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This Husband And Wife Decided To Sell A Little Steroids, BUT Police Say It’s One Of The Largest Rings In The World!

steroids arrest

Til death do you part, or til steroids do you part, either one works!

Living happily ever after always involves having dreams to make a lot of money. Since steroids are popular, these two idiots decided to go balls to the wall and make some money with the juice!

Federal agents raided a popular Miami gym early Wednesday morning, leaving a U.S. Marshal-branded “no trespassing” sign on the door and arresting its co-owner on charges of heading a $10 million international steroid production and distribution ring.

Early morning workout buffs at Iron Addicts Gym, on 31 NE 17th St., were herded against the wall by Drug Enforcement Agents, who used sledgehammers to knock down walls in the second story office, a witness wrote on Facebook.

Above the gym, Iron Addicts co-owner Richard Rodriguez ran a supplement company that the DEA said produced and sold anabolic steroids. In a criminal complaint, agents accused Rodriguez, 37, and wife Nancy, head of a nine-member steroid ring, of importing products from China, manufacturing steroids in an Arizona lab and distributing the drugs worldwide from a Miami P.O. Box. Agents arrested all but one member of the network on Wednesday.

Rodriguez’s steroid ring was chronicled on his Instagram page, where he frequently posted pictures of his MacLaren and Porsche sports cars, of himself with fitness celebrities and motivational entrepreneurship quotes.

Rodriguez is majority owner and CEO of the company, as well as a part owner of Iron Addicts Gym. Agents said he operates both under the parent company Mid-Year Management, which his wife heads as chief administrative officer. According to the complaint, she also works as CFO and bookkeeper for Wellness, Fitness & Nutrition Network. The couple made more than $2.3 million in cash between January 2015 and October 2016, the complaint said.


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