Germs At The Gym, The Dirtiest Place On Earth!

The germs at the gym are out of control! Did you know that the gym is one of the dirtiest places on planet earth?

Germs in gym facilities are absolutely out of control!

germs at the gym

“Just think about it. Do people wash their hands before they go use the equipment? I bet in 100% of cases, they don’t. That is exactly why there are so many germs at the gym! I have never seen anyone do it!”

Where Are Germs At The Gym?

  • Touching the elliptical or the bench press, or the dumbbells, would be equivalent to touching a public bathroom doorknob!

It’s also equal to touching public transportation handles, or the bottom of a woman’s purse! That’s what you can expect with germs in gym facilities as well!

germs at the gym

Did you know that the dirtiest thing in a restaurant is a garnish for your drink?

  • A lime, a lemon, or an orange! Why is that? It’s because from the second they are picked in fields, by workers with dirty hands, they are never washed!

From the field, to the truck, to the warehouse, to the restaurant, right into your drink! Yummy!

germs at the gym

Over TWO THIRDS of lemon wedges in restaurants, tested positive for fecal matter! Well that is the same thing when it comes to germs at the gym! What is fecal matter, it is SHIT!

  • There is shit in your drink, sorry to break the news. So what does this mean about the things you are touching at the gym? It means that there is a good chance, there is nasty germs on them.

germs in gym

“Actually I guarantee you there are nasty germs there. The gym equipment is used by hundreds of people on a weekly basis who go to the bathroom, sneeze during their workouts, and do who knows what else.”

germs at the gym

Well you should give a shit. There are endless reasons why you should give a shit.

Check out the reasons why your dirty ass hands are bad for you and others! Bacteria is the cause of most illness, period.

You can get sick, or even worse, a disease. So how do you prevent this? You have two options.

  • Wear weightlifting gloves, they are like $10!
  • Or wash your hands after you work out!

germs in gym

You should help everybody out and wash your hands before you work out, clean up after yourself, and the damn gym staff should sanitize the equipment at the start of each day!

  • Don’t let them tell you they do, I know they don’t!

Germs In Gym Facilities Will Never Go Away!

As I just mentioned, you can expect this to go on forever. Germs in the gym can’t possibly ever go away, even if the equipment is cleaned every single day (which it’s not)! 

germs in gym

  • If the gym is cleaned on the daily basis, you still have a good 12 hours of people touching it throughout the day, and it only takes a few people to make equipment infested with germs.

Your only, and best hope is to sanitize your hands before and after the gym, with that weird foam they have on walls. If everyone did that, the gym would be a much cleaner place.

Of course we all know, that will never happen, since people are just NASTY!



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