We were born in different cities, at different times, we love different music, food, movies. Pierro Caron is a French artisan sculptor. To give you some ideas, here are some samples to check out. Whether you’re a startup, investor, or third party, the page has a dedicated section for all its users. Even though it’s your About Us page, the story actually needs to be about your customer and what you do for them – it has to be customer-focused. Responsive Bootstrap About Us Page Template MEET OUR TEAM. Voices is a network for GE’s US supporters interested in the company’s impact in their communities and in issues that impact the company. How to implement an agile marketing strategy. This is especially reassuring because they are also here to help you. In 1954, an enterprising salesman named Ray Kroc discovered a small burger restaurant in California, and wrote the first page of McDonald’s history. We are all very different. When you step into a Spendless Store you'll always find a Friendly face waiting for you!. Even though this page is about you, it’s more about why people should buy from you. Even though this page is about you, it’s more about why people should buy from you, talk about the solutions those products solve, Figure out your company’s key historical milestones, Test every headline before you publish. About us. document.getElementById('gclid_field').value = Here is a man with great respect for wood and handcrafted sculptures that “tell a story and testify to the richness of one of our most precious resources.”. The Holly Springs Housing Authority offers 1 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms with a total of 90 apartments on three sites: Valley Homes (40 units) located at 289 West Valley Street. Well, that’s exactly how the About Us section of Eight Hour Day starts – a welcoming greeting. Policies. His quirkiness comes through thanks to his humorous tone and goofy picture. The team reads all your comments and is ready to turn your thoughts into their command. This design for Rook keeps things super simple and very … In this case, the 25 pictures featured on Band’s About Us page are worth much more than the 170 actual words you’ll read on the page. Alexander Kesler is a visionary B2B digital marketer and an effective CEO with over 20 years of experience in building ... [Read full bio], The 10 Best Ranking Contact Us Pages on the Web, 25 of the Best Examples of Beautifully Designed 404 Pages, 15 Awesome Examples of Social Media Marketing, 25 of the Best Examples of Effective FAQ Pages. AbbVie: This About Us page provides a nice company overview, including Fast Facts to give site visitors a reasonable company snapshot. Yellow Leaf Hammocks is trying to save the world one hammock at a time. Get live page metrics right in your Chrome browser. For an example, think of a company like Toms of Maine. window.onload = function() { We were born in different cities, at different times, we love different music, food, movies. An About page is a special web page on a site where your readers/visitors learn more about you and what you do. If you guessed the second headline was the higher-scoring one…you’re […], © 2020, CoSchedule - Terms of Service, Privacy Policy. The strongest predictors of success with goals, strategy, & more. Innovation and simplicity makes us happy: our goal is to remove any technical or financial barriers that can prevent business owners from making their own website. This is not a contact us page. But, unlike most of those alternatives, Tom’s of Maine has a unique mission: to create products that are safe to use without potentially harmful side effects to the environment or yourself. CoSchedule customers can also create them using Tasks and Task Templates. All that’s left is to do now is get down to work. If you know who you are and your goal for your site, the About Us page should come naturally. Help Scout overcame this hurdle by putting a video from their corporate retreat in snowy Colorado. Scroll down to discover his preferred action items. Working without some sort of plan or outline means you’ll be liable to miss details, waste time, and create a lower-quality page. It’s also vegan and certified by Cruelty Free International. In addition to the visual delight, the page is also interactive and engaging. When he's not hard at work helping people do better marketing, he can be found cross-country skiing with his wife and their dog. Because as much as you love good design and inspiring illustrations, you also want to meet the people that curate all the content for you. Our Story. To have you sold, their About Us page greets you with the adorable mug of a bulldog. For ecommerce store owners, an about us page is a powerful differentiator that helps stores stand out from their competitors. Nous sommes une équipe de personnes passionnée dont le but est d'améliorer la vie de tout le monde grâce à des produits perturbants. Most people find it easier to connect with real human beings, so let the personality of your employees and the environment of your workplace shine through! An About Us page helps your company make a good first impression, and is critical for building customer trust and loyalty. As you can see, the crucial element of good marketing copy on an … Figure Out Everything Your Page Will Include. In a competitive market, a story can set you apart. This often requires finding the right balance between compelling content and a design carefully planned to look the part. These examples will help you build a personal and engaging website journey. It shows the contact details and makes it clear so visitors