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Gay Athletes Who YOU DIDN’T KNOW Were GAY!

Gay Athletes

Gay Athletes In Sports Are Coming Out Every Day!

Gay athletes are coming forward and coming out of the closet more frequently than ever.

  • Homosexual olympic athletes, gay NBA athletes, and gay NFL athletes are all over the place.

gay atheletes

But there are many more Division 1 and professional gay athletes that swing the other way, than you may think.

  • Let’s take a look at some athletes who recently came out of the closet and told the world they are the lucky charm at the end of the rainbow.

NBA Gay Athlete Blake Griffin

Yes, you heard it correct, Blake Griffin might be a gay athlete.

As you can see below, he is forcing his trainer to give him some action, at which point his trainer pulls away, and screams…

“Not Again Blake!”

gay nba player

Many players have been caught making out on the court, but never got any attention because they always make it seem like an accident.

Kiss after kiss, we are starting to think that these kisses are intentional and not accidental.

If you think about it, players from opposing teams only see each other 2 times a year, and they want to take advantage of that.

  • Their time on the court is the only time they have together, so they need to make the best of it.

gay nba players

Baron Davis is a gay NBA athlete

If you don’t know who Baron Davis is, he is a gay NBA player, who was caught on camera being gay.

  • Due to the picture below, we have come to the conclusion, that Baron Davis is gay.

We all know that pictures do not lie, and because we do have a picture of this NBA player being gay, we are certain he is.

Barron Davis

Gay NFL Players Colin Kaepernick And Cam Newton Came Forward

Colin Kaepernick did not get black balled from the NFL.

He black balled himself because he couldn’t play against Cam Newton.

Not even on the same team as him, without giving away their secret, that they are a couple.

  • Since Michael Sam is the first NFL gay athlete to come forward, Colin and Cam said screw it and wanted to tell the world.

They wanted to tell everyone that sometimes, they play pocket pool with each other.

Kaepernick Cam Newton

These two guys are not the only gay NFL players out there, they are just some of the very few that actually ever came out.

Football players have always expressed how they are publicly.

  • But we as viewers have just chosen to ignore them despite obvious signs they provided to the public.

As you see below, they show us how they really feel about each other, but we are just in denial.

gay athletes nfl

Every Wrestler Is Gay

Every wrestler that is currently wrestling or has ever wrestled, has come out of the closet and said they are gay.

These are huge breaking news!

I bet you always wondered how these guys can grab each others balls for hours a day if they are not gay?

  • It turns out, that every single wrestler on earth is gay!

It is the first gay sport since the beginning of all sports!

People are very happy that they can come to wrestling in open arms today and not have to hide their sexuality.

  • They can grab balls and ass in peace finally!

gay athletes wrestling

Foot Ferries, Also Known As Soccer Players Are Coming Out!

Gay soccer players were always called foot ferries.

Soccer was always considered a gay sport, at least in the United States.

Last week, we caught two gay soccer players who lost their mind and could not hold back their boners.

  • They made a public scene. This looks pretty intense if you ask me…

gay soccer players

Things have gotten out of hand in soccer.

Now from time to time, players are getting naked on the field and soliciting sex in the middle of the games.

Showing your ass on the field, and seeing who reacts to it, is a great way to find out who else is gay.

  • This is also a great way to know whose number to try and get after the game.

gay soccer player

Surging Gay Baseball Players

That is correct my friends, Americas favorite pass time if full of every republicans worst nightmare, gay people!

Do not adjust your telephone screen or your laptops.

This is real footage from gay baseball players showing their affection for one another in public.

They want to send a message to the people, and that message is…

“hey… sometimes you just get excited and you gotta do what you gotta do!”

gay baseball players

If you are looking for something more graphic, in order to be a believer, we still have you covered!

  • I wish there was some sort of explanation for the picture below.

Also, I wish there was some photoshop done that makes this not true, but there is none of the above.

This is a gay baseball player grabbing another guys dick during a game. Nothing more to it.

gay baseball players

Who Said Gay Swimmers Are Gay?

I hate it when I hear swimmers are gay.

It’s not like a bunch of guys wear speedos, shower together and then kiss and make out in public pools right?

I wish people would just stop the rumors!

gay swimmers

During swimming matches, not once have I ever seen another swimmer touch another swimmer in a way where I would think they are gay.

If something like that happened before, I would understand, but there is no proof that any swimmers every engaged in inappropriate contact.

  • There has not been a single photo of any suspicious affection in the sport of swimming, ever.

gay swimmers

Gay Figure Skating – Truth Revealed

Last but not least, everyone wants to find out if figure skaters are gay.

Well, I have a very easy way to answer that question.

  • Here is an example of a straight guy ice skating, and a gay guy figure skating.

Next time you see one or the other, you will be able to tell.

Straight Guy


gay ice skater

Gay Guy

“I don’t really see a big difference in how these two ice skate!”

gay figure skater


Here Are Some Actual Gay Athletes In Sports

Jason Collins

This guy played in the NBA for a long time, and is one of the only NBA Athletes to ever come out.

  • His jersey number was 98 in memory of a person that was murdered in 1998 with a antigay crime.

Jason Collins was actually to the first publicly gay athlete to ever come out in any pro sport.

A lot of people including the president saluted him, and he also got some additional sponsorships because of it.

Jason was actually a pretty good basketball player as well. He was not a bench riding guy like some others that came out after him.

  • He was a legit ball player that was well known.

Jason Collins

Tom Daley

Tom Daley is a British diver who was very successful. He told the world he was gay, but submitting a Youtube video telling everyone that he has a boyfriend!

I think it was more shocking that his boyfriend was 20 years older than him!

He did mention that he had girlfriends in the past, but something was just not right.

  • This is when he realized he was gay, and decided to start dating men!

Tom Delay boyfriend

Robbie Rogers

Robbie Rogers is a retired soccer player, who decided to call it quits with the sport only at the age of 25!

On top of that, he had a very provoking quote when he came out to the world about being gay!

He said…

“I’m a soccer player, I’m Christian, and I’m gay.”

He later came out of retirement, and went back to playing soccer.

  • Robbie later got married and adopted 2 sons with his now husband.

Robbie Rogers family

Orlando Cruz

Orlando Cruz is a Puerto Rican boxer who was the first boxer ever to come out and say that he is gay!

”I want to try to be the best role model I can be for kids who might look into boxing as a sport and a professional career. I’ve and will always be a proud Puerto Rican, and always will be a proud gay man”.

Cruz was one of the first inductees to the brand new National Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame.

Orlando Cruz Gay

Michael Sam

The first ever gay NFL player to be drafted! You have heard of him and have seen him on the news I bet!

Even President Obama said The NFL were…

“taking an important step forward in our nation’s journey.”

Michael Sam was not that great of a football player, and unfortunately did not make it to the league.

Michael Sam NFL

Ever since him not making it to the NFL, there has been a lot of contraversey around what that happened. Many think it was a prejudice and racist decision by the NFL.



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