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Grayson Allen Is The Dirtiest Player In College History, Video Footage!

grayson allen

Grayson Allen Is Known For His 3 Point Shooting, But That Has Changed!

Grayson Allen is a former Duke University basketball player who has entered the NBA Draft, and is expected to become a solid pro. There have been rumors that he will be drafted #21 by the Utah Jazz, but that is yet to be seen. In addition to Allen, the team has also shown interest in UCLA’s Aaron Holiday, Villanova’s Jalen Brunson and Creighton’s Khyri Thomas, all of whom recently worked out for Utah. They have also brought in Oregon’s Troy Brown, Ohio State’s Keita Bates-Diop and Michigan’s Mo Wagner, so they could also be in play when the team is on the clock. (Does anybody else think this guy looks like Ted Cruz?)

grayson allen draft

Jazz general manager Dennis Lindsey is known to be extremely secretive around this time of year, so it’s always tough to tell what he’s going to do.

As for Allen, he has also worked out for the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets. But both teams have a pick after Utah so if Allen is indeed their target, he may very well be available when they are on the clock. The Jazz also have a pick in the second round, though it’s far less likely he will be available with the 52nd overall pick in the draft. We will see what will happen when the time comes!

Grayson Allen Dirty Plays Have Added Up!

Grayson has just had too many dirty plays, and has officially been labeled a savage! I’m not sure if during these games he’s just been moody because of no sleep, or if he is just a pure white Draymond Green! Either way, he has developed a reputation as the dirtiest player in college basketball history.

grayson allen

Grayson Should Have Gotten A Massive Suspension After Shoving Coach…

On top of Grayson Allen being a dirty ass player, he took his talents to a new level and shoved a coach of an opposing team. This is not the first, it has happened in the NBA, and maybe a few incidents with Bobby Knight, but nothing in recent history has been similar to this. Take a look…

Grayson Has Finally Reached A Point Where People Are Making Highlight Videos Of His Dirty Plays

Yes, it has come to that. There are highlight videos of this Duke players most savage moments all over the internet. This is a characteristic that some NBA teams might like, but it’s also an indication that this kid might be a problem in the NBA. In todays game in the NBA, technical fouls fly around like hot cakes, and suspensions are given out like steroids at a powerhouse gym. Take a look at his most savage moments.


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