How To Become A Fitness Model?

So, you want to be a fitness model?

Apparently, you’re not alone.

According to Google’s recently released data on what the world is searching for on the Internet, there’s a lot of interest in becoming a fitness model.

fitness model

You know, the people who make deadlifting their body weight and doing pull-ups look absolutely effortless.

  • From the outside, it doesn’t really seem like that hard a job, especially if you’re already really into fitness.

how to become a fitness model

Sometimes people think that if someone wants to become a fitness model, they need to quit eating!

  • There are several things that people constructed inside their mind about being fit and being a fitness model.

In modeling field, one needs to eat healthy to stay fit and attractive.

But when it comes to being a fitness model one need to eat good food which contains healthy fat.

Muscle Roast

How To Get Discovered To Be A Fitness Model

The first thing you need to do to work as a fitness model (just like any other model) is to get discovered.

Many models go to open calls or contact modeling agents directly.

  • The the two fitness models we talked to had much less traditional paths to starting their careers.

Alex Silver-Fagan, NYC trainer, yoga teacher, and Wilhelmina fitness model actually got discovered while she was training for a bikini competition.

top fitness models

“At the end of my senior year of college, I started to prep for a bikini competition, which is a bodybuilding show,” she told us.

“I trained and dieted very intensely for three months. Part of this process usually includes a photo shoot, to create images and memories of how your body looks—lean and shredded.”

Long story short, after Alex had her photos taken, the photographer she worked with insisted that she send her photos to an agent in NYC.

karina elle

“The rest is history,” she says.

There are many different roads to getting exposure

Basically you need to get into the fitness world, talk to trainers, go to competitions, and talk to more people there. It won’t take long before you know exactly what you need to do in order to become a fitness model.

become fitness model

Stay Focused And Be Comfortable In Front Of The Camera!

Since we are all human, we all enjoy eating junk food from time to time!

  • But in the case of a fitness model, they need to keep themselves organized so that they might not get distracted.

Usually by any other outside elements which can make them lose their focus.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep oneself disciplined and focused to achieve their goal of being a fitness model.

hottest female fitness models

Other than maintaining a great body, a fitness model needs be comfortable in front of the camera!

Initially when it is a first time of their career as a fitness model, people have issues with the camera.

  • Some people are natural and comfortable with their body, but few are just not comfortable in front of the camera.

Therefore, it is a learning lesson for all the fitness models that they need to learn how to handle such situation.

becoming fitness model

Consider using Steroids

Depending upon how closely you want to resemble a true male or fitness model, you may need to use steroids to get there.

The sad reality is that we’re not all born with perfect genetics that enable us to cut fat easily while effortlessly gaining muscle.

“Plus many top fitness models and bodybuilders have used steroids to get where they are today.”

This means those who are shooting for the top should think about doing the same.

  • If you’re totally new to juicing, it’s extremely important to learn everything you can about the subject.

This is before you buy a single pill.

We Do Not Support Taking Steroids, But You Might Have To Take Them!

Why, because the others use it and if you don’t, you are just toast.

  • We wanted to make that last point because it’s the only one that matters.

If need to get on steroids, meet other people who use steroids. Before you know it, you will see the road you need to take to be a depressed and hungry fitness model!

Bottom line, you have zero chance of ever making a good living without the juice (steroids), as a fitness model.

  • This really goes for any sort of profession where you get paid because of your body.

Excluding prostitution of course, no steroids needed there.


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