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Who Are The Hodge TWINS!? RICH And WEIRD Brothers!

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Are The Hodgetwins Maried? Rich? Who Are They?

The Hodgetwins are two twin brothers by the last name of Hodge. Oh really?

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Thank you Captain Obvious!

  • Just kidding of course, there is a lot more to know about these two guys, so let’s begin.

Hodgetwins are one of the first fitness youtube channels ever, who first started filming their videos in 2010.

They became one of the most popular fitness channels very fast.

Not only because they were one of the first to do it, or because they had some super valuable tips.

  • Mainly because of their charm and very high-quality sense of humor.

They realized that, and after many years of making fitness-related videos, they slowly started covering other topics and eventually became very successful stand-up comedians.

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Where Are The Hodgetwins From?

The Hodgetwins are born in Martinsville, Virginia, on September 17th, 1975.

Making them 44 years old today, which is a bit hard to believe, due to their young looking faces and bodies.

  • They grew up very poor, but that didn’t stop them from getting a college degree in Accounting/Finance from the American InterContinental University.

They worked many different jobs, and you can listen to their experiences on their Youtube channel.

Everything from the mall where they worked as security, to many interesting stories from the Marine Corp days.

Yes, they joined the Marine Corp which is when they started working out seriously. That eventually led to their Youtube channel.

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  • They almost became porn actors at one point when they needed money very badly!

A porn studio offered them a lot of cash for acting in one of their movies.

Luckily for them, they refused this offer and never became porn stars. 

There is another thing that makes the Hodgetwins very popular and easily recognizable. 

That is their catchphrases such as: “All kinds of gains”, “snap city”, “do whatever the f**k you wanna do.”

They make people love them with their famous intro routine, that they always do and it is always a bit different, never less funny.

Hodgetwins Youtube Channel

Hodgetwins Youtube channel was created almost 10 years ago, in 2010. It was one of the very first fitness related Youtube channels.

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They were not professional fitness trainers, or even competitive bodybuilders.

They just gave people their own opinion on the topic and shared their experience.

  • If you are a noob at this sport, you can really use their advice because they explain everything with a dose of humor and logic.

Also, their results speak for themselves.

They are not certified personal trainers or competitive bodybuilders.

  • On the other hand, they probably do have bodies better 99% of the world’s population.

They don’t have the best genetics for building muscle.

If they did, they would probably compete and earn money off of that.

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Their muscles are very aesthetically shaped, symmetrical, and they were able to get their body fat level very low.

  • Most people would love to look like them, and that’s one of the reasons why they are doing so good on Youtube.

They also realized that they can expand their market, and cover other topics as well, not only fitness related ones.

Slowly, they pivoted their channel to something that most people can enjoy watching.

  • They made another channel in which they did the same thing as before, but also started talking about other stories.

They became popular as a reaction channel, and this brought them humongous success.

Are The Hodgetwins On Steroids?

This is a topic that you can discuss for days and still, you wouldn’t be sure what the right answer is.

They are the only ones who know that.

hodgetwins steroids

Judging by the look they were able to achieve in only a few years, they probably were on steroids.

  • Also, there is another thing. Their bodyweight varied a lot throughout the past 10 years.

When they started their youtube channel, they were super focused on bodybuilding.

They only ate “bro foods”, such as chicken breast, rice, broccoli, beef, eggs, oatmeal, and similar stuff. They looked pretty impressive.

  • Their body fat percentage was low, their muscles were relatively full, and they weighed about 180 lbs.

About 5 years later, they stopped eating clean and started doing the intermittent fasting diet. At that time, they looked the most impressive.

hodgetwins steroids


Hodgetwins Intermittent Fasting Diet Strategy

They weren’t eating any protein for 16 hours each day.

When they were eating in their window, they would have at least one cheat meal, like pizza.

  • With this diet, which is most certainly not an ideal diet for building muscle, they started looking way more impressive.

They weighed about 220 pounds with a pretty low body fat percentage. Their muscles looked full, hard, dry and better than ever before.

Keep in mind that they are not young men in their 20’s, even though they may look like that, they are actually in their 40’s.

hodgetwins eating

  • At this age, testosterone levels drop down at a very fast rate, and unless they do something about it, they should be losing muscle very rapidly.

But no, that didn’t happen. Quite the opposite actually.

They started gaining a lot of muscle, and they definitely looked like they were juicing!

At this point, they were making money with their bodies, and what better way to promote your brand, but by showing a muscular and ripped body?

Are The Hodgetwins Vegan?

The Hodgetwins are not vegan.

They did try being vegan for a while. There is a series of videos during this time, and it wasn’t very much fun.

They did try to enjoy vegan meals, and they did it to a certain extent, but eventually they just gave up on it.

  • During this time, they also lost a lot of muscle and maybe that whole “Hodgetwins going vegan”, as some people would say, was a stunt.

hodgetwins vegan

Just to make it seem like they lost their gains because of the new diet, when in truth they just went off the steroid cycle!

The amount of muscle they lost was significant, and it did seem like there was something more going on other than diet.

The reason why they tried to become vegans, was because of compassion for animals.

  • They weren’t concerned about their health or anything else, as they say.

What Are The Hodgetwins Names?

The Hodgetwins names are Kevin and Keith.

If you watched their channel for some time, I am sure you were able to tell them apart.

Keith is usually the one on the right side of the screen, and Kevin is on the left side.

  • Kevin’s face looks kind of more mild and gentle than Keith’s.

Kevin is always fooling around, and Keith tries to stay a bit more serious.

But when Kevin says something dumb and hilarious, Keith is not immune to it, he very often bursts into laughter.

hodgetwins meme

There is also a difference in their forehead scares.

  • As weird as it sounds, they both have scars on their foreheads. Only Keith’s is horizontal, and Kevin’s is vertical.

How did they get them? I am sure there is a video in which they talk about that as well.

How Much Do The Hodgetwins Weigh?

Their weight varies depending on whether they are cutting for a photoshoot, or bulking for new gains.

When they first started working out they were seriously underweight.

Their weight was at about 160 lbs, but after some time spent in the gym and in the kitchen, they got it up to 220 lbs at one point.

  • Probably also went a little harder on their steroid cycle, but they certainly did look more impressive than ever.

hodgetwins weight

Their weight is usually a bit lower, they prefer to maintain it at around 200 lbs.

How Tall Are The Hodgetwins?

They both have the same height, and it is 6’3”.

Which means that they are way bigger in person than they are on camera.

Most bodybuilders that look impressive on their Instagram photos are under 6ft, but not these guys.

  • There is a saying that goes “Short guys look good on Instagram, but tall guys look good in person”.

Obviously, it’s not an ancient saying.

What Is The Hodgetwins Net Worth?

Since 2017, their net-worth is estimated at $3.8 million, and this is only from their Youtube channels.

Now that they are doing the live stand-up comedy shows, there is probably some additional income there as well.

  • The Hodgetwins did a great job in merchandise sales, and who knows in how many other businesses they have their on.

Are The Hodgetwins Married?

Yes, the Hodgetwins are married, but not to one woman.

Just joking of course, they both have wives and children. Even separate houses, and overall beautiful families.

hodgetwins wives

  • You be the judge of if it is weird, but their houses are one next to one another.

Considering the fact that they are identical twins, it is probably normal.


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