual interest through the Daario method (fucking 1,000 women and killing 100’s of men) but that does not mean you are completely out of luck.”

daario workout

A workout routine that gets you into Daario shape is heavy on abdominal exercises and hamstrings for the banging!

Triceps for stiletto chucking, and chest for akarh swinging.

  • Example Daario Exercise Circuit:
  • 1 Minute 6-inches abdominal hold
  • Cable Rope Overhead Single-Arm Tricep Extension-10 reps each arm
  • High Cable Chest Fly- 10 reps
  • TRX Hamstring Curls-10 reps

Gregor Clegane (the Mountain)!

game of thrones characters

Simple statements serve best when describing the Human Zombie heap of mass that is Gregor Clegane.

He is huge. He is strong. He is surprisingly quick.

  • He uses a long sword with one hand. He wears enough Gold Plate to fix the national debt. He crushes skulls with his bare hands.

You will never be The Mountain, but that should not stop you from trying to replicate his body type.

He is a power-lifters wet dream. In fact, the actor that plays him is a World Record breaking power lifter.

“Becoming The Mountain has a simple formula, lift extraordinarily heavy weights and eat extraordinary quantities of food. So to mirror his body-type, a routine heavily laden with power lifts is recommended.”

  • Example The Mountain Exercise Circuit:
  • Heavy Barbell Back Squats for 4 reps
  • Heavy Barbell Deadlifts for 4 reps
  • Heavy Bench Press for 4 reps
  • Heavy Dumbell Rows for 4 reps each arm
  • Eat everything in sight

Samwell Tarly!

game of thrones workout

I know what you are thinking. It may seem unlikely that anyone would want to replicate Samwell Tarly’s unappealing physique.

But upon closer examination he does seem to have a lot going for him.

  • Sam fucks, which is certainly more then I can claim to be doing.

He also killed a White Walker. So don’t be so quick to write him off, he obviously is doing something right.

If you wish to emulate the only man to ever gain weight in the Night’s Watch your task in not an easy one.

  • First off, you must never exercise; this includes trying to cut down on your average steps a day. Secondly, you must choose your food wisely.

No fruits or veggies, and you can kiss all organic food goodbye.

  • You are only eating fast food from now on, with a large soda or milkshake to ensure the bare minimum of hydration to function.

If you can follow these two main principles then you are well on your way to potentially duplicating his prodigious pudge belly.

Example Sam Exercise Circuit

  • Eat a Big Mac
  • Eat a Baconator
  • Eat a Whooper
  • Drink a Frosty
  • Read a Dictionary
  • Stutter when Spoken too



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