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Gracyanne Barbosa Is A Broke Ex Law Student That Bangs For Money!

Gracyanne Barbosa was caught banging for money so she could get a fake ass…

Gracyanne Barbosa was just a normal girl living in a, who knows which fucking country, and had dreams of becoming a lawyer. How cute is that? Well, Gracyanne Barbosa soon ran into “financial troubles” and had to drop out of school.

I would have to assume that those financial troubles were just her spending all of her money on buying a fake ass and tits on the black market.

Since that is not a good place to buy a fake ass and tits, she probably had to have them both removed and redone many times over. Therefore, Gracyanne Barbosa probably spend all of her money and her family’s money, getting plastic shoved in her sexual organs in order to look like a super slut.

  • I am sure you agree, that she has achieved that. Here is a great picture of Gracyanne Barbosa’s fake ass. She wears it proudly.

Gracyanne Barbosa

Gracyanne Barbosa actually used to look good before her dumb ass got surgery.

Gracyanne Barbosa did not always look like a steroid freak human transvestite. She actually used to look good before she started shooting needles in her ass.

We all know that she gained fame when she made that stupid video of her lifting fake weights, but what did she look like before that? Well here is one picture, of a young aspiring stripper who dropped out of law school to be a hooker.

Gracyanne Barbosa


Gracyanne Barbosa dropped out of law school…

Gracyanne Barbosa had one major issue in law school, she was dumb as shit and couldn’t understand a single word that her teachers were saying.

At that point, Gracyanne Barbosa decided that there was only one thing to do, stuff her ass with plastic and jump on that stripper pole. And what do you know, it was a great plan.

She is getting paid now to show her plastic ass to millions of sex deprived teenagers that will be spanking their woodies all over their parents laptops looking at that fat fake ass. Now that is a girl with brains.

Gracyanne Barbosa

Gracyanne Barbosa has big plan for when she gets older!

Gracyanne Barbosa will be a full time blow job giver after she hits about 50 years old. She knows that her body will look like shit when she gets older, so she has decided along with her husband, to open up a public bathroom, where you can get a blowjob from her on the spot.

The blowjobs will be free, but you do have to follow her on Instagram in return. She is certain, that her following will continue to grow at epic speeds with this strategy.

  • Her only concern is getting pregnant giving all of these blowjobs, so she is planing on getting regular sonograms to ensure nothing is growing inside of her.

gracyanne barbosa bikini



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