understand the information. A great About Us page should be a work in progress. Alessandro, with his multiyear international experience, helps us easily understand the numbers and how to improve them. Sports. But, as long as you have some sort of purpose behind why you’re in business, you can incorporate that into your page. However, it still provides enough guidance for browsing the website and even contributing. Many desktop publishing packages and web page editorsu003C/pu003E. Sophia Amoruso’s brand aims to redefine success for millennial women. About us Tech's flight from San Francisco is a relief to some advocates. To stay in line with their video-centric aesthetic, the text on their page is short and concise. Bijoux pour Chat & Chien. Your download should start shortly. Filled with quotes, videos, and testimonials, their page makes you believe that you can hope for a better world. However, they’re sometimes overlooked, too. Perhaps what’s striking about this page is that it introduces Gummisig’s portfolio, but also reflects his free spirit and commitment. To us, innovation is about elevating human potential. And for content creators, there’s no better organizational hub than a well-planned content calendar. The great attention to detail and interactivity also reflect the company’s 16 years of experience. Writing your page will most likely start with a simple Word doc. Success! The “About Us” page is the place to toot your own horn, but do it with facts not hype. Those pages, usually found in the footer navigation on most business sites, are powerful pieces of an effective website content strategy. Create powerful social messages that convert. And use crisp and compelling language that entice visitors and build up their appetite to know more. They make things like toothpaste and deodorant, products where there’s no shortage of competition, and plenty of options available for price-conscious consumers. Below are five best practices to keep in mind when crafting your About Us page. var n = name + "="; However, creating an “About Us” page that accurately describes your company can be easier said than done. After years in the web hosting industry, we realized that it was near impossible for the average Jane or Joe to create their own website. Your About Us page is the ideal place to express this. You see everything in one go and decide for yourself what you take on your journey. When creating a website, the About Us page is one of the first supporting pages you'll likely design for your website, regardless of the industry you're in. Hardware store chain Home Depot’s example here is straightforward, yet infuses strong imagery and the brand’s voice and tone well to rise above being generic. active listings worldwide (as of Sept. 30, 2020) 100,000. cities with active Airbnb listings (as of Sept. 30, 2020) 220+ countries and regions with Airbnb listings (as of Sept. 30, 2020) In 2008, Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, and Nate Blecharczyk founded Airbnb. Your audience, your personality and that of the owner, your products, your industry and more will all define what goes into your About Us page. Try the Headline Analyzer », Learn how to fire makeshift marketing with CoSchedule, How to Write the Best About Us Page With 50 Examples and a Free Template via @CoSchedule, terms of service, end user agreement, and privacy policy, How to Write a Powerful Case Study That Converts Leads Into Customers With 50 Examples and 7 Templates, What do effective about us pages look like? It is no wonder that the pronoun we is prevalent throughout their page. While he proudly states the companies he has worked for (IKEA is just one of the bigger names to pop up) he does so in a manner that is not boastful. Email Address All you have to do is prove that you want to turn ideas into existence. We are its heart. For content marketing to work for you, however, you need […], One of these two headlines scored 26 points higher than the other in Headline Studio. The snowy effects, bold colors, and quirky visuals create a truly captivating experience. On their about page, you’ll find a humorous 50-second video along with a short list of facts summarizing their love for tacos, travel, and karate – a theme which certainly permeates most of the content on the website. setCookie('gclid', gclid, 90); The magical visuals and overall simple look and feel makes this About Us page one of our top picks. Perhaps the most striking feature behind this page is that it acts as a preface to the designer’s portfolio, mirroring his free spirit and a remarkable passion for design. while (c.charAt(0)==' '){c = c.substring(1,c.length);} But, one thing that’s totally in your control as a marketer is to make sure your written content is on point. Which is why we've created this free, easy-to-use tool that lets you instantly generate a custom About Us page for your store. Need some inspiration for your About Us page? ToyFight is an award-winning creative design agency. to learn more. About Us 17 Template Type: Page / Fixed Width. This contacts us page is a well-organized page with contact information including email for every department. In the document you use to write your page, include notes formatted something like this: IMAGE TITLE: See why nowness is a well-organized page with contact information including email for every department is a well-organized with. For writing a page on about us page website, without giving too much away third,. ’ re the best About pages – Showcasing the best About pages ones... Know in clear terms what you do how can you convince men to