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Grayson Allen TRIPPING His Way TO NBA! Savage!

Grayson Allen Trip

Grayson Allen The First Player Who Tripped His Way To NBA!

Grayson Allen is a former Duke player who currently plays for the Memphis Grizzlies, after being traded from the Utah Jazz.

He is known for being the first player on earth who has successfully tripped his way to the NBA!

Grayson Allen Trip

The genius of Grayson is off the charts. Nobody has ever thought of this path to the NBA, but he did it!

  • The model works! You don’t have to be good at basketball to make it to the NBA. You just have to disable your opponent so he is helpless!

Because he is such a good tripper, he was drafted to the league, and his current salary is about $2M per year!

He was really noticed by the NBA scouts when he first started tripping people in high school, and it continued in college.

“We noticed that when Grayson trips people, we have a 5 on 4 advantage on offense. That was a huge deciding factor in us drafting Grayson.”

Grayson Allen trip

Grayson Allen Family And Early Life

Grayson was born in Trip City in 1995.

His mother and father Sherry and William Allen did not want him to take a long trip to school, so they enrolled him into Trip High School which was close by.

When Grayson was young, his family would go on a lot of road trips.

  • Since his parents had triplets, it was always challenging to keep the kids from falling over one another.

“Having triplets is similar to tripping on acid, you never know what is going to happen!”

Now that Grayson is all grown up, and triple the size he once was, they don’t have to worry about anything anymore.

Grayson Allen Trip

It really doesn’t matter what kind of a person Grayson is.

He obviously had post traumatic stress disorder from his siblings tripping him all the time, and that’s why he became a monster!

The college basketball villain everyone loves to hate!

  • I think once you start making money in this world, nothing matters. It’s a very funny thing.

You can have tattoo’s, you can be rude to people, you can cheat on your wife, it doesn’t matter. You can trip people all day long!

People will keep coming back for the NBA spotlight, or any spotlight for that matter.

Grayson Allen Career Stats

Grayson is a big fan of shooting triples! Like to let that ball from the arc, especially when it’s 4 on 5, after his defender was tripped.

He is very well known for hitting a triple in triple overtime during a road trip to Los Angeles. 

  • Here are Grayson Allens high school, college and career stats.

High School

  • Freshman Year – 47 trips, 12 triple doubles
  • Sophomore Year – 73 trips, 8 triple doubles
  • Junior Year – 106 trips, 7 elbows, 9 triple doubles
  • Senior Year – 238 trips, 58 elbows, 17 triple doubles

Grayson Allen Elbow

As you see, he improved every year, and even started throwing elbows into the mix. Why just trip someone when you can blast them in the face as well.

“If your opponent can’t walk and also can’t see, your chances of scoring are very high!”

I don’t understand how scouts in other sports or even in the business world don’t take advantage of this tactic?

Nobody can do anything if they are on the floor! Nobody!

  • You have one the battle if the person is laying on the floor and you are on your feet!

College At Duke Stats

During his years at Duke, Grayson really got national attention with his right food.

Kicking away like Ronaldo, he shot to superstar status over nigh.

  • Freshman Year – 1,343 trips
  • Sophomore Year – 1,563 trips
  • Junior Year – 1,920 trips
  • Senior Year – 2,834 trips

Grayson Allen trip

The NBA scouts truly hoped this will continue in the NBA, and it has!

“The one thing I always wanted to do, is make my father proud!”

  • By making it to the NBA, Grayson has made his entire family very proud, and will also have a few dollars to share with them in the future.

There is no doubt that his net worth will be significant in a few years.

It’s not hard to tell, by the look of his fathers face below, how proud he is of his son.

Grayson Allen Fater

Grayson Allen Girlfriend

So now that he is an NBA star, who is the lucky girl that will benefit from the rewards?

Well, this lucky future house wife, who will be on reality TV getting wasted at 11 am in the morning and fighting with other NBA wives, is Morgan Reid!

I am sure she is one of many to come, but for now, she’s living the good life!

  • Morgan is a current American soccer player that plays professional for the Orlando Pride. Maybe she plays for North Carolina Courage, not sure.

Way to lazy to research it.

Grayson Allen Girlfriend

In United States, soccer players don’t make much for money, that is a fact.

To make things even worse, I am talking about men! If men don’t make much, you are sure as hell that women don’t.

It’s a little interesting that I have never heard of a girl who has money, dating an NBA player (in their early years).

  • Not all NBA players make a lot of money, but jeez, why does the girl always have less money?

When you date or marry someone because of their money, or because of who they are, you should not be surprised when you get kicked to the curb after sex gets boring.

In the mean time, enjoy the house and the cars!

Grayson Allen House

Has there every been an NBA player aside from LeBron James that has not publicly cheated and humiliated their significant other? Or gotten divorced?

  • I am not sure I know of one NBA relationship that has been a success story.

Grayson Allen Dunk Contest

So besides his amazing talent for tripping people, we have to give this guy some props!

He is actually a white guy who can jump.

In high school, he was selected as an All-American, and actually won the Dunk Contest!

  • I have to say that is pretty impressive. He didn’t to some sort of a fancy Vince Carter dunk, he won the contest by just jumping high as hell!

Who would actually think this guy loves to jump over people? I bet you didn’t!

Grayson Allen Dunk Contest

Oh don’t get it twisted, that is just the beginning and not even the dunk from the All American game.

  • He is known for jumping over people very well, especially after he trips them right?

But in this case, he really does like to show the crowd that is more than just a tripper.

He is a tripper, a big tipper, loves flipper and is a winner! 

Not bad at all for a white guy right?

Grayson Allen Dunk

Grayson Allen Workout Program

In order to get those kind of hops, this kid did absolutely nothing to get there.

  • Kids that are his age, are too busy playing basketball to go out there and have some sort of serious workout for jumping.

I assure you that he had a serious workout program at Duke, but it has nothing to do with his jumping ability.

Of course you can add a few inches to your vertical jump by making your legs stronger, but you will not be adding 20 inches to it. 

That is for sure.

His jumping ability all comes down to genetics. It’s that simple.

  • If you are in your late teenage years, or early 20’s and you can’t jump high, give it up.

grayson allen

Diet Plan For That Amazing NBA Body

There is nothing this guy eats that is special, or different from any other person.

  • With the amount of running these guys in the NBA do, Grayson should be more shredded!

That only means that NBA players maybe don’t even eat as clean as fitness people.

Actually, that’s for sure.

There is nothing wrong with that, since these players are young and have super high metabolism regardless.

  • I am only telling you that in case you think there is a magic diet that will make you play like this kid. There is not.

Grayson Allen meme

Conclusion On The Tripping Tale Of Grayson Allen

In his college years, everyone was just being way to soft.

The game of basketball is a competitive sport and Grayson is a competitive guy.

Do I think he was a dirt player? I do.

Being aggressive and being dirty are two different things.

  • So what do I think is a solution? I think if Grayson Allen decided to trip somebody or throw an elbow, that somebody should have the right to retaliate.

It should be exactly what it’s like in the park.

The person who got tripped should be allowed to trip, push, slap, punch, or do whatever they chose. 

Why are you allowed to do that in the real world as self defense but not in a basketball game?

  • It makes no sense.

I also think that not being allowed to have much contact in the sport, takes the competition away.

People don’t even call fouls. It’s considered weak.

The game has become far too soft. I am not for dirty plays, but I am for retaliation at it’s best when it’s deserved.


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