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The TOTAL DISASTER Of Generation Iron 2! Movie REVIEW!

Generation Iron 2

Generation Iron 2 Was Pretty Freaking Crappy!

Generation Iron 2, does not even really deserve a movie review, sorry Vlad Yudin!

(Although I did watch it like 50 times because I’m a meathead!)

generation iron 2

It was by far a disappointing movie, and has let down many fans that were long awaiting this movie.

Generation Iron 2 is WAY worse than Generation Iron.

“There is no flow to the movie, there is no point to the movie, and the interviews were also very boring. Lets start with by reviewing some poor souls that were a part of this movie.”

Generation Iron 2 – Hidetada Yamagishi

  • If you don’t know who this guy is, it’s not hard to find him.

He is the fist Japanese bodybuilder, and also appeared in Generation Iron part 1. Here is a picture of this guy, before we get into his role in Generation Iron 2.

Generation Iron 2

Now this freaking guy, was in the first movie, and was portrayed as someone that didn’t even wait for the first 10 callout at the Olympia.

  • He barely spoke english, and also had a wife that he never went to see (can’t blame him).

Basically, not only did he give up his family to live in the USA, he also doesn’t win shit at the Olympia.

I guess the point is, how the hell did this guy agree to be in Generation Iron 2 and be portrayed as an even bigger loser?

generation iron

In Generation Iron 2, she gets absolutely smoked at the Arnold Classic, and once again is a big loser.

It does not take a bodybuilder to realize and see how freaking flat this guy was.

I mean, he was as flat as it gets!

Very surprising that he showed up that, but more surprising that he agreed to have his flat ass be filmed in a very anticipated movie.

generation iron 2

On top of that, there is nothing about where the hell his wife is?

The movie only says that now he is dating Iris Kyle.

  • So Hide is flat on stage, loses again, and he also likes dudes? How can his boyfriend, I mean girlfriend, be bigger than him?

Generation Iron 2

Yes, the girl on the right is a girl. And that is Hide’s girlfriend.

“So I guess the next step in Hide’s career,┬áis to hang himself?”

Jeez Louise did Hide get the short end of the stick in these last two Generation Iron movies. Lord have mercy on his soul.

Generation Iron 2 – Rich Piana

Yes, here it is, the man we love to hate. And from what Rich says, the more haters he has the more money he makes.

So we should not feel bad about hating on Rich “Piano,” the human waling synthol syringe.

  • I guess Generation Iron 2 was the perfect stage for Rich Piana to break the news to the world.

No that he is on steroids, but that he has been taking them for over 25 years, and plans to take human growth hormone for the rest of his life.

  • At the end of the day, not even trying to talk shit, I feel bad for the guy.

He did it to himself, but holy shit, is that dude fucked up on the inside.

I can’t imagine the size of that dude’s internal organs, including the heart, and the tiny pee pee he must have.

But he probably shot that with Synthol also.

Generation Iron 2

Oh Richy Rich, tell the kids again that 5% of the people on earth are willing to do whatever it takes?

I guess he really means “whatever it takes.”

  • Like if he had to kill someone to get his hands on some HGH, so be it.

You gotta do what you gotta do says Richie Piana.

Basically his appearance was a total disappointment in the movie as well. Is there anything else he could have done instead of talk about steroids?

Nah…steroids it is for Richie Piana.

Generation Iron 2 – Calum Von Moger

Does anyone find it weird and creepy that this guy is basically stalking Arnold’s lifestyle?

I sure as hell do.

I mean the guy definitely resembles the size and physical features of Arnold, but it seem a little creepy that Arnold is all he talks about.

  • He moves here from Australia to live where Arnold lived, talk like Arnold talks, and basically live a creepy as life as Arnold’s stunt double.

Generation Iron 2

“I would have to say, that watching this meathead come to the USA and stab himself in the eyeballs with steroids was not the most entertaining thing.”

Generation Iron 2 completely sucked.

At least Generation Iron past 1 had a good cast, showed Kai and Phil’s life story, Branch Warren fell off a horse.

Victor Martinez looked like shit fresh out of jail…there was a story there.

  • This was about some Arnold wanna be who hasn’t even turned pro yet. Boring.

Generation Iron 2

Generation Iron 2 – Kai Greene

Come on Kai! How many times are you going to talk about how ugly you are?

  • I don’t think you are ugly, and I have not seen anyone ever say that you are ugly.

Why do you keep talking about how ugly you are? What about when people say that Kai Greene Is Gay?

You keep talking about your big nose, your lips, and that 8 inch scar on your face.

kai grene generation iron

This is exactly the same thing you talked about in Generation Iron part 1!

What is the issue here man?

  • Obviously a lot if you think about what you do and how you do it.

But you need something else to talk about other than your institutional placement and your scar.

That was in the first movie, and we heard that story. Now you sound like a broken record. I guess that is what the mask is for?

Generation Iron 2

Basically you are scared to compete in the Olympia, you let your fans down, and now you are going to be an actor?

  • Is that what you were trying to say in bits and pieces between talking about your face?

