Have You Seen These Gym Stereotypes Around?

If you go to the gym often, there is a good chance you can relate to these stereotypes. (See bottom of article for full info graphic!)

gym stereotype

  • The only question is, which one are you?

Maybe you are mixture of several stereotypes…either way check out the guys below that usually piss everyone off!

In fact, I bet you’ve seen at least one of these types of people if you’ve been to the gym in the past few days.

Now lets give you a taste of our top 5!


You don’t have to look for these individuals in the gym.

fitness coach

They find you! One minute you are working out and the next you have someone giving you a lesson on the finer points of feeling the muscles work on a biceps curl.

These “experts” often find the most inconvenient time to interrupt your workout.

“Especially to discuss the minutia of your program and are happy to point out everything that you are doing incorrectly.”

gym stereotype

Don’t be the unwanted coach.

Remember that unwanted advice is viewed as criticism, and is often taken as an insult.

  • Obviously, if someone’s safety is on the line, stop them before they hurt themselves.

Other than that, if you feel the urge to critique someone on their squat, find a better time to approach them than in the middle of their workout.


There is never any doubt when this person is working out as you walk through the doors of the gym.

  • Obviously because you can always hear them before you see them.

yelling in gym

Whether it is grunts, moans, screams, or cursing, every gym has a howler.

In fact, Planet Fitness has created a successful business model by throwing howlers out!

  • There is a difference between straining under a heavy barbell and letting out a grunt that causes other people in the gym to flinch!

Don’t be the guy drawing attention to himself because of the ridiculous noise he is making.

“Be the one who gets attention because you are lifting a crazy amount weight easily with proper form!”


If you have been in the gym long enough, you have no doubt seen the person surrounded by 10 different pairs of dumbbells.

Or by various weight plates thrown all over the floor around the ends of a barbell.

  • It looks as if a twister touched down in the gym next to these people and ripped all the weights off the racks.

Watch your step entering the area around these human tornados – the ground is quite treacherous and you run the risk of a dumbbell striking your foot!

gym stereotypes

  • Drop-sets are a great way to add additional intensity to your workout.

But there is no need to remove every single dumbbell from the rack while you are striving to get a pump.

I promise your gains will not leave you in the 20 seconds that it takes to swap your dumbbells for a lighter set.


She enters the gym, matching to a tee from her visor to her kicks.

  • Her outfit is the only indication she has any intention of working out.

sexy girl gym

Because had you only seen her perfectly made-up face and hair, you’d have thought breaking a sweat was the last thing on her mind.

  • After setting down her gigantic purse and colorful water bottle (also matching), she begins her routine.

This mostly consists of cardio, abs and an unnecessary amount of stretching.

gym stereotypes

She steers clear of the heavy weights because she “only wants to tone.”

“And she apparently has some kind of superpower the rest of us would sell our socks for because when she leaves, she will look EXACTLY the same as when she arrived.”


He typically carries an oversized jug of protein powder in one hand and a gallon of water in the other.

water jug gym

People suspect he is on steroids, and regardless of whether this is true, the grunts he makes during his workout will lead you to believe it is.

He exercises shirtless, so not to deprive the world of his six-pack.

  • However, if the gym requires he be fully clothed, a sleeveless shirt will suffice (that way, his biceps still get some attention).

Unlike “that girl,” he spends all of his time lifting weights for fear he will accidentally lose a pound if he goes anywhere near a cardio machine.

A final indicator that you have spotted “that guy” is his catch phrases. He frequently says or tweets things like “Rise and grind” or “Gym swag.”

Here is a nice visual as well, on gym stereotypes!

gym stereotypes


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