Everyone has heard that HIIT training is extremely effective. But a HIIT training workout is a little bit more of a mystery. People are wondering how long they should work out, how heavy of weights they should use, and how short the rest periods should be during their HIIT training workout. Research shows that HIIT training has significant benefits and produces much better results than workouts that moderate intensity. You can also read about how frequently you can do these exercises.



HIIT Training can burn a ton of calories in a short amount of time!

  • Some research shows that HIIT workouts produced close to 30% more burned calories than regular workouts. This is actually a huge number, if you take 1 hour workout session into consideration. This could easily be another 200-300 calories burned in one session.
  • You can build a lot more muscle with HIIT workouts. Short bursts of intense weight lifting works your Type A muscle fibers, which are muscle size building fibers, different from Type B muscle fibers which your body typically uses for endurance movements, such as walking and other everyday tasks.



If you are looking to do a HIIT workout at home, that is a pretty simple task. Here are some exercises you can do at home that can have amazing results for you. Keep in mind, that high intensity interval training is just like what it sounds. Doing exercises in intervals of high intensity. That said, you can apply this to any workout really. Exercises that you would normally do at home, can be done as a HIIT workout very easily just by reducing your rest periods. Here is an example of a complete workout you can do.


If that is something you are not looking to do, you can perform any exercise below shortening the rest periods.

  • Jumping rope non stop 30 seconds at a time, with 30 second rest periods.
  • Pushups to failure, with 15-20 second rest periods.
  • Sit-ups to failure, with 15-20 second rest periods.
  • Pullups to failure, with 30 second rest periods, this is because they are harder to perform.


The same rules apply when you are trying to do a HITT workout with weights. Short rest periods and high intensity are key. You can do any exercise you would like with weights, and by shortening the rest periods it will turn into a HIIT workout. Here is an example:


Pick a pulling exercise that works your back. Simply go back a forth with no rest, or minimal rest between the pulling exercise, and a pushing exercise. A good example would be performing lat pulls or pull-ups followed by bench press. This could also go with any other exercise. You can go back and forth between squats and pull-ups, squats and push ups, or any other muscle group with very short rest periods.


Let’s face it, HIIT training is very demanding physically, and that is why it is the most effective. This is also the reason why many people don’t do it. High intensity interval training benefits people who are overweight the most, and those are also the most lazy people. This is why you never really see a heavy person performing a HIIT workout. Short rest periods are very effective, and produce the most results as far as building muscle is concerned, and burning fat as well. No matter what your current workout is, shortening your rest periods will significantly increase your results.


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