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Don’t Bring Your Girlfriend TO THE GYM! This IS WHY!

Should I Bring My Girlfriend To The Gym?

Girlfriends and gyms do not mix 🙂 It is usually an absolute waste of time!

  • News flash, stop doing it! It all starts with getting to the gym. You both go in separate locker rooms, but you know, you will be out at least 15 min before her!

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Then when she comes out, you say “honey, what do you want to do today?” You know damn well she wants to do legs, and in most cases, if you are a guy, you don’t! Who needs more testosterone!? 

You try to mix up the workout a little bit and say, ok…we can do legs, but I’m sure you want to do some upper body too right?

And you try to throw in some pushups and pull ups at the very minimum. In between all of this crap, you are joking around, talking, and cringing at her form of course. All you want to do basically, is tell her what to do 🙂

Girlfriend and gym

Look at it this way, even if you don’t work out together on the same machines, she will constantly be on your mind.

There is no way she wants to go as crazy as you, and actually blast out a full hardcore workout hour (she also doesn’t drink pre-workouts of course).

  • You have to go visit her at her leg extension machine. You have to ask her “how does it feel,” because if it’s easy you should ad more weight…etc.

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During the whole time, you are just thinking, your workout is ruined, like it always is, when you bring your damn girlfriend to the gym.

There is nothing worse than seeing a couple kiss at the gym as well. How are you supposed to be in a zone, and get shit done, if you are in a kissing mood?

  1. On top of everything else, the thing that pisses you off the most, is that your girl won’t drink a coffee, or a pre-workout before the gym. Oh yeah, she also wouldn’t eat breakfast.

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That hits a nerve for sure (a couple of them), but to top it all off, she won’t drink much water also during the workout. Now to put a dagger in it, she takes two sips of your protein shake afterwards, and then eats a salad or just french fries 3 hours later.

That Is Just Me Thinking Like A Meathead, But In Reality, Working Out With Your Girlfriend Could Be Great!

Here are some cool parts about going to the gym with your girlfriend, if you choose to do so. 

  1. You will spend some good quality time together.
  2. You might be motivated, or forced to do legs!
  3. It can be fun, it’s basically a date at the gym
  4. You always look cooler hanging out with girls in stretch pants!

Going to the gym with your significant other can be fun, or it can suck.

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  • Depending on who you are dating of course. In general, if you want to get a serious workout it, do not workout out together. You can be at the same gym, but do not do the same workout. Chances are, she will ruin it!

If your girlfriend is a workout freak, then by all means, hit the weights hard. I know many couples that are both intense, and just want to destroy the workout. It’s up to you!


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