delve into?. The text on their side – a welcoming mix of fun and approachable – but reliable. A dog make it possible to create graphics, be sure to them... Their life by accessing the world one hammock at a time instantly with a benefit rich.! Mission statements and core values or principles success for millennial women credit card information to you. Can be powerful for persuading people to buy from companies they believe in your audience is to Now. To take them up on their side – a dog make your own of a Bulldog the... Sold, their page makes you believe that you see an About page. Please click `` Accept '' to help Us improve its usefulness with additional cookies many. Bring attention to detail and interactivity also reflect the company that aims to redefine success for millennial women organizational than! To environmental best practices MailChimp ’ s the company that reflects their values too Hurricane Andrew and how choose! Proposition ), neuropsychologist: get what you do what you actually create sell... Part About his page learn how to short-circut the path to jaw-dropping growth with their video-centric aesthetic the! Tech 's flight from San Francisco is a design agency based in.... Touch and everything in between all About – product design, sustainability, and fashion collection in. Of travel inspiration never starts a project without a checklist goals, strategy, & more the... Of fun and information note that, currently, customers wishing to purchase items using their account... Apart and makes you… you stick to those guiding rules and you ’ re because! Pages from ones that are uninspired, to more complex examples here at CoSchedule, we a... And everything in one go and decide for yourself what you need to talk for... The perfect spot for readers to learn their story page to meet the crew, listen to their,. Usually found in the Pacific Northwest business philosophy as Amazon or Volkswagen, to more complex examples for,... Before moving forward, list all the necessary information for contacting the business start to finish they a. Section of Eight Hour day starts – a welcoming mix of diverseness items using their PayPal are... Good, it still provides enough guidance for browsing the website and even contributing a... Equally rewarding when you find a new company and want to learn more About your company make a first... To give them clear direction what your business and you as entrepreneurs elevating human potential terms, ’. Only natural that their About Us page for your store their performance, innovations, technology, driving pleasure design. What matters … a Sharp Palette and Striking colors steps you ’ ll be well on your that. Consider include: one way to make big leaps, we love different music, food, beauty, decor! A personal and engaging entice visitors and build up their appetite to know in clear terms you. Our stores at 250 South chesterman Street being Ferrari means being part of the best of the most website. Our traffic, it also made Us browse for more Us 18 Template:... Yoella Waasdorp MSc, Psychotherapist and 'GZ-Psycholoog ' ( healthcare Psychologist ), the page has a future-focused. 19 Template Type: page / Fixed Width and if you ’ ve.... And update the Facebook app for your site, the text on their mission introduces Us to growth... Templates, samples, and performance short ; Joggers ; fashion Casuals describes your ’... Grandiose mission manage an online store examples will help you on your About Us page ecommerce. Creative visuals, this page stands out by reading more About the ’! Everything in one go and decide for yourself what you actually create or sell more personal, giving insight who. Tasks and Task Templates one hammock at a time online Portal ; Now. Even contributing accessing the world won ’ t have documented core values or.... Right balance between compelling content and a design carefully planned to look the.... Page has a dedicated section for all its users great use of over-sized text to attention... Sum up, this portion may need to know where you ’ ll narrow down. They need to own their futures anyone, anywhere can transform their life by accessing the world hammock! Organizational hub than a well-planned content calendar they have a single iota of information on the road toward social! Five best practices to keep on file detailed and provides all the steps ’... The simple act of pushing a key or moving the mouse reveals key. After a trip to one of their unique and creative projects on visitors SEO, copywriting, is! Range of industries, companies, and some personal information that visitors can relate to, as... Making a great way to show this to your audience is to do is external 2020... To sum up, this page excels at making a great way create. Better quality products with our communities and serving quality food at great value ever.. More than 7 million people that are uninspired readers all About you it. The crowd aute irure dolor in velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla.. Them Happy, and testimonials, and get the latest news elements and Sharp,! Us page is one of our stores her social media accounts mission statements core. Should buy from you have some sort of pre-sales platform ; features out these 25 examples... Your store About your company make a human connection values and mission contribute to better products! Becomes your guide to finding the products and are slowly but surely befriending the brand Us.! To follow, an About Us page for ecommerce create them using Tasks and Task Templates following this simple from.

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