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Should I Get A Personal Trainer? I’M A LAZY BASTARD!

Should I Get A Personal Trainer?

If you are reading this post, you are most likely considering getting a personal trainer.

You can’t lose weight, or you just need someone to motivate you to get jacked!

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This also means, that you are probably a lazy bastard that doesn’t work out!

If this is not correct, you probably just want to read something about personal trainers.

  • Since the topic is always interesting, to start things off, I would have to say that YES you should get a personal trainer.

There Are Two Types Of People That Use Personal Trainers

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The first kind, are people who need motivation. They would like for someone to show them different exercises that they can do in the future.

  • If you are someone that would like that, and also needs that, there is nothing wrong with getting a personal trainer.

Just make sure that you are not getting one thinking it’s the magic pill to an amazing body!

Yes, you can stand more to burn calories, but this is not as easy if you have real goals!

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The other kind of people that get a personal trainer are professional bodybuilders and other athletes.

  • The trainers they get have usually been around for decades.

They specialize in either diet, bodybuilding, or a sport where performance is vital.

Benefits Of Getting A Personal Trainer

If you are totally new to working out, get a personal trainer.

The chances are, if you don’t, you will become a fat lazy cheddar cheese cheeto’s eating bastard, who has to sit on a chair to tie their shoes.

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Getting a trainer will educate you, give you some motivation, and you will learn some good exercises.

  • That is only if you are just starting out. For those who have been working out for some time, I would stay away form trainers.

This is because I think they tell you to do random fancy crap that makes no sense and does nothing for you.

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Stupid Exercises Trainers Make You Do!

  • What are all of these stupid ass ball exercises?

The person needs to do basic weight training, increase their heart rate, and then take their ass home to eat anything but carbs.

These ball exercises are beyond stupid, and trainers always use them for some weird reason, and never use them in their own workouts.

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I get that it strengthens your core, but I think I have other things to worry about first, like losing fat and gaining some muscle.

“If you ever plan on entering a balance beam competition, or plan on going for the world record of balancing your self on a ball, then do these stupid pointless exercises.”

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How about doing some damn lunges, or squats, or push ups or pull ups?

  • No, instead of that, we are going to use some rubber bands, because that looks like a fancy thing that is worth $90 an hour!

I mean, it’s better than what you were doing before don’t get me wrong.

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What Kind Of Personal Trainer Should I Get?

There are two types of trainers that you will have to chose from.

  • There is the guy, that is roided up out of his mind, and will be impressive because he has a good body.

I would stay away from that kind of a trainer.

First of all, anyone that is really young, can’t possible have real quality knowledge to share with you.

personal trainer

  • These are the guys that will typically have some wide ass shoulders, and lots of pimples on their back.

When you see them working out, they lift really heavy.

I would hate for you to get shitty advice from someone if you are just starting out.

It’s getting started off on the wrong foot.

  • The other kind of a trainer, will be the really skinny one that looks like he doesn’t even work out.

personal trainer

These are our favorite. It makes no sense right? If you know so much, why don’t you look amazing Mr. Trainer?

Well this goes back to the question, of why steroids are so popular.

  • It’s extremely hard to get an amazing body.

It takes years of work and knowledge, and you simply have to love working out.

I would definitely go with the older skinny trainer, or anyone except the guy that is really young and looks juiced up.

If you are not new to working out, I would not get a personal trainer.

You can find far more information online, Youtube especially.

  • Learn the latest and best information and tips on working out, for free!

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  • Why pay a lot of money to bounce on a ball, or act like you are riding a horse with some damn ropes?

Look up a workout on Youtube, and just go do it.

Drink some coffee, play some music, take short rest periods, and do the damn thing.

Another Thing To Consider About Personal Training

If you need to ask yourself this question, then you probably do.

The process of learning about bodybuilding and fitness and becoming an expert yourself is very long and exhausting.

If your goal is to achieve the maximum results with your body in the shortest time, you should hire a coach.

  • You can do it the old school way, sure, why not?

You can try to go with trial and error type of approach.

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“Learning earning about different techniques and experimenting, can take many years before you actually understand what works best for you!”

Benefits Of Hiring A Trainer

On the other hand, if you hire a personal trainer with a lot of experience, this process will be much shorter!

  • They have seen how different bodies react to different stimulus, and they can tell what is perfect for you.

Obviously way sooner than you can do it yourself.

If you are very meticulous, and you have great instincts for this sport, you can learn it all on your own.

You will get to know your body better than anyone ever could, better than any coach that you could hire!

  • This is actually exactly how people become coaches and trainers.

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They learn in order to improve themselves, and eventually they realize that they can help others.

This is why they charge you money, to save you the time it takes to learn, and to motivate you.

If you want maximum results quickly, hire a trainer. If you want to become an expert yourself, don’t hire one.

Learning Your Own Body And What Works For You

The journey of understanding your own body, is probably the most fun part about this whole thing.

  • Today, most professional bodybuilders have their own personal trainers and nutritionists.

Some of them are very intuitive and simply enjoy exploring and learning the process.

This means not giving all the control to some stranger.

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Personal trainers are not cheap, so better think it through before you decide to take this step.

  • It may be the best choice that you make, but it can also be a very bad decision too.

