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Should I Get A Personal Trainer, I’M A LAZY BASTARD!

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Should I Get A Personal Trainer?

If you are reading this post, you are most likely considering getting a personal trainer. You can’t lose weight, or you just need someone to motivate you to get jacked!

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This also means, that you are probably a lazy bastard that doesn’t work out! If this is not correct, you probably just want to read something about personal trainers.

  • Since the topic is always interesting. So to start things off, I would have to say that YES you should get a personal trainer.

There Are Two Types Of People That Use Personal Trainers

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The first kind, are people who need motivation, and they would like for someone to also show them different exercises that they can do in the future.

  • If you are someone that would like that, and also needs that, there is nothing wrong with getting a personal trainer.

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The other kind of people that get a personal trainer are professional bodybuilders and other athletes. The trainers they get have usually been around for decades. They specialize in either diet, bodybuilding, or a sport where performance is vital.

Benefits Of Getting A Personal Trainer

If you are totally new to working out, get a personal trainer. The chances are, if you don’t, you will become a fat lazy cheddar cheese cheeto’s eating bastard, who has to sit on a chair to tie their shoes.

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Getting a trainer will educate you, give you some motivation, and you will learn some good exercises.

  • That is only if you are just starting out. For those who have been working out for some time, I would stay away form trainers.

This is because I think they tell you to do random fancy crap that makes no sense and does nothing for you.

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Stupid Exercises Trainers Make You Do!

  • What are all of these stupid ass ball exercises? The person needs to do basic weight training, increase their heart rate, and then take their ass home to eat anything but carbs.

These ball exercises are beyond stupid, and trainers always use them for some weird reason, and never use them in their own workouts.

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I get that it strengthens your core, but I think I have other things to worry about first, like losing fat and gaining some muscle.

“If you ever plan on entering a balance beam competition, or plan on going for the world record of balancing your self on a ball, then do these stupid ass pointless exercises.”

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How about doing some damn lunges, or squats, or push ups or pull ups? No, instead of that, we are going to use some rubber bands, because that looks like a fancy thing that is worth $90 an hour!

I mean, it’s better than what you were doing before don’t get me wrong.

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What Kind Of Personal Trainer Should I Get?

There are two types of trainers that you will have to chose from. There is the guy, that is roided up out of his mind, and will be impressive because he has a good body.

I would stay away from that kind of a trainer. First of all, anyone that is really young, can’t possible have real quality knowledge to share with you.

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  • These are the guys that will typically have some wide ass shoulders, and lots of pimples on their back. When you see them working out, they lift really heavy.

I would hate for you to get shitty advice from someone if you are just starting out. It’s getting started off on the wrong foot.

The other kind of a trainer, will be the really skinny one that looks like he doesn’t even work out.

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These are our favorite. It makes no sense right? If you know so much, why don’t you look amazing Mr. Trainer?

Well this goes back to the question, of why steroids are so popular. It’s extremely hard to get an amazing body. It takes years of work and knowledge, and you simply have to love working out.

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I would definitely go with the older skinny trainer, or anyone except the guy that is really young and looks juiced up.

If you are not new to working out, I would not get a personal trainer. You can find far more information online, Youtube especially, and learn the latest and best information and tips on working out, for free!

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  • Why pay a lot of money to bounce on a ball, or act like you are riding a horse with some damn ropes?

Look up a workout on Youtube, and just go do it. Drink some coffee, play some music, take short rest periods, and do the damn thing.


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