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Instagram star caught in a fraud to get more views! What she did is just wrong!

Gracyanne Barbosa

Did this girl really think that people were going to believe her?

Well the answer to that is…YES! A lot of people did! Gracyanne Barbosa is known for having everything from fake boobs, a face lift, and a fake butt. Now she is also known for using fake weights in her Instagram posts to get more views.

From unknown Samba Dancer to international fitness sensation, Gracyanne Barbosa is admired around the world for her incredible physique. Although not a female competitor, she’s become the inspiration to many champion bodybuilders. However, Gracyanne experienced some rough times in her youth – she was forced to leave College due to financial difficulties.

At the age of 16, in 1999, Gracyanne made a huge decision to pursue her ambition. She left her home to study at a Law School in Rio De Janeiro. But she struggled with the high tuition fees and needed a way to fund herself. It was at this point that she was recruited to become a dancer in a Brazilian band.


By the age of 29, in 2012, Gracyanne had fallen in love with fitness. She began to post pictures of her workouts on social media and her ability to squat 450lbs had attracted millions of followers on Instagram. Almost instantly, she’d become an online sensation.

This is of course all fake, and she is another chick just posting garbage pictures of her body, in this case with fake weights, because she has nothing better to do in life and obviously has nothing else to offer the world other than her silicone.




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