Does A Personal Trainer Have To Be In Shape?

Some of the best personal trainers in the world are not in shape!

  • How can you trust them to help you if they weren’t able to help themselves?

The thing is, if you want to get better biceps, the worst advice that you can get is from a guy with the best biceps!

This may seem weird, so the question is…why? Simply because this is mainly a matter of genetics.

Everybody can make progress, but only a few will be the best in the world.

dieting discipline

  • It’s the genetics that will make them, or break them.

Do you want a piece of really good advice on how to grow those biceps?

Ask the guy who is known for having bad biceps.

If you are a bodybuilder trying to make your body perfect but your biceps are horrible, what do you do?

  • You give your best and try to improve them of course! You don’t ignore them and in all likeliness, they will forever stay your weakest link.

Coming To Terms With Your Genetics

In this painful and sad process, you will learn a lot of things and realize what actually works and what does not.

funny diet cartoonOn the other hand, if you have the best genetics, you can do whatever the hell you want and your muscles will grow.

If you want to hire a personal trainer, don’t pay too much attention to how they look.

  • They have genetics and limitations just like everyone else.

People with great genetics look great that look great no matter what they do.

Who Are The Best Bodybuilding Trainers In The World?

The best trainers in the world are Chad Nichols, Hany Rambod, Chris Aceto, Dave Palumbo, George Farah, and Neil Hill.

Some of these guys are in decent shape, while some of them are in horrible shape.

hany rambod trainer

Several of them use to be in great shape when they were younger.

  • They don’t have to be in shape, they train the best bodybuilders in the world and get results.

Results always speak for themselves. Does a basketball coach need to be good at basketball?

If you considering a trainer that had no clients before you, then you shouldn’t hire them.

In that case, you would definitely want to examine what they look like physically! How else can you tell?

  • This also doesn’t necessarily mean that they are experts.

It’s just the only thing you can go by if they have not had previous clients you can look at or speak with.

That gets tricky too, since past clients can just have no will power or dedication. It does not have to be the trainers fault!

Why Should I Listen To A Personal Trainer?

If you choose to hire one, you should listen to every single thing he says and not do anything on your own.

diet plan fat bastard

You have two options.

1. Hire a personal trainer and listen to them.

2. Don’t hire a trainer and do everything yourself.

When a trainer tells you to do something, there is usually a good reason for it.

If your trainer tells you to go do a certain workout, you should always do what he says, and nothing more.

Just because you might not be tired, does not mean that you should do more!

  • Doing more might be counterproductive for the workout he has planned for you the following day.

Does that make sense?

“You should also be reporting to your trainer how you feel, and how your diet is going at all times.”

eating junk food

It’s the best way for him/her to know exactly where you stand, and what needs to be adjusted.

Also please make sure that your trainer is more knowledgable than you! What is the point of paying somebody if you know more than them?

You want to pay someone to teach you and make you better, not to tell you something you already know.

Are Personal Trainers Expensive?

If they are not expensive, they are probably not worth hiring.

This depends on many factors.

Some personal trainers will give you instructions online and never meet you in person. Others will do things differently.

  • There are personal trainers that will not accept any clients that they cannot train in person.

If we talk about your average personal trainer from the local gym, they shouldn’t be more expensive than $90 per hour.

expensive personal trainer

Those are prices at some expensive gyms in expensive cities.

If we start talking about celebrity trainers, that is a different story and stupid expensive.

Bodybuilding Coaches Are Expensive!

Hany Rambod is the trainer of former champions Jay Cutler, Phil Heath, Jeremy Buendia, and many other professional bodybuilders.

He would charge you about $8,000 per year for online coaching!

  • That is expensive, but for that caliber of a coach, it’s really not. It only comes to about $21 per day.

I am sure you won’t be talking to him every day, but still, it’s about $140 per week.

Maybe you would get a chance meet him in person a few times a year as well.

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For the most part, he would mostly just modify your diet and your cardio, on top of providing you with a workout routine.

  • George Farah is about $3.5k a month, and Chad Nichols the same.

All of these guys usually charge $400 per month, although the price usually varies depending on who they are coaching.

Phil Heath became Mr. Olympia while trained by Hany Rambod. That is obviously amazing marketing for Hany!

What Does It Take To Be A Personal Trainer?

The number one thing it takes is knowledge.

Some would say, that knowledge without milage is worthless! I can agree with that statement.

Some things are just not the same in real life, as they are in books and online.

  • The best personal trainers in the world are not even competitive bodybuilders, at least not successful ones.

One of the most popular personal trainers is Charles Glass, who works at Gold’s Gym in Venice.

He trained some of the best pro bodybuilders in the world, such as Flex Wheeler, Chris Cormier, and Dexter Jackson.

The interesting thing is that he had a helper by the name of Chris Lewis.

  • Also known as “Chris The Psycho”. Nicknamed by a tortured bodybuilder who fell victim to one of his workouts.

He helped Charles for many years and learned from him for the past 3 decades.

Conclusion On Hiring A Trainer

If you have the money, hire a good one.

  • If you have been working out already and are not crazy about doing anything fancy, don’t hire one.

Considering hiring a trainer just to motivate you, will only work short term, trust me.

People that have true goals, do not need motivation. If you love going to the gym, you don’t need a trainer.


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