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This Bodybuilding Douchebag Gets Totally Ignored By Girl At A Pool Party!

Hardkorowy Koksu

You know when girls say they don’t like a guy that’s too big? Well here is what they mean by it!

Nobody knows who this douchebag is, but, after doing some serious Google action, found out this dude is¬†Hardkorowy Koksu. He is a Lithuanian MMA Fighter, and a wanna be bodybuilder. Maybe he doesn’t body build, and just does steroids. Who really cares anyway. Look at this douchebag getting ignored by a chick he tried talking to, but also by everyone at this pool party…

The point is, he got no love. You can’t just roll around with that big roid belly looking pregnant, too big and bloated, and expect anyone to give a shit about you. And as video here captures, nobody did. So what does this dude do after getting no action, he starts eating to make his stomach look even bigger. Not a good day at the gym for this douchebag.


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