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Gym owner caught employee selling steroids! He called him in the office and did this…

gym owner

Have you ever bought steroids in the gym? Well if you have, you are a roid head! In todays world, something like that would get you fired, and in a much worse case scenario, arrested. Selling steroids in a gym can cause a big problem for the entire business, and the consequences can be as high as the entire gym being investigated / fined / or even shut down.

Because of this severe idiotic move, this owner decided to take matters into his own hands…

As you see, a little bitch slap never hurt anyone from what this owner says, but that also looked like a little more than a bitch slap. It is also hard to understand why these two guys just didn’t beat the crap out of this owner and his little goon? They look way bigger and also way younger. I guess we will never know.


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