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What Happened To This Tennis Ball Boy Is Truly A Mystery! Watch Close!

tennis ball boy

Did this kid just get bored and fall a sleep, or did it get too hot? I guess we will never know!

Keep an eye out on the kid in the back!

What Causes Fainting?

Fainting may have a variety of causes. A simple episode, also called a vasovagal attack or neurally-mediated syncope, is the most common type of fainting spell. It is most common in children and young adults. A vasovagal attack happens because blood pressure drops, reducing circulation to the brain and causing loss of consciousness. Typically an attack occurs while standing and is frequently preceded by a sensation of warmth, nausea, lightheadedness and visual “grayout.” If the syncope is prolonged, it can trigger a seizure.

Or, this kid was just standing around thinking about the crapy hourly wage he is getting to stand in the blazing heat, and just said screw it, I’m out!



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