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Hwang Chul Soon Holds World Record For Smallest Penis In Universe!

Hwang Chul Soon has a real reason why he decided to take steroids!

Hwang Chul Soon is known for being a big ass Asian bodybuilder. He is a former South Korean boxer! This little dude really got sick of having a super small dick, so he decided to start taking steroids. Hwang says “I always know that if I take steroids, my muscles would get bigger. Since I have a tiny dick, I thought my dick would get bigger with steroids as well. Boy was I wrong, but now there is no turning back…” Hwang Chul Soon shared one of his before and after pictures.

Hwang Chul Soon

Hwang Chul Soon falls into depression…

Hwang Chul Soon quickly realized that steroids would never make his dick bigger. Being an Asian guy with a tiny dick to begin with, he really lost his mind when he saw that his dick got smaller and smaller by the day. It came down to the point where he needed to master-bate with tweezers and a magnifying glass. One really weird thing happened with steroids and Hwang Chul Soon. The more he took, the smaller his dick got, but in return, the bigger his muscles got and the more chicks he got!

Hwang Chul Soon

So what is a person to do? He has a ton of chicks, but he can’t bang any of them because his dick is so tiny. This is called a stalemate. There is no winner here. Hwang Chul Soon is trapped in the Twilight Zone, where there is no happy ending, literally. If you want to see what this fucker looked like before he put on 400 pounds of pure fake steroids muscle, you can take a look at the video below.

Jesus fucking Christ right?

We all know that all bodybuilders dicks are tiny, but imagine being an Asian bodybuilder! That is exactly what lead Hwang Chul Soon to become the World Record Holder for the smallest dick in the universe! He had the smallest dick in world before he even started taking steroids, but now he officially has the smallest dick in the universe by far! There were species found on Mars that have 1 millimeter dicks, and Hwang Chul Soon beats them without braking a sweat!


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