A simple IFTTT applet could be getting an email every time there’s a public tweet tagged with a specific location. IFTTT is an internet service that you can access using your smartphone (iOS or Android app) or computer. ifttt.com IFTTT. When a pin’s location is arrived at or departed from, LIFTTT sends an email to the IFTTT incoming trigger address, trigger@recipe.ifttt.com. When I arrived home today the lights were on (got the debug message in the car when entering the street). I created 4 recipes: Turn on motion detection at the same time every weekday Turn off motion detection at the same time every weekday Kitchen Motion Detection Basement Motion Detection The first 2 work perfectly every day as they should. The major advantage of MacroDroid over IFTTT is you can link more than one action to a single trigger. Now it ha stopped working - partially. I have IFTTT applets set up to automate some home tasks, and they have been working fine for more than a year - until this evening (August 8th, 2019 around 9pm EST). Questions: - Is there any way to increment and decrement a variable in ISY from IFTTT so I could keep track of how many people are home? Here’s everything you can do with the new Pro subscription. The trigger represents the search for something to trigger the recipe. Goal: - Have the backdoor light turn on when anyone gets home if its after dark for 20 minutes. Even if you set your phone to use High Accuracy location settings, … 1.d IFTTT. The first step is to create an IFTTT account. You can select from over 40 different triggers to activate a Macro. Connect your Location to hundreds of other services. I made two triggers, one using ifttt location, one using ifttt wifi detection. More than doubling speed on average. Hi, quick question. Both trigger the same flow in homey (using the variables like Oskar). The second 2 have not worked for days. Tasks do poll for trigger data every 15 minutes officially, but there's some nuance to this that might be helpful to people who don't work with web services.. Polling means requesting new info periodically.. Every IFTTT recipe has two sides - the If This (trigger) side, and the Then That (action) side.. Step 1: Create an IFTTT Account. I have setup IFTTT to monitor the online status of a couple of cores in my home and log to a spreadsheet. There are no outages listed anywhere on IFTTT site, and my credentials are still intact for Google Assistant and IFTTT. - If both people leave the area all lights get turned off. I've installed it on 2 android phones now. Many of the answers below mention polling and that is a big source of some of the slow down you may be experiencing. We’ve made tremendous progress with overall Applet speed in the last year. Creating a rule that will trigger based on the location of multiple people is a multi-step process. I have matching “applets” for each core, one for online and one for offline detection. Like Applets in IFTTT, you need to create a Macro in MacroDroid in order to automate things. One more phone-based option for people who find life 360 too intrusive (because it would allow you to track them throughout the day) is just to use the regular phone geolocation with IFTTT. Once you jump through the minor hassle of installing the application and giving it access to your location data the world is your recipe-programming oyster; you can link your location to alerts, smartphone triggers, emails, pop-up reminders, and any other “then” channel available in the IFTTT … I set up IFTTT and got it working a few days after it launched. Each Macro is associated with a trigger that activates the automation.
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