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Top Fitness Models, HOT GIRLS ARE HERE!

hottest female fitness models

Top Fitness Models Fitness Models In Today’s World, Come From All Walks Of Life!

Top fitness models, usually means you are looking for female models that are hot! If you look at today’s hottest top fitness models, they are not what you typically expect.

  • Fitness has become more about showing your ass on Instagram. And also less about if you actually compete in fitness and have a great body. This is exactly why top fitness models, and female stars and girls that are popular on social media make more money.

top fitness models

Top fitness models that are females, could easily be mistaken for girls that actually compete. Only because they take pictures with protein powders and weight loss supplements in order to make money.

To the average person looking at this, one can think that this girl actually works as a fitness model, or competes professionally. Just take a look at Gracyanne Barbosa. As you see from the picture below, this is one of those hotties that we are talking about.

Gracyanne Barbosa

  • You can look at that picture and think that she is super hot, and also that she must work out a lot. Well I ensure you that she does work out a lot.  I also ensure you she takes steroids and also has a fake ass and boob job.

Those are just facts, but she is still one of the most popular international hottest female and top fitness models.

But going back to how she could be mistaken very easily for an actual fitness competitor. Here is a picture of one of her Instagram posts where she is promoting some stupid lotion that she probably doesn’t even use.

  • This is just one of the many products she promotes, and others are fitness related.

hottest female fitness models

  • Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get into some international hotties, that are or could be real fitness models, but are definitely considered as some of the worlds hottest female fitness models.

Hottest Female Top Fitness Models 2018

The first model we want to acknowledge is Svetlana Bilyalova. Don’t get excited, I know she’s hot. The point here is, that she is considered a fitness model, when I assure you 98% of her looks are her natural genetic.

If it only took to work out at the gym to look that good, all of the women on earth would be hot.

hottest female fitness models

This girl is from Russia, and made her claim to fame by posting on Twitter since 2013. She also gets involved in some cosmetic campaigns. Now I am going to show you her most popular video on Youtube, I am certain, that her parents would be proud of their little girl!

This is just another great example of how girls today that are classified as fitness models, will really do anything in order to get views on social media.

Why is that the case? Because of people like you that read this article want to see some ass, thats why. Here is the video!

Svetlana now lives in Los Angeles (big surprise) as an aspiring Kim Kardashian. She is probably dreaming about one day marrying someone like Kanye West.  And also over time enhancing her already semi fake physique with more plastic surgery.

Svetlana has over 5M followers on Instagram and is making a living pretty much doing nothing.

Every guys dream, I know. You can see more pics of her in her Instagram profile. So let’s now talk about the next model we have in mind, that we fill is also considered one of the worlds hottest female fitness models.



If you have never heard of Karina Elle, that is not surprising. She is actually a fitness model and is pretty as well.

Unfortunately she is best known for dating Calum Von Moger, who is best known with being obsessed with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  • You do have to give her some props, as she does have a good Instagram following with over 1M people.

hottest female fitness models

Karina has a very nice physique, and as you can see from her abs, she really does put in the work. She trains hard, and really is classified a female fitness model.

Not to dig into her personal life or anything, she is dating a guy that eats steroids for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But that is her choice. We won’t beat her up too much, since she does get the job done in the gym.

karina elle

She was actually one of the most fitness models in demand a few years ago.

Getting into modeling was a natural fit, since Karina was a cheerleader and a cross country runner in her earlier days.

Since then, she has committed her life to fitness, but also giving back and training others and helping people achieve the same goals that she has.

We do not know if she takes steroids, usually everyone that makes money with their body does.


lais deleon


This girl comes from non other than the country of Brazil.

She is one of the most famous fitness models, but to be honest, I do not think she is as good looking as the others in person. Sometimes camera simply performs magic, and this might be case here with Lais Deleon.

  • She is currently a blogger, has an ok website with a few boring workouts, but mainly makes money by posting pictures on Instagram with products she only uses if they are free.