People love you man…stop talking about how ugly you are, it’s just weird, and also repetitive.

Generation Iron 2 – Rich Gaspari

Rich Gaspari, why the hell was he in the movie, and who cares about Rich Gaspari?

He’s supplements suck, especially “Sizeon”, he never won shit, and he’s like 80 years old.

Muscle Roast is going to write to Vlad Yudin to ask him why the hell Rich Gaspari was in this movie?

The Napoleon complex midget that sucked as a bodybuilder and business man made the cut? Ok.

Generation Iron 2 – Ahmad Ashkanani

So lets talk about this guy. You see a yellow Ferrari cruising down the street in the city of Kuwait.

“You are wondering who this will be? Will it be a movie star? Will it be a famous rich person? Then the car stops, and we see a little roided up midget pop out!”

I have never seen this guy before, but he did not look like a person with a good physique.

He looked like a middle eastern Johnnie Jackson.

Ahmad Ashkanani looked like he has major issues, and I’m not talking about his internal organs from the steroids he pops like skittles for breakfast, lunch, dinner!

Look at this dudes face.

This guy was the shitty division Arnold Classic champion, but the most impressive thing about him is that he thinks he actually looks good.

I think the best picture I have ever seen in my life, in bodybuilding in general, is this picture below.

  • I have never seen a bodybuilder that is 3ft 2 inches tall, make it this far in this sport.

I guess if I was that tall, I would stick growth hormone in my eye balls too, and buy a yellow Ferrari.

Take a wild guess, who Ahmad is in this picture!

generation iron 2

Ok, to be fair, he is 4ft 11 inches.

It’s very hard to tell in the movie, so after looking it up, we have to give him some more credit.

In Generation Iron 2, he has a few speaking lines, where he mumbles something, then goes right into doing shrugs with super bad form.

Then rides off in to the sunset with his stolen Ferrari.

Generation Iron 2 – Bader Boodai

So here is a guy straight out of Kuwait, that build a gym for his fellow steroid lickers.

We could not find the picture, but the whole time this guy was being interviewed in Generation Iron 2, he had a big ass stain on his shirt.

Bader Boodai

  • Putting that aside, this guy talks about crazy shit in the movie, that makes no sense.

He said that his team (him specifically) has a lot more confidence in his team, then the USA team has.

When did bodybuilding become a team sport?

What the hell is this guy talking about?

It sounds like he is trying to take the world down with Big Ramy and his little 4’11 mini Ferrari driving monster.

I think he lives in a different world, and just because he has one fat ass bodybuilder Big Ramy, and another little short midget, he thinks he will take over the world!

Bader Boodai

Badar Boodai claims to have the best and most advanced gym in the world, that he personally built in Kuwait.

He has no muscles, and his “team” does not look impressive.

  • It’s a bunch of goons that would get crushed in the Olympia.

Very surprised his mumbo jumbo and theories on bodybuilding world domination with his goons didn’t get cut from the movie.

Generation Iron 2 – Lee Haney

Lee Haney! The one and only! This guy was great in Generation Iron 2, and he is just an all time great period!

I have to say he was the only guy that seemed normal in the movie.

Had some great lines, where he called people like Rich Piano and the rest of these fools “internet loud mouths.”

  • Would have been great to get more of him on camera, instead of Isis Kyle and Hide Yamaballs.

Lee Haney

Unless you are one of the 3 all time greats, there is really no reason for you to state your theories about anything. Just because you have a large social media following.

And that following was only built on the fact that you look like a goon, and people are laughing at you.

There is no reason for people to say anything, unless you are one of the 3 all time greats.

Lee Haney

When you become a star, in the world of bodybuilding, before social media existed, that is when you know, you are the man.

  • In today’s world, everyone with a couple hundred followers is considered a celebrity.

Generation Iron 2 is based on the fact, people who can’t win shit, are now turning to social media in order to be someone.

“Try doing the work, accomplish something other than getting comments on stupid Youtube videos, before you start talking.”

Lee Haney, you are the man!

Generation Iron 2 – Mamdouh Elssbiay

Big Ramy, AKA… “Big Roid Belly”. This fat Dunken Donuts eating, Dairy Queen shake drinking roid licker.

  • What the hell did he say in the movie?

He was asked one question about what he thinks about women in bodybuilding, considering the Middle East is very conservative, and I have no idea what he said LOL! Just can’t understand this dude!

Big Ramy

Big Ramy just smiled with his broke ass bottom row of teeth, said something about his wife, and then made a stupid ass grunt.

  • So it is very surprising this movie didn’t clip his fat ass out as well.

But again, Generation Iron 2 kept a lot of scenes that should have been cut, which is almost all of them.

As a final note, there were a bunch of other people in this movie, but there was no real story here.

It looked like a bunch of Youtube video clips put together, from a bunch of losers that are doing nothing.

It would have been much cooler to have a story flow, basically anything other than what this movie showed.

  • There was no weight lifting, no cool contest prep footage.

There was only Rich Piano talking to his doctor about his cycle, and a bunch of other tools talking about bullshit.


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