High Calorie Foods For Bulking, Are The Worst Thing You Can DO!

High calorie foods for bulking are usually pursued by people looking to get a lot more muscle mass.

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In this article, I am going to explain why high calorie foods for bulking are just a stupid idea, and will get you fat in the end!

  • Let’s first look at some of these foods that will get your fat cells to multiply. The total opposite as the fat burning discovery by Harvard University!

So What Are Some High Calorie Foods For Bulking?

High Calorie Foods For Bulking

Well, there are many. You probably know most of the high calorie foods for bulking already. Candy bars, cake, chips, pizza, donuts, fast food, are all high calorie foods.

If you want some not so horrible foods for your mass gaining, consider the following. The should work well for a lean bulk diet meal plan.

  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Oatmeal
  • Whole wheat bread

“Those are some pretty lean carbs that you should incorporate into every meal if you are looking to lose weight, but keep in mind that other foods like stake are high in calories as well!”

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Lean Bulk Workout Plan

If you are looking for a lean bulk workout plan, that is pretty simple. The goal is to keep you heart rate down, and to increase the weight.

  • The slower your heart beats, the less calories you burn. That is the most important part about a lean bulk workout plan. You can try this workout program below.

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It will make sure you are working for mass and for mass only. There is no heart race increase movements, or similar to burn more calories than you need to.

  • Monday: Chest (12 sets, 3 different exercises, 6-8 reps each)
  • Wednesday: Back (12 sets, 3 different exercises, 6-8 reps each)
  • Friday: Legs (12 sets, 3 different exercises, 6-8 reps each)
  • Saturday: Shoulders (12 sets, 3 different exercises, 6-8 reps each)
  • Sunday: Arms (12 sets, 3 different exercises, 6-8 reps each)

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The point of that bulk up workout routine is to do low volume, and low calorie burn movements. 

That should work more than fine for you if you want to bulk up. The diet of course, is what is going to do the job for you, not the gym really.

To be honest, even if you did high reps to an extent, you could bulk up with the right food!


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Bulking for size, then cutting huh? First of all, you most likely don’t even compete. Second, you do not have an “off season” because you do not compete!

When people say they are bulking up to gain muscle mass, then they will cut back down, to an amazing shredded physique I assume, are doing nothing but getting fat.

  • Did you know that 3 out of 5 people that “bulk up” never lose the weight? They just stay fat, and live in the “off season” their whole life.

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It’s much more fun to eat like Chris Farley and lift like Ronnie Coleman right?

Thats why 1 in 25,000 have 6 pack abs.

You have to remember that you have to be on steroids to eat 10 meals a day and still be lean. There are exceptions, but being lean and massive requires the juice, and I ain’t talking about OJ.

orange juice

There are many mistakes that skinny people make, but following a bodybuilding diet is one of them. Once you get fat, which you will, your body will create more fat cells.

  • Those fat cells will never go away. They can shrink, but will not go away.

What does that mean? It means that it will be really easy for you to gain weight once you cross that line, and become chubby chubs.

Bulking and cutting

Following a bodybuilding diet and crap you read online, that has you eating 10 meals a day, 3 shakes, and who knows what else, is like taking advice from Bill Gates and dropping out of college.

  • You will become a fat bastard, and you will look like shit. You will never impress anyone with your size, because it’s easy to get big and there are big guys everywhere.

Why are they everywhere? Because it’s easy to eat like shit and lift weights.

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Now if you get really lean and develop decent mass on your lean bulking diet, you will look 900 times better than the guy with a fat ass stomach.

Usually that guy is on the bench press, slapping himself with chalk and snorting smelling salts.

Eat medium to low carbs, medium fat, good protein, and don’t eat garbage.

eating garbage

  • Stop going on google to find a magic solution, you know exactly what garbage you can’t eat!

Whatever you google for advice, do not forget to include “natural” in front of it, so you weed out the steroid heads advice.


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