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Chul Soon Has A Secret  About His Workout Program!

Chul Soon Hwang is known for being a big Asian bodybuilder. Bet has yet to reveal his workout program!

Chul Soon Chest

He is a former South Korean boxer! This little dude really got sick of having small muscles, so he decided to start taking steroids.

  • With close to half of million followers on Instagram, this ex-boxer decided to try out a new workout program, quit boxing, and add a little spice to his life.

This Korean bodybuilder really to his physique to the next level.

I think it’s safe to say that his workout program consists of a little bit more than just lifting heavy weights.

We are finally going to reveal his workout routine, and also his diet!

Hwang Chul Soon

Hwang Chul Height And Weight

Chul Soon is 5 ft 10 inches tall, which is actually very tall for a Korean guy packing all of that muscle.

  • He typically fluctuates with weight, and can be found walking around at anywhere between 210 lbs and 225 lbs.

His workout program allows him to stay within that range, and his “special” diet and “supplements” are mostly responsible for that.

It’s pretty obvious that this guy has an amazing physique, and is probably the top bodybuilder of all time coming out of Korea.

  • He is currently a Musclemania professional competitor that started competing in 2009.

Chul Soon biceps

Chul Soon Workout Program

To be honest with you, revealing his workout program might disappoint you.

  • Coming from the physical frame this guy comes from, it’s very easy to see that this guy is on massive amounts of steroids.

That is very common in the fitness industry, but it also does not mean you should not know about it.

Chul Soons workout program is one of a million programs that can work for you, but also keep in mind that you will NEVER look like him without taking steroids.

Chul Soon abs

I only say that because I think it’s unfair for younger people to be fans of his, and not know that fact.

  • In reality, many people are actually not able recognize with someone is using performance enhancing drugs.

They simply just don’t know and are not educated on the subject. Which is understandable.

The Actual Science Behind His Workout Program

Ok, so let’s jump into it!

  • All of these guys have the same workout program! They lift heavy weights very often, and eat a ton of protein right?

Chul Soons workout program is no different than Shawn Rhodens, or any other bodybuilders for that matter.

When you are on a massive amounts of steroids, it really makes no difference what you do in the gym!

Chul Soon posing

That is the sad and unfortunate truth about guys that look like this.

  • As a younger guy, I always read up on workout programs from bodybuilders that I idolized.

Unfortunately, that has led me to get nothing but strong and fat, and the muscle gains were minimal.

Your best bet, as a person who is working out naturally, is probably to look up a workout program from a natural bodybuilder perspective.

Chul Soon Diet And Supplements

The same as the workout program, guys like Chul Soon can pretty much eat anything for the most part and stay lean.

That said, these bodybuilders tend to eat pretty clean, and also maintain a pretty strict diet year round.

Chul Soon workout

What you have to understand, is that following Chul Soons diet will definitely get you fat.

  • Considering that you are not using performance enhancing drugs.

Steroids have a significant impact on fat burning and muscle recovery. Why do you think people take them?

Chul Soon and other professional bodybuilders eat about 10 meals a day, and that involves A LOT of carbohydrates!

The only reason he is able to maintain a low body fat percentage, is because he is massive.

  • Muscle mass burns fat and calories, and of course, steroids help speed up that process.

This also might be news to you, but you do not need to eat 1.5 g of protein per pound of bodyweight!

Chul Soon meme

“That is a myth, and that protein will not get processed.”

New research suggest that even .25 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight, has the same results as 1g of protein.

Why Did Chul Soon Hwang Start Bodybuilding?

Many people start working out for different reasons.

  • Some people want to become better at their sport, and some just want to look better.

In Chul Soon’s case, he was picked on as a little kid and made fun of for being smaller.

This is a very typical story when you look at most bodybuilders.

This may be crazy to say, but I’m going to say it anyway.

  • Bodybuilders are people who were (for the most part) people who were not athletically gifted.

Chul Soon Diet

There are exceptions like Phil Heath and Ronnie Coleman, but those are rare.

In order to be so messed up in the head, you truly needed to have some serious issues as a child or adult to want to look like that.

Bodybuilding is a very extreme sport, and only people that have sort of insane drive or reason to look that big get involved in it.

  • Chul Soon was picked on as a little kid, and one day he obviously snapped.

He went to the nearest guy in the gym who looked huge, and asked where he can get some steroids.

Chul Soon Bodybuilding Accomplishments

  • 2016 Musclemania Universe at Fitness Universe, Professional Medium, 1st place – Overall Champion
    2015 Musclemania Universe at Fitness Universe, Professional Medium, 1st place – Overall Champion
    2015 Musclemania World at Fitness America Weekend, Professional Medium, 2nd place
    2014 Musclemania Universe at Fitness Universe, Professional Medium, 1st place
    2013 Musclemania World at Fitness America Weekend, Professional Medium, 2nd place
    2012 Musclemania World at Fitness America Weekend, Professional Heavyweight, 1st place – Overall Champion
    2011 Musclemania World at Fitness America Weekend, Professional Heavyweight, 4th place
    2010 Musclemania World at Fitness America Weekend, Lightweight, World Champion (Pro Card)
    2010 Model Universe at Fitness Universe, 3rd place
    Musclemania Universe at Fitness Universe, Lightweight, 4th place
    2010 Musclemania Universe Korea, Sports Model, 1st place
    2009 Fitness Korea, Sports Model, 3rd place
    2009 Musclemania World at Fitness America Weekend, Lightweight, 2nd place

Chul Soon Competing

Chul Soon Abs

One interesting thing about this guy, is that he did 20 sets of abs every single day when he started working out.

This lead to about 300-400 sit ups per day.

I guess that can explain why this guy has such great abs?

  • I would definitely have to agree that doing abs every single day works well. It’s one muscle that you can train every day, along with calves.

He doesn’t follow that approach anymore, but many other bodybuilders do (as far as abs are concerned).

Chul Soon Physique And Body Type

Chul Soon was definitely considered an Ectomorph at a younger age.

  • Please keep in mind that you can change your body type over the years. If you were born, or grew up as an ectomorph, you can one day become a mesomorph.

That said, let’s put the steroids aside and talk about this guys physique.

It’s very clear that Chul Soon has a great physique, and a great body.

That is the exact reason why this guy is so popular.

  • His idol over the years was Arnold, and you can probably see why.

The massive wide chest, and very proportional muscle groups resemble Arnolds physique when he was in his prime!

He definitely has amazing potential, and if he decides to take it to a different level, I would not be surprised to see him in the top 10 at the Mr. Olympia contest one day.


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