There is nothing wrong with that, but it does take away from the real female competitors out there that bust their ass but are not social media famous.

Lais Deleon has about 1M followers on her Instagram. From the looks of this picture, she is also not doing herself justice by getting a bad boob job.

hottest female fitness models

  • Lets take a quick break and understand why these girls are willing to show it all on social media, sell their soul, and also embarrass their entire family tree.

How much money can they possibly be making? Well I am sure you know that will vary from person to person, but I assure you that female fitness models with very large followings are making good money.

How Much Money Can Top Fitness Models Make?

“Some members of Forbes’ inaugural Top Influencers list were happy to disclose their going rate for a sponsored social media post. Rachel Brathen, the most sought-after yogi on the internet, commands upwards of $25,000, for example. Fellow fitness influencer Lyzabeth Lopez, creator of the Hourglass Workout, charges between $3,000 and $5,000 per post, and between $20,000 and $100,000 per campaign.”

hot fitness models

Now you might have a better understanding of why girls that run around naked on social media, do what they do.

Now we can move on to more hot fitness models. To change things up, we can discuss real female competitors, that actually go to competitions and do this as a full time job.

  • And what better division to focus on, other than the bikini division!

Bikini Female Competition Models

Bikini women are judged on their lean and firm physique scored on proportion, symmetry, balance, shape and skin tone.

The “X” factor is important. It’s that hour glass figure that shoulder caps, a tiny waist and glutes will get you (not to neglect the back, bi’s, tri’s and chest).

During comparison judging in height classes, bikini women do a front and back pose. In natural federations, there are quarter turns. The interesting thing here is that the final decision can be made based on the final walk and posing.

  • It can be really tough to pick a winner, so something as small as that can be the deciding factor. Here is a good example of some of these amazing female fitness models.

The example above is the latest and greatest of the worlds best bikini bodies, of course, only according to the Arnold Classic standards.

Keep in mind that these women are painted with self tanner, and will gain about 10 pounds as soon as they step foot off stage. This is because they are extremely dehydrated, and also deprived of sodium and water.

  • As soon as they have that first meal and start drinking water, they will get some weight back. Don’t get me wrong, they will still look amazing, but it’s not realistic to assume they stay in that condition year round.

They stay pretty close to that for the most part because it’s not bodybuilding, but the body fat percentage definitely increases a bit. Lets get back to some other very popular models.


hottest fitness model

She has to be one of the most popular girls out there.

Laci Kay Summers is a born and bred California girl who works as a model, actress and singer. This stunning beauty enjoys sports as much as the typical man does.

In addition to her fashionable career as a model, actress and singer she is also a registered nurse. Before becoming a model, Laci was a ring girl and an MMA fight host.

Now, very similar to everyone else, she makes money posting crap she doesn’t use on Instagram and other social media channels. We really don’t know and really don’t care about what she is doing today, we know enough.

She gets naked on the internet, that is her job, that is all that people care about.

hottest female fitness models

If you are looking to get more pictures from this girl, feel free to Google her, you now know her name.

She has modeled in magazines such as GlamRock and Playboy. Video footage of Laci’s first modeling job was the first video she ever posted on her YouTube channel.

She started the Youtube channel in 2010, and now has around 300K followers.

  • That said, you can take a look at this video below, and for once in her life, take a look at Laci without makeup. Wow, what a difference wouldn’t you say?


Looks are temporary. The most common one of these social media and fitness models, is basically a girl that one day found out that she can make money by posting pictures of her ass.

That is the best way I could put it. Can you blame them? Well that is certainly arguable. Can you blame a stripper that gets naked for money? I would say, sure. I think you can blame everyone for their actions.

  • But in todays world, everyone wants to be someone, and social media allows us to be whoever we want. Every day, there is a new social media superstar that emerges, and everyday, another one dies.

I just hope these girls have a back up plan, once Instagram and other social media channels crack down on their algorithms, more than they already did